post apocalypticLux Grey

a character in “Apocalypse: "The New World"”, as played by Fight The Tears

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Name: Lux Grey

Age: 20

Place of Birth: Vienna (Nevada territory)

Caste/Job: Finder

Physical Description:
Lux is a natural beauty with light brown hair that falls in loose waves over her shoulders and down to her chest. Her large, almond shaped eyes are a deep green that could make emeralds look like coal. She has flawless creamy vanilla skin that tends to get dusted with light freckles across her cheeks in the sun, and full lips that cover the pearly white teeth she hides until she smiles fully, bringing out her dimples. Lux always been small for her age, standing at a height of five feet and weighing only about a hundred pounds (give or take a few). She's small, but built for stealth, making her exceptional at her job.

History: Lux grew up in a small house located on a farm that bordered an area of no-man's land where the state of Nevada, now replaced with Vienna, used to be. Her parents were kind, caring people who wanted to shelter their only child from the evils of the world as much as possible. Her father, who was a fighter, and her mother, who was a fixer, were both determined to keep her out of the Dragon's Causeway that began only a mile west of them and stretched as far as the eye could see. Lux, being the rebellious and daring person she is, rarely listened to her parents and often sneaked away to explore the border of the land that was forbidden to her. At the young age of seven, Lux lost both her parents in an incident that even to this day she refuses to speak of, though she still blames herself. After her parent's deaths, Lux went to live with her uncle, who was a skilled finder. He taught her almost everything she knows. When she was thirteen, he set out on an important mission and never returned, leaving Lux to care for and train herself.

Two twin daggers

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Lux Grey's Story