Present Day EarthNala

She has a temper and wont hesitate to use it. An archangel of God. Lost on the way of life, trying to find her way back.

a character in “Angelic War”, as played by chocolateloversuntie

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Nala is about 5'0, concluding that she is short. She has dull orange hair that cuts off at her chin, giving to the fact that she could never stand having long hair. She is skinny, for reasons that can not be explained, though a scar is on her stomach that is ussaully shown might explain things a little. She has a jagged scar across her back, running from the base of her neck to the bottom of her spinal cord, yet again for reasons unknown. She is flexible and fast but not strong in the least-bit. She never wears shoes and ussually cuts her feet. She wears brown cargo pants and a white collared shirt that is ripped so you can see her stomach and the scar. She is known to wear a brown weathered leather jacket and wears a necklace with a cross. She has bright ember green eyes. She is known to cross her arms and put her arms on her hips. She has silvery feather wings that have a wing span of 10 feet, some of the feathers are torn or pulled out, from the fight. Yes you can still see the scar on her back, The scar is right in between her wings, almost as if someone tried to cut them off. She has a holster carrying her beloved dagger strapped to her waist. It is made out of a brown leather.


She has a temper. If she has a problem she will flat out tell you, unless she's confused then she'll just glare at something. When she is mad or concentrating hard she will cross her arms and sometimes glare at things as if shes trying to burn a hole into it. She is not known to have a sweet side, or a loving side for that matter, She is a hot head, thats for sure and is known to scream at the top of her lungs. She can be insightful and doesnt break-down if something happens to her. She'd be the one cursing someone out if she ends up hurt. It is plain thats she's not a Mary-Sue she is her own person with her own attitude and her own way of thinking, she will fight back, Though she seems tough on the outside she really is alone and scared, but she does a good job of hiding the pain. She wants to stand tall when things fall apart.

A song that describes Nala:

This song describes Nala in so many levels, mostly because it shows the hidden pain that lies just beneath the surface of her seemingly rough composure. It shows the saddness and loss that leaves her empty inside. The pain of not being wanted. The sorrow of being a misfit among perfect creations. It is hard knowing that you have betrayed them. Many know her as the hot-headed Arch-angel who doesn't give a crap what you say, but noone knows the dieing soul on the inside, the one looking for love, the one searching for the light within herself. Most would ussaully find her lost withen her own mind, in her own sea of thoughts. She hides the pain, and the lonliness, hoping that maybe it would go away if she hid it from everyone else.


She has a dagger in its holster strapped to her thigh. The dagger is about 6 inches in hieght and around 5 inches at its widest point,(Which is its handle.) The blade is a shiny steel and starts from 3 inches and slowly decreases to a point. An orange gem is inbedded into the silver handle.


Nala is a somewhat strange because she can not remember her past. She lost most of it whie fighting the Devil. She had woken up, her memory completly gone, to see him. He tried many things to coax her into his side. Promising her things. She told him no, still unsure of herself. He had made her break down into little pieces and today she still stands. Alone and confused as ever.

So begins...

Nala's Story