Angel Kisses

Angel Kisses

4 Perfect Angels. 4 Imperfect Humans. 4 Unlikely Romances.

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"What if I said you could still get into heaven...

"What if I told you I know the way in...


For thousands for years, since the first human walked the earth God has been watching over them. He listens to their prayers and answers them as best he can. He loves and cares for each one of his creations. He is happy when those that believe in him, attempt to talk to him. It makes him sad when some of his children want nothing to go with him. No matter how hard he tries, they are not listening. They would rather roam on earth not knowing who God is. That is why he created Guardian Angels. He wants those who refuse to believe in him to have someone change their heart and have someone watch over them. Giving them personal care. To this day the people that we walk by could very well Guardian Angels. But these angel are breaking a rule. Are they willing to go through with it or will they stick to their job?


Four angels are sent down to earth to take care of four lost humans. The humans have given up on the 'savior' and could care less about what happens to them. Devastating things have happened to them, to put them in the state they are in. The angels were given one job. Save their souls. Some may be to far along the road to bring back and others are still worth the effort. But what happens when the humans start to fall for the angels? Will they fall back? Will they be able to do their job? Or will it end in a disaster?



He was assigned as her angel. A girl who was broken and used drugs to put a smile on her face. He was in charge of all the guardians and he has seen many different types of cases. He had the magic touch. He healed them all. What happens when he doesn't know how to deal with this one. Someone who looks alright on the outside, but is far from okay. How will he stop her without getting to close? Will he be able to stop himself?

Name: Remial | Age: 20 | FC: Nicholas Hoult | Angel | Position: Head Guardian | Angelic Ability: Manipulation Of Light | TAKEN by shatari19
Name: Renee Rivers | Age: 19 | FC: Holland Roden | Human | Role: Drug Addict | TAKEN by Miss_Dreamer



She is new on the job. Her first job is a bigger challenge than she has trained for. He uses alcohol as a recovery and he sees nothing wrong with that. She is trying to use what she has learned to fix him, but he has had years of human experience on her. What happens when he out wits the angel? What happens if she starts to fall for his charms? Will he resist the change? Will she end up on top?

Name: | Age: (17-19) | FC: Taylor Swift | Angel | Position: New Guardian | Angelic Ability: Precognition | Open
Name: | Age: (18-20) | FC: Zac Efron | Human | Role: Alcoholic | Open



She follows all the rules. Not once while on the job has she broken a rule to save a soul. But then she met him. Someone who can't stand to waste his life on earth any longer. Coming up with different ways to end his life quietly without interruption. He wants to go, but she can't let him. What happens when she can't stop him? Will he let her help? What happens when she breaks the sacred rule?

Name: Evangeline | Age: 18 | FC: Demi Lovato | Angel | Position: Rule Follower | Angelic Ability: Soul Reader | TAKEN by TheHuntress
Name: Daniel Michael | Age: 19 | FC: Dylan O'Brien | Human | Role: Suicidal | TAKEN by pieluver



He likes to do things his way. He breaks a few rules to do so and he doesn't care. The job gets done. They keep him around so he continues to do what he wants. What happens when he meets the run away? The girl would rather be any where but home and she will do anything to get away. What happens when his rule breaking can't stop her? What happens when she tries to run away from him? What happens if he breaks too many rules?

Name: | Age: (18-20) | FC: Hunter Hayes | Angel | Position: Rebel | Angelic Ability: Judgement | Reserved-Challenged
Name: Ruth Dawn | Age:18 | FC: Avril Lavigne | Human | Role: Run Away | TAKEN by Purpl3_Flam3s


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1) Literate I am big on literacy. I hate getting one paragraph to respond too and I despise one-liners. I know grammar and spelling is an issue. I suffer from that as well, but proof read and give me at least 3 paragraphs. Of course I choose quality over quantity.

2)God-Mod If I see it, I will kill off your character in a way that makes sense to the story. It is annoying and I'm god of this RP not you.

3)No Mary-Sues or Gary-Lues Your character is not perfect. If I catch another person manipulating another character that isn't NPC or your own without permission then I will be very upset and do some unthinkable things to your character *evil laughter*

4) Follow RPG Rules This is common sense. Romance, Violence, Vulgar language, Drugs, Sex and stuff like that are encouraged. But don't go to far with it or I will kick you out.

5) Reservations Last about 2 days from when I agree to your character. If you are not around to respond to a PM warning on the third day, the spot will open back up. Also when you reserve in the OOC, please link me a sample of your RP style. Helps me accept Rpers.

6) Active I am ridiculously active. I am on everyday, but I still have a life and I understand if you can't reply. I expect a post every day or so. If you are going to be gone for more than 2 days please let me know. Any sudden disappearance will call for an immediate replacement.

7) FC's Any FC change will have to go through me. I picked these people for a reason and if you have a problem I would like to know first. Also tell me who the person will be. I'm usually okay with FC changes, but I love all these people that I picked.

8) No Fighting By fighting I mean in the OOC. We are all roleplayers and we need to treat each other with some respect. If I see a fight and it doesn't seem to stop then I will end it and get rid of your characters no matter how much I might like them.

9) Have Fun Please don't let this die. Have fun with it and if you have plot twist(which I love) let me know and we can work something out. xD

10) Rules I can edit rules as I please. So keep checking. I could have messed with them. *evil laugh*

12)Day/Night I will be in charge of night and day! You will know it is day when I put a gif/img of a sun rise. You will know it is night(and time to sleep) when I put a gif/img of a moon rising. I will do this when I feel the need(and when the time is right) so no yelling at me. I hate RPs that dwell on one day and people never sleep. People sleep. It's normal. I will implement that. No questions asked.

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Re: Angel Kisses this dead?

Re: Angel Kisses

Hi there!
I'd be happy to play the part of the New Guardian. Here is a link to a previous roleplay I was involved in.
I hope it's alright!

Re: Angel Kisses

Miss_Dreamer said that she's waiting for someone to take the spot of Hunter Hayes and then we can get started on the RP. If you want you can PM the two who reserved it and give them a heads up.

Re: Angel Kisses

Is there a set date for when we will start? Or are we still waiting for the character spots to be filled up? c:

Re: Angel Kisses

The Challenge for Demi Lovato (rule breaker) has ended and I have to make a seriously hard decision. I overlooked the style of the character sheet and pictures. I skipped description and read the personalities. They were both wonderful, but that was only a section of it. I was more interested in the history. The history makes up how your character will look at life. How she will portray people. It holds secrets and that is what I felt should be the longest and most in depth. Of course being angels, your background on family was brief or nonexistent. You both spoke of someone you took care of. Dreammuffin's character had most of her souls die because she would be detached emotionally. But Huntresses' character lost one soul because she couldn't comprehend the love that he wanted. It was really hard to choose and my co-GM really liked them both and left me alone to make the decision. But the winner of the challenge is Huntress.

Although her history didn't go into detail like Dreammuffin's the description of the soul she lost, spoke much about her character. And it spoke to me. I just felt that Huntress portrayed what I had in mind for a rule breaker a bit better. I'm sorry Dream Muffin. But! I still have an open character and if you want you can submit something for him.(Zac Efron).

Re: Angel Kisses

Oh dear. There seems to be a problem. Orduk reserved male four a while ago, but I haven't heard from him quite yet. The intro page is a bit off. Sorry about that. But you can challenge it. Also in result of the Huntress-Dreamuffin challenge. Tomorrow is the last day. But it seems like Huntress is the winner for now.

Re: Angel Kisses

May I reserve the male from pair four? I don't have a credited role play sample from recently, but I hope you'll accept an older one. Expect that my current content will be much better than that of this link: roleplay/love-of-music?start=-1#activity

The first post by Icemoon96, which was my older account. Doesn't it suck when you lose a password after two years?

Re: Angel Kisses

I love you guys. Im sorry that I havent been around or editting the intro page but I have been reduced to my phone which doesn't do much. But I have read the characters and accepted who I could and what I could. So yea. Huntress I liked your character. I hope you realize that you have been challenged which is why I haven't accepted her. But I am giving your challenger a few days to get a character in. xD so yea.I can still reply to pms so hit me up if you have a question!

Re: Angel Kisses

Oh forgot that part here ya go

Re: Angel Kisses

This is answering Huntresses question that she sent me via PM!

For the family/pet/history for the angels.....I honestly do not care.
Clearly God is the father, but you can right about your angel life there or your human life. Since you will have one. Most Angels above age won't have family since they can live on their own.


Re: Angel Kisses

I would like to compete with TheHuntress for the role of the rule follower, if that's alright :) And here is an example of my roleplaying.

Re: Angel Kisses

Yes you can have the hunter hayes dude!!! but sends me the link of a character you have created. i kmow we are in an RP together but its only fair.

Re: Angel Kisses

Can I reserve the Hunter character

Re: Angel Kisses

D: I've submitted my character. I have an issue though. My computer is lagging really hard, and the coding won't cooperate. I'll try to fix it later (Since it looks like crap right now) but there isn't much I can do right now thanks to my faulty internets :/

Re: Angel Kisses

Purple you will be okay! Things work out in the end.

Re: Angel Kisses

Glad that everyone one is reserved except the last couple... :(

Re: Angel Kisses

Whoops. Forgot about you for a moment Avalon. But you already know that I approve of the challenge. I just want to say that I am judging on the content given and if the personality matches what I have for the FC. As well as the history. If I pick you, you should feel honored. Happy Challenge!

This goes for everyone! If you want to challenge a character that has been reserved let me know! and you can do it. I don't mind. I like stuff like that.

Re: Angel Kisses

That is fine. And I reserved. Just send me the link!

Re: Angel Kisses

In the spirit of friendly competition I would like to challenge Yourbunnyboo2 for the role of the FC Taylor Swift. Here is an example of my writing.

Re: Angel Kisses

Hi there!

Can I reserve the angel whose FC is Demi Lovato? The Rule Follower?

And also, can I PM you the link? Since, so far, the website isn't allowing me to post the link in this forum.