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On Earth, there are four fallen angels. They want to destroy the human race, and lay waste to Earth. Only four Angels and the humans who help them can stop the Fallen. (Open, and needs characters, lots of them!)

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The Fallen

In New York City, fallen angels roam the city. They wish the Human Race to die, since they stole their home planet. Being cast out of the Angel Society, The Fallen wish to take back Earth, and kill all of the Angels that oppose them. The Angels know of their ideas, and have deployed Angel scouts to kill the Angels, and stop their plans. But then come the humans, who only think the Angels and Fallen are fairy tales. They don't know of the War between the Angels and the Fallen, until the war breaks out right in the middle of a collage.

Four Humans witnessed the battle between the Fallen and the Angels--something that they never wanted to see. Now under the protection, these four humans now are the main targets of the Fallen. Will the Fallen succeed, and take back Earth, or will the Angels be able to stop them?


Leader (Male)
Male 1
Female 1
Female 2

Leader: Alphard played by OldSkoolGirl
Scout: Erin Miwa played by Aixulram
Murderer: Cyan Bridges played by pieluver

Male 1: Dante Mauriello played by ArcticFox
Male 2
Female 1
Female 2

Character Skeleton:

Description (picture (anime or real) or written)
Powers (Fallen and Angels only)
History (optional but preferred)
Theme Song (optional, but I like knowing the song that goes with each Character)

Need to Know About Angels and Fallen:

What Do they look like: They can look like normal humans, but prettier than normal. When in Angel form (when fighting) they are around 8 ft tall, and have wings (white wings for Angels, and black For Fallen.) When in Angel form, they have a Halo, that acts as their heart.

How to Kill an Angel or Fallen: If you shoot them in their Angel form, they just turn back to human. To kill them, you have to shoot their Halo to kill them.

Powers: All Angels and Fallen have powers, but with each power comes a drawback. Ex: If you can teleport, you can only go 200 ft, and can only do it 20 times before you get too tired. Get it?

If you really want a character, I have two words: Impress Me.

Romance Rules: The humans are to fall in love with the angels, but they do not have to be perfect. Female Angel 1 does not have to be with Male Human 1, 'kay? Also, make drama--Have both Female humans like the same Male angel. Just make it interesting. The Fallen, can be in love with other Fallen, 'kay? Have Fun!


-No Godmodding
-Please be dedicated, post every week, or so.
-I want romance. Sex, on the other hand, is for the PMs, 'kay?
-No one liners, unless you have a good excuse, got it?
-Make it Funny, and full of Drama at the same time
-Don't make me put weird rules, because that is just not cool.
-If you read this, Join!
-Reservations = One Week! :)

-Have fun, and Make it your own. Pretend it's your baby if you think you'll forget about it. I helps. :)

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Character Portrait: Cyan Bridges
0 sightings Cyan Bridges played by pieluver
"London Bridge is falling down...falling down..."

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Character Portrait: Alphard
Alphard played by OldSkoolGirl
"When truth is replaced by silence,the silence is a lie."

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Character Portrait: Cyan Bridges
0 sightings Cyan Bridges played by pieluver
"London Bridge is falling down...falling down..."

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Re: [OOC] Angel War

Hi can i reserve the other male angel please? i'll post a character sheet later today. thanks

Re: [OOC] Angel War

I'll reserve human female 1.

Re: [OOC] Angel War

Can I reserve the fallen angel leader?

Re: [OOC] Angel War

I don't care if you have a picture or not, but it would be awesome if you could draw him.
As of right now, I don't need any doubles, but if we need, people you can. Just wait for a few days, kay?

Re: [OOC] Angel War


I think I'm done. With Cyan. I might eventually draw him, but for right now I can't find a picture suitable for him.

Also...If you need me to make another character, I'd be more than glad to.

Re: [OOC] Angel War

yeah, totally. I'd rather have characters that take the whole week to be submitted than characters that are submitted in five minutes, so take your time

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Mine is still a work in progress...I may not get it done until tomorrow. Is that alright?

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I want to reserve human male 1 please!

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Can I reserve the fallen scout?

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it's fine. I don't mind. Take your time, but I have a week limit on reservations, but you'll have plenty of time.

*reads over what I read*

Wow. I have to stop contradicting myself.

Re: [OOC] Angel War

Yay! Thankies. I shall have it up by tomorrow, because I can't get pictures on this laptop.

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Hi, could I reserve the Fallen angel murder-er-er-er....?

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