Jinx Taylor

"My life is Mine and no one else's"

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Name: Marissa Taylor
Nickname: Jinx
Age: 21
Height: 5’6
Body type:


Likes:Music, Singing, The length of her dreadlocks, Have no one to answer to other than her boss, Preforming.
Dislikes: Being told what to do, Hairnets, Working a 9 to 5,uniforms
Fears: Claustrophobia


Eyes: Hazel
Hair Dark Brown

Personality: Jinx is a strong willed girl who may come off as psycho but -she calls herself- a victim of circumstance. Had her life been any different, she may have been different. But that didn't happen.
She demands respect and makes sure that everyone knows she will not be controlled again. Despite coming off as insane. She is ,in fact, brilliant. She can read people like a book and can manipulate people into seeing things her way if not, she will have little do with them.


Bio:"One day, Jinx woke in a ditch late one night. She had no recollection of how she got there, but she saw her car wrecked not far away from where she rouse. Distrusting the police she decided to not call anyone for help, and walked home. It was almost dawn when she arrived to her house. When she entered she saw the tv being the only source of light revealing the empty bottles covering her mother in deep sleep. Tired and still delirious from the accident she snuck in and went straight to her room. It was her adoptive father who was waiting in her room. He grabbed her purse and took out her phone yelling about how she doesn’t need it if she doesn’t use it. After he tossed the phone against the wall he attacked her. Shouting out reasons why she is a terrible child and human being with every strike against her face. For taking his car without asking, and worrying her mother. When he stopped, hands shaking with anger, he lit a cigarette. After taking a drag and calming his nerves he demanding she give him his keys back. When she explained she was in a wreck and left the car, he became furious. Screaming and cursing her at the top of his lungs he grabbed her arm and burned her in the shoulder with his cigarette. Screaming in pain she tried to push him away. When she did he became engulfed in flames. He flailed around on fire and fell back into the living room, knocking over beer and burning everything he touched. Jinx couldn’t wake her mother or carry her as the fire quickly spread. It came to a point where she realize she wasn’t able to save her without help. She was up and out of the house instantly but her adoptive parents were trapped. She looked for her phone before realizing her father broke it only a few minutes before. It wasn’t long before the house was swallowed in fire. When asked what happened, she told the authorities everything. They didn't believe her at first and she was sent to Juvy but when they found out her adoptive father had a history of sexual abuse, and no proof she was at fault they let her free. After that, she made it a point to have complete control of her life. She got a job at a Grocery store in the Deli aisle that has helped her pay for her apartment. She doesn't really like her boss but only because she has to wear a hairnet and since her dreadlocks are so long, she has to wear more than one.

Alchemy: Jinx body can remember the amount of protons and electrons in an element upon touching them. She can alter the natural elements and protons of another object to the element her body remembers. Thus, when burned, can make something spontaneously combust, turn lead into gold, or any one element to another. Her power however is extremely hard to trigger.
Trigger: She can only change the elements of other natural elements. No organic objects. It has to be immediately after touching the desired element that she changes the other elements of another object by touch. This also counts for elements within the air, turning air into fire, or any other element in the periodic table."
Daniella ‘Blitz’- Lead Guitarist, Daniella is a strong willed girl who takes no crap. She is quick to jump on anyone who thinks otherwise. She has been called a hipster for her dislike of anything mainstream. (OPEN)
Chase ‘Shocker’-Bass Guitarist, Chase is the founder of the band and fell in love with Jinx’s singing voice. He has a crush on Jinx’s but hasn't said anything to her. (OPEN)
Peyton ‘Dummerboy’-Drummer, Peyton is Chase’s younger brother. He and Jinx’s dated once but they broke it off early. They were better as friends and hold no hard feelings. He is currently dating Blitz.(OPEN)
Theme Song: Second Hand Faith-Emilie Autumn


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Jinx took a drag from her cigarette as Peyton came out with the garbage. “I’ve still got two whole hours, Drum. Which means you have three.” She said and flicked the cigarette on the ground and stomped it out. She leaned against the wall. She knew she should stop. It was a nasty habit that she shouldn’t have even started but she was having a real hard time. It was really a whole year since that day. The day her whole life literally went up in flames. She didn’t know what but something about today just felt...off. It was like that static in the air when a fight’s about to jump off. It was freaky. She decided she should ignore it but the feeling was buzzing in the back of her mind. “Hey, We had practice today, right. I’m totally freaking out, I need to take my mind off of...it.” She asked him. He knew what happened to her, everyone in the band knew what happened. They’d been dating at the time but after everything, She wasn’t really herself. Something changed and they felt they were better as friends so there was no hard feelings.