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| Name |
Mio Morimoto | In western order, given name before surname.

| Gender |

| Age |

| Sexuality |
Though she's never actually said either way, and it hasn't really come up before, Mio likes girls.

| Appearance |
Mio actually looks nothing like either of her parents, both of whom are rather tall individuals with dark brown hair and eyes. In contrast, Mio is a rather tiny girl with pink eyes, and medium-length pink hair usually tied with ribbons into twin tails.
Besides her ribbons, Mio doesn't really have any accessories on her person, though she sometimes wears a scarf during colder weather, and always carries an umbrella, at her parents' request, when it looks ready to rain.
When it's not too cold, Mio is usually dressed in her school uniform, regardless of whether or not she's actually at or heading to school. When not in the uniform however, she tends to dress rather simply; sundresses, blouses and skirts, that sort of thing.

In terms of build, Mio could kindly be described as petite. A more accurate description, however, would probably be something more like small and child-like. Either way, she still has to get a chair to reach the top shelf.
Her voice and body language both also clearly demonstrate her usual demeanor. She speaks more softly and quietly than is strictly necessary, and sometimes even enough so that she becomes inaudible. She also clasps her hands and holds her arms in from of her at most times.

| Personality |
Mio is a kind, genuinely caring, bright, respectful person. Of course, that's just the positives. She's also shy, timid, meek, naive, easily influenced, quite frankly something of a doormat, and very easy to fluster or embarrass. There's a bit of overlap between the two categories, as well as some of the traits themselves.
For one, Mio is almost always respectful to, and deferring towards, authority, or at least what she views as it, even in cases where she knows it would be smarter to do otherwise. She also just generally has a problem refusing people, particularly her friends. something that may well get her into trouble someday.

She has only very recently joined the Horror Investigation Club, but really hopes to become good friends with them. She hasn't actually said this, or made any attempts at imposing friendship upon them, but she clearly enjoys her time with the club members, and seems to want to be more friendly than she's currently able to be.

| Color Code |

| Likes / Dislikes |
Mio likes: Books, tea, the HIC and its members, rain, cool weather, anime, American cartoons, the Germanic languages, and hot cocoa. Mio is also a fan of the sciences. All of them.

She dislikes: Meanness, overly hot weather, almost all live television, crowds, her own shyness and timidity, snakes, and clowns.

| Hobbies |
Reading, deciphering ancient text, studying, attending the HIC, watching cartoons, both anime and western, and listening to music. She also may have tried practicing witchcraft at one point, for strictly benign purposes of course. Didn't work though, unsurprisingly.

| Fears |
Snakes, clowns, and losing people she cares about. There are also some others, but they tend to vary.

| Crush? |
She doesn't really have one at the moment. She might acquire one later though.

| History |
From the very beginning, Mio was what one could easily call bright, both in demeanor and intelligence. She began learning how to read before she could even walk, and had pretty much mastered it by age three, avidly reading everything from Faust to milk cartons with equal enthusiasm. If she didn't know a word, she'd either look it up in the dictionary her parents kept in the living room, or figure it out based on context. This lead to a highly advanced knowledge and vocabulary at an early age, and saw the beginning of her starting to figure out similar words based on similarities in the root language, This, obviously, never helped with Japanese, its own root language being unclear at best. It would however, eventually help her begin to learn other languages based on one another, several years down the road.

In the meantime however, the lack of grade skipping in the Japanese school system meant that, despite her intelligence, she was placed in and moved up with people of her own age. This was neither beneficial to her education or social skills. Speaking in a manner that was not shared by any others in her grade, and quite frankly sounded a bit pretentious to them, and about subjects they neither knew nor cared about, Mio was not popular among her early classmates. She once attempted to have a conversation in grade school about a subject she'd recently read about. The subject was thermodynamics, and they had exactly zero interest. They didn't actually bully her, they just had no interest at all in associating with her.

Not quite understanding what she was doing wrong, nor exactly asking it in the right fashion, Mio withdrew. No longer reaching out to her peers, she turned instead to the worlds of books and anime, along with the occasional game, and for a while she was satisfied.

This lasted up until high school, where she realized both that her facts and fiction simply failed to properly fill a person's social needs, and that she was actually quite lonely as a result, and that being advanced was a good thing to the students here, or at the very least not a bad thing, and she might actually be able to make some friends. Unfortunately, she had pretty much refrained from interacting with any real person besides her parents for quite some time now, and she was unsure of how to proceed even f she did managed to get involved in a conversation. After a while of trying and failing to talk to people, Mio was becoming worried that she'd never find friends.

Then, lo and behold, she accidentally stumbled upon the Horror Investigation Club. And by stumbled, I mean that she walked into one of their meetings by mistake. After being invited to the table, and then being to quiet too properly inform them that she had just walked in thinking it a different room, she was shortly after roped into the group as their head researcher. Mio isn't actually completely sure how this happened, though the fact that she's a bit too obliging for her own good probably had something to do with it, but, while she finds horror to be, well, scary, she is happy to have her fellow club members. Perhaps even friends.

It should probably be noted that, having done the research for the mansion expedition, Mio does not want them to go there, believing that, if even half of what Hiroshi told the police is true, the place should be avoided. Still though, they are called the Horror Investigation Club for a reason, and if the rest are going, she'll follow along without complaint. Whether or not she's happy about it, however, is another matter entirely.

| Face Claim |
Madoka Kaname


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Mio Morimoto's Story

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Mio moved quickly down the long path that lead to the mansion's front gate, not quite running, but not far from it. She had planned to arrive earlier, and even made sure she double-checked the bus-schedule to make absolutely certain. Unfortunately, it seemed that the almost unthinkable had happened: the Japanese public transportation system failed her.

It hadn't made her late by much, but the fact that it was the first of the two buses she was taking meant that she had missed the second, and had to find and wait for another. So it was that the HIC's head, and currently only, researcher, now rushed as quickly as she could without sprinting to the front gate, where she could see a rather impressive car parked, its newness contrasting strongly with the grim-looking mansion it was in front of, and the orange gleam lent to it by the setting sun only served to strengthen the effect. Mio was again overwhelmed with the feeling that they should not be here.

But the club had spoken, or at least its leaders had, and this was what was decided upon. With that being the case, it was hardly as though Mio would just stay behind.

That was when she spotted the president, or at least that was the title usually given to the person in her position, of the Horror Investigation Club, standing in front of the gate. The reason Mio hadn't seen her until now is that she had been at her car. The pink-haired girl didn't bother to call out, she rarely did, due both to her natural shyness, and her quiet voice keeping her from being heard even if she did work up the courage, and instead walked over before speaking.

Normally, she would struggle for something to say here, with her and their leader, who didn't seem to care much for her, being the only people here. As it was however, Mio actually had something that she needed to say. "H-Hello I'm very sorry that I'm late. I needed to take two buses to get here, and the first one was late. I don't mean that excuses it, I should have kept the possibility in mind and made a backup plan, I just thought you had a right to know." Oh, right, speaking of things that Mio thought that their leader had a right to know, she'd brought something along with her.

The smallish girl slipped off her backpack and began rooting around inside. Seeing as she was still in her school uniform, it was really the only place to keep anything that she couldn't carry in the small pockets. After a moment, she produced several sheets of paper, stapled together in their upper-right corners to keep them from getting mixed up, and offered them to Kuroi. "I thought that you might want these. They're the transcript of Hiroshi's report to the police. They should prove useful for checking out specific phenomena, rather than just wandering around."

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