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"Welcome to Blue Lotus, your cozy and comfortable home away from home. Here, we offer top-notch facilities that make your university living a dream. You don't have to travel far; Blue Lotus right in the middle of three universities: Kurogane Institute, St. Gabriel's Academy and Partisan Rose University.

We feature clean, semi-furnished rooms with free Wi-Fi, a cozy cafeteria, a swimming pool and various recreational facilities. All utilities would be added to your monthly rent to avoid the hassle. So what are you waiting for? Contact us now!"

The advertisement for Blue Lotus Residences remains as fragrant as ever. Yet for the old-time occupants of the almost 200 year old dwelling, too many inexplicable incidents have occurred in order to make it anything but comfortable. From tales of missing items turning up somewhere else after a long period of time, strange feelings of being watched within the comfort rooms, a rather unsettling "initiation rite" for new residents and supposed sightings of "shadow people" darting from place to place. With this all in mind, Blue Lotus begs just one question:

Will you still enter? Would you brave the wailing halls of Blue Lotus Residences?

Alright guys--well, this is practically the blurb for the setting of Story 4 of the How To series. Other places we plan on revisiting would make another appearance here. Both St. Gabriel's and Kurogane is back plus a third academy. Up to you on which character is in which place. The layout of Blue Lotus Residences is as follows:

Basement: Shelter, storage space
1st Floor: Lobby, Admin area, three units
2nd Floor: Cafeteria, Indoor Pool, Bathroom (Boys and Girls)
3rd Floor: Girl's Floor: Ten units plus public bathroom
4th Floor: Vacant AKA Non-existent
5th Floor: Boy's Floor: Ten units plus public bathroom
6th Floor: Vacant/Storage
Rooftop: Mini Pavilions, Water Tank

The rooms can each accommodate up to two people and comes with its own bathroom, bedroom, small kitchen and a small space that can be furnished into anything they want. Beds, drawers, closets, cupboards and kitchen and bathroom furnishings are included.

There will also be a "roommate" system which is of course...up to us.

Room Assignments:
5th Floor:
Makoto – 503
Soichiro – 501
Aziz – 507
Kujo – 507
Yoite – 510
Madoka – 502
Asagi - 503

3rd Floor:
Sora – 303
Nagisa – 303
Hotaru – 307
Menou – 307
Akeno – 301
Kanade - 302
Misaka - 302
Fuyumi - 310
Kirika - 306


Cel - 102
Ritsuka - 105
Nagao - 100
Mitsuru - Room Zero

Character Sheet: (I'm not obligating you to use this though. Just throwing it out there if you need it.)
Code: Select all
[center]Character Name here. Fontmeme or whatever[/center]
[font=chasm][b]Name [color=????]||[/color][/b]

[b]Age [color=????]||[/color][/b]

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[b]Appearance [color=????]||[/color][/b]

[b]Face Claim [color=????]||[/color][/b]

[b]Personality [color=????]||[/color][/b]

[b]Room Number [color=????]||[/color][/b]

[b]Roommate [color=????]||[/color][/b]




[b]History [color=????]||[/color][/b]

[b]Colors[/b] [b][color=????]||[/color][/b] [color=????]Speech = ????[/color] / [color=????]Thought = ????[/color][/font]

Thank you for renting at Blue Lotus Residences! We hope you can make your stay a very meaningful one.

Toggle Rules

Well guys, you know the drill. Just a last few words...
- Universal time for everyone.
- Most incidents can be played outside the dorm as well.
- LGO is still ongoing.

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"Yeah, but-- the stages looked great at that one. You really did a good job."

Misaka grinned up at her friend.

"Hey, Hotaru-chan? Has anything noteworthy happened at the dorm? I really wanna hear about the stories here..."

Hayato listened intently, staring blankly at the glass of white wine. When she made a comment about him being a rather bad actor, he just gave a half-hearted shrug.


Then the topic of the five victims and who they had been affiliated with was brought up. Hayato only needed to wrack his brain for a little while before he remembered.

"Well, Marie Kosuki was the sister of one of my senior members, Rinto Kosuki. Knowing Rinto, Marie probably had an idea as to what was going on with her brother but chose not to tell."

There was another one, though not from his gang. He cleared his throat a bit.

"I suppose...Wakaba Mutsu, was it? She was very good friends with that guy named Harumi, some guy Nobuyuki refers to as his 'Bro'. It seems Nobuyuki knew her as well."

He glanced back up from when he had been looking at his fingers.

"I don't think the Hounds have ever brought up the other three victims unless they're talking about the killer. I don't know if any of them were affiliated with Enigma, but as far as I know, Mutsu and Kosuki are the only ones being caught up in possible gang activity."


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Old Black Rose - 5:30 PM

"Strawberry cake huh? Hmm..." Kazuya thought about it for a bit. Truth is he has never really made a cake before and so he doesn't exactly know how it's done. He's tried baking other stuff but for now, cake was a little out of the question.

"Maybe I should practice at home?" Kazuya thought. Only a couple more days til the parent meeting and he wanted to show it off there too. He wondered if he could learn the recipe in time to also teach Akeno how.

"Alright! Let's do it! Ah, but probably tomorrow since this place doesn't have any ingredients for pastries nor strawberries for that matter." Kazuya beamed proudly as he takes her up on it. "The strip mall down at Queen's is a nice place to get fresh ingredients. I wonder if strawberries will be in season though?"

Kazuya makes a mental note to head over there tomorrow. Hopefully, he remembers this plan.

Blue Lotus Lobby - 5:20 PM

"Yeah, everyone does." Kirika muttered as Tadakatsu left. Making friends wasn't exactly her strongest point especially--

No, it wasn't right to think about it like that. She could hear the two indistinctively talking upstairs. As she said, the two seemed to be having fun. Honestly, it should be a relief to her that Kazuya could somehow laugh, smile and joke around again. However--

"Gah! Why does this all feel so frustrating?" Feeling frustrated for some reason, Kirika marches up to her room. She needed both the quiet and the space to cool off. As her head fell on the pillows, her thoughts soon started to dim until she fell asleep.

Uzamaki Ramen Hut - 5:35 PM

"You sure took your sweet time talking." Cel greeted Makoto as he rejoins her at the table. Their ramen had already been served though Cel hadn't touched hers yet.

"Sorry. You should've gone ahead and eaten without me."

"No can do! Family principle says we all eat together at the table. Besides, if I finish up before you and clean up while you're eating, you'll grow old a bachelor!"

"Ugh! Is that how it happens?"

"Maybe. It's an old superstition from where I was from."

"Superstitions do not really have--"

"--scientific basis I know. I take up engineering remember?"

"Your field isn't exactly hard science though."

The two got to eating their ramen first, slurping it down as per usual ramen etiquette, finishing up in just a few minutes partly due to the fact that it had already cooled down. Makoto finished up first and waited for Cel to finish hers before putting the bowls away.

"Thank you for the meal." Makoto thanks the chef and turns back to Cel.

"Tough day huh? Must've been nasty to see." The look of Cel's eyes already screamed "I know" at Makoto.

"You looked it up?"

"While you chatted outside. Should I not have done that?" Cel asked. As per Makoto's earlier request though, she tried to keep it down as much as possible.

" can't be helped now that you know about it now. But--" Makoto's voice dropped a little. "Don't tell this to the others okay? It might hurt the school's reputation."

"Sure thing." Cel assured him. Given that it was Cel, Makoto didn't find it difficult to believe her words.


"Why are you so concerned about the school's repuation anyway? Is that the only reason why you don't want this to get out? Just to avoid blowing up the topic?"

"Well, yeah. I mean, being a Kurogane student's one thing I actually take pride in you know? No. Perhaps it's the only thing I actually take pride in. So if the school's reputation goes down, I go down with it. Shirazumi-san and Harumi-kun don't understand that."

Hearing that, Cel takes the boy's hand in hers. Somehow, she could understand how he feels--having only the prestige of your school to hang on to. She feels that, though he may not say so directly...perhaps, he really likes studying in that school.

"Hey, want to take a small detour somewhere? Just before we go home." Cel suddenly asked.

"Well, I'm not in any rush. But why?"

"Nothing. So, are you up for it?"

Makoto thought for a bit. Honestly, he was feeling a little tired walking around left and right. However, he can't deny he wanted to spend a bit more time with Cel. After all, she was leaving tomorrow. Not that she won't be back but seeing as how busy the next week is going to be, he might as well make the most of this night.

"Alright. Where are we going?"

Cel just smiled. "You'll see."

The Sagittarius - 6:00 PM

Kazenari listened in attentively to the man discussing the victims he knew in-between light bites of the appetizer and some water. Of the five mentioned, only two seemed to be related with gang activity and even between the two, only one was directly involved with Westside. Whether others would've been involved with Enigma, even the man doesn't seem to know.

"I see. So based on what you said, this can possibly still be related to your ongoing power struggle." Kazenari thought for a bit. It's possible that the other girls were killed by Westside should they be revealed to be involved with Enigma.

"Yet something still seems off..." Kazenari thought as she glanced back at the man across the table.

"Quid pro quo. I believe you also have questions to ask of your own, correct? It's why you came to school in the first place after all." Before proceeding any further, Kazenari gives the opportunity for the man to ask his own questions. The main course also arrived just in time, with the elderly waiter setting their dishes in front of them: Beef Stroganoff for the man and a fried herring for Kazenari.

"Feel free to dig in first if you please--umm..." It was only then that Kazenari realized they haven't introduced themselves to each other yet.


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Blue Lotus - 5:35 PM

Hotaru hummed happily.

"Nothing so far. There's currently something going on with our school related to some tragedies but nothing's happened event wise. Maybe the parent-headmaster conference will provide some sparks."

She grinned.

"Though I do have a couple of new friends~! I'll have to introduce you to them!"

Old Black Rose - 5:30 PM

Akeno hummed a little bit to herself. It seemed like she and Kazuya had a plan to make strawberry cake tomorrow. She heard him muse if strawberries were in season.

"Season? Fruits come in different seasons now? I think they should be good regardless..."

She smiled happily.

"Still, I can't wait. This is going to be a lot of fun! What else should we make, Kazu?"

Uzamaki Ramen Hut - 5:40 PM

When Yoite and Noa finished their ramen, Noa sighed in relief.

"My stomach was about to collapse out of hunger..."

Yoite laughed a bit.

"You too, huh? Still, do you want to follow me to do something?"

Noa blinked.

"Arakaki, I have things to do. I can't just do nothing while the victims continue to go unnoticed..."

Yoite pat Noa's head a little.

"I understand that, but I don't think people will want to talk to you as you are now. You want to make people like you so you can get all of the information from those who knew the victims, right?"

"Yes, and I'll apply the basic manners to do so."

Yoite shook his head.

"Manners are great and all, but they don't really mean much unless the person behind them seems pleasant to talk to."

Noa scoffed and shook her head.

"Ridiculous. I don't need to be nice to people."

"Noa-chan... You'll end up alone at the rate you're going. You're alienating a lot of people from your class, so much so that people are venting about you on anonymous forums or even to your face. I don't want to see you being miserable. I know you probably don't think you're miserable and that you'll do just fine on your own, but humans need interaction in order to flourish."

Noa was silent as Yoite continued.

"I won't force you into doing something you aren't comfortable with. Believe me, I'd never even think to do that. But, I don't want to see you committing suicide out of loneliness and guilt two years down the line."

"I highly doubt it would come to that..."

"But the possibility is still there. Please, Noa-chan. Let me help you..."

Noa was silent for a while before sighing heavily.

"... Very well. I suppose it can't hurt..."


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"New friends?"

Misaka paused- and hesitated for a moment. Truthfully she was still an introvert. The only new friend she's made at St. Gabriel's was Koga, and only because they met through the Gunners relay race and the fact that he worked at the same cafe as Hotaru. Yurin and Ridou weren't really new people, considering they were all together in Seven Stars.

But if she managed to be friends with Koga, then that means her social skills had improved somewhat...right? And though Kanade was rather rough and crass, Nagisa seemed to be friendly enough. Genji, or Gecky as how people referred to him in the dorm, seemed to be nice though a bit strange. Surely that was the same for most of the dorm? Strange but friendly?

She decided to hear about them, even just a little. She beamed up at Hotaru.

"I'd love to hear about them!"

"Hayato. Morikawa Hayato."

He introduced himself briefly, glancing down at the main course. Beef. His mind briefly wandered to Hudson back at home.

"Beef stroganoff. Maybe I should make this at home."

He breathed before taking the first bite, nodding quietly as if he was affirming something in his mind.

After swallowing, he glanced up.

"The Hounds mostly wanted to know what kind of people the victims were- if they were popular within the student populace, whether they've gotten into trouble, if any people particularly hated them, that kind of information. They think it'll help narrow down the suspects, and to see if some of them got into trouble with either us or Enigma."

He scowled briefly.

"Enigma's still our biggest suspect. I wouldn't be surprised if they were willing to attack weakened enemy territory to claim it, knowing that the Hounds took a massive blow way back then."


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Old Black Rose - 5:40 PM

"Hmm...Well, if we're making cake then that'll eat up most of the budget already--considering we'll be buying separate ingredients for practice and the real thing." Kazuya makes a quick mental calculation of his remaining funds. "But between the cakes, the sandwiches and coffees...well, I think it'll be good enough. It's not like it's a party where the parents will stay for like, more than three hours." Kazuya turns around, trying to see if Kirika or Mitsuru were around to confirm it.

"At least that's what I think. Oh, and hey! What time do you get off school tomorrow?" Kazuya asks, apparently planning something.

The Sagittarius - 6:00 PM

"Morikawa-san it is then." Kazenari acknowledges the man's name before giving away hers. "My name is Kazenari Tohsaka."

Listening in to Hayato's questions, his first concern was the kind of students the girls were. Of course, for Kazenari, it was a difficult question to answer, seeing that none of the people she knows are privy to the private lives of these individuals. Nonetheless, she had to give her two cents worth on them.

"As far as I'm concerned, all of these girls are decent, rule-abiding students when they're within our school's halls. Otherwise, I'm not very familiar with them outside the gates so it is possible they could have been involved in something indecent. Perhaps even taking on completely different personalities. It is why I asked you if you knew any of these girls so we can find out more about them aside from what their records and families say."

The primary suspect Hayato was pinning down appeared to be Enigma; the rival gang. Kazenari didn't want to come to the conclusion just yet. After all--

"No, I don't think they are. For one, if most of these girls is as you say, not that related to your gang, what benefit would that provide the other gang? Kurogane is no longer their territory and they'll have to go against the full might of the local government if they want to take it over." Kazenari refers to the secular nature of the school and the tight rules it has imposed on forming "factions".

Kazenari clears her throat. "My turn. While Kurogane no longer counts as your territory either, I'd like to know why Westside is only taking action now when it's the fifth victim while all other murders fell on territories primarily controlled by Westside."

Kazenari shows a small piece of paper detailing the location where the deaths took place. "As far as I know, all those areas fall under your watch doesn't it?"


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Blue Lotus - 5:35 PM

Hotaru smiled.

"Don't worry, Misa-chan. I won't introduce you to everyone but there is one guy that I want you to meet first and foremost."

She happily hummed, facing Misaka.

"His name is Madoka Ikeda. He's a really sweet guy who absolutely loves movies. Sometimes I don't really get all of what he's saying but he's really nice if blunt. I'm sure you'll get along with him well enough~"

Hotaru turned to face the door a bit.

"He should be home by now, actually."

Old Black Rose - 5:40 PM

Akeno heard Kazuya's question and thought a little to herself. She then smiled a little at Kazuya.

"I get out at 3:30 PM again. Though, I sometimes like to stay on campus to see if I can get some homework done to enjoy my weekends."

She stretched a bit.

"Aside from a couple of essays, I don't think I'll have to stay too long and then we can get to work on getting the supplies."

Akeno focused her attention on Kazuya.

"Still, I'll help cover for half of the supplies. We are technically working together so it's a bit unfair that you have to pay for all of it."


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"Ah-- no, it's okay if you introduced me to the others. I wanna get better."

Misaka smiled a bit as Hotaru described her brand new friend. A really sweet guy...? She never really had an example of one, maybe except for Koga, but back in the Reserve band, nobody was really...sweet, per se.

"He's a movie buff? Well...if he's friendly, I'm okay with meeting him. It shouldn't be that difficult, right?"

She still felt like being a little bit cautious.

Hayato's brows stayed furrowed as the now named Kazenari spoke. True, Kurogane had been rather strict on the students and the topic of gang wars. He wouldn't know, though, since he was an outsider.

"Hmm...perhaps if the girls didn't have anything against Westside, they had something with Enigma and perhaps Hijikata just used that as grounds for attack."

He mumbled, half to himself and half to her. But her next question was about Westside only acting now.

"Hmm...only because the murders took place while we were at war with the other gangs. After all, getting booted out of our stronghold already set the other gangs off, and they wanted to finish us off while we were weak and such. At first, when we heard about the murders, my gang members chalked it up to the other gangs killing people and pinning the blame on us since we used to be stationed in the Institute. They made up an excuse about killing for revenge against them, I suppose."

He scratched his neck.

"Kosuki Rinto wanted to move as soon as Marie was killed, but we couldn't afford to take our eyes off the territory war or we were all going to die. We had to establish new territory fast, which led to the increase in gang activity here in Castle. Now that most of the gangs have been narrowed down to us and Enigma, this is the only time we can go to finally act on it. We were busy a long while."


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(OOC: Timeskip courtesy of yours truly XD)

Old Black Rose - 6:20 PM

"Well! Strawberry cake it is then! Ah, and don't worry about compensation. I have ways to circumvent this problem!" Kazuya assures Akeno as he prepared to head on home. As he'll be departing early, he was sure he won't be chewed out by his father this time.

"3:30 tomorrow huh? A little later but it'll do. Meet me at the cafeteria around that time then! I'll be waiting. Well, see you, and good night!" With that, the young man departed, heading back to his home.

The Sagittarius - 6:20 PM

"Hmm..." Kazenari muttered to herself as she listened to Hayato's explanation, as if she was already expecting the answer.

"Yes, it's possible. Given that you guys have been busy with your little territorial dispute, I doubt you would have the time to commit any small-scale murder. However--" Kazenari sternly narrowed her gaze at Hayato's. "Your fiercest rival is that St. Gabriel's gang Enigma correct? Well, your alibi applies to them too, no?"

"Don't get me wrong Morikawa-san--I'm not siding with neither yours nor Enigma's gang. All I'm saying is that it is highly unlikely that both gangs were involved this time around--given your territorial disputes."

Kazenari finishes her dinner, wiping her mouth with a napkin as their waiter took the empty dishes away. "It may sound unthinkable but my opinion is there is an involvement of a third party."

Grand Castle Observatory - 6:30 PM

"This is--!"

"Loving the view? I think you will."

Cel had brought Makoto over to the Grand Castle Observatory; one of the tallest structures in the city, almost reaching skyscraper height. The two were on the upper observation deck, as the top floor regularly closes at 4, to deter intruders from staking the place out. There were a bunch of people sharing the deck with them, mostly teens and young adults.

"Yeah. I rarely visit Bishop's Park myself so I've never really gone up to see this up close." Makoto explained as he leaned over the railing. Cel walks up beside him, peering through the binoculars between them, seemingly searching for something.

"Found it!" Cel taps Makoto on the arm, gesturing for him to look through the binoculars. Makoto does as he was told and he spotted Sapphire Theatrica, a rather luxurious resort/villa and casino mainly populated by those from the upper class.

"Sapphire Theatrica? What's so special about it?" He asked, wondering why Cel was looking into it.

"I once watched a live performance there. Some kind of piano recital, I think. No, wait--was it a musical ensemble? I don't know. I don't really remember haha~" Cel chuckled as she tried recalling the memory. "It was as part of our little "music appreciation trip". Umm...I hope you don't think I'm some kind of social climber or anything but, I like entertainment like that. Most of my friends just laugh and mock the performers."

"Hey, don't worry about it." He assures her. "I didn't really take your taste to be...I don't know? A little uptown, I guess? I couldn't really tell just by passing you in the lobby."

"That's cause' I'm not uptown. You know that."

"I guess."

"If I have the means though, I'll probably see a concert there every time it hosts one. Hell, I might even volunteer as a performer by then!"

"Wait--you can sing?"

"Anyone can Makoto. Even you." Cel teases him lightly.

" know what I mean. I mean like, professionally."

"No. Never entered a singing contest in my entire life. I do have something else though."

"Mind if I ask?"

"Hmm..." Cel thinks for a moment. "Nope! It's a secret~"

"Aww..." Makoto pretends to sulk for a while at her refusal to tell him. Cel just laughed.

"What about you? If you have that kind of amount, what would you do with it?" She asks.

"Get the best private investigator in the world and track the Iron Killer. That's how much I'm bothered by the guy. Or girl. Equality of course."

"You're that stressed out about it huh? Well, that's why I brought you here." Likewise, Cel leans over the railing, watching the people below them go about their usual routines. Above them, the stars have started peering within the night sky, calming down the overall mood of the city.

"Doesn't the wind and view relax you somehow?"

"Yeah." Makoto replied as he stared at the night sky. Now that he looked around, all the young people seems to be paired up, talking on benches, looking through the binoculars together. Admittedly, he started to feel a little awkward being with just Cel in this place. Yet she was the one who brought him there.

Could it be...?

"Everything looks peaceful from up high." Makoto smiles at his companion. "Maybe I should visit this place a lot more often now."

"You know, I'm a bit surprised you don't come here seeing as how you're a writer."

"Horror writer." Makoto corrects her.

"Same. Don't you normally go to parks or the countryside to look for inspiration or something? Your "muse" as you call it?"

"It depends. Sometimes, you have it. Often you don't. The places we go to depends on what we're writing of course. For me, staying on the third floor waiting area or one of the vacant rooms in the sixth floor of the dorm does the trick." Makoto refers to the notorious areas of their dorm.

"You won't get any complaints from me."

"Otherwise, I'm more of a Castle Waterside guy myself." Makoto refers to the tourist area near the harbor where the live jazz concert attended by Aziz and the others just concluded.

"I thought you're more Stephen King than John Green." Cel teases him again.

"I am. And John Green's stories aren't really that romance-centric all the time." Makoto explained. "But why would you think that though? I usually go to Waterside for the ocean view since some of the best stories I've read normally involve the ocean."

"Wait, you hang out at Waterside? Alone? Right near where Castle Bay is?" Cel asks, trying hard not to laugh.

"Well I have some friends over sometimes but--hey, what's so funny about it? What's with Waterside anyway?" Try as he might to act a lot more calmer, Makoto felt a little irritated at Cel laughing at him. Luckily, she managed to compose herself.

"You do know Castle Bay's dubbed the most romantic spot in the city right? If you go there alone well--"

Realizing that, even Makoto just laughed--the thought of other people thinking him to be some kind of loser hanging out there alone coming off hilariously to him.

"Hey, that's a bit too judgemental. Maybe I'm just waiting for someone else to come." He tried to catch himself. "Besides, I must've heard wrong then. Didn't realize the bay had that kind of reputation." Makoto peers over the railing again. "If it's first, then what's the second best?"

Cel's lips just curved into a small smile as she looked through the binoculars again. "This place."

Hearing that from her, Makoto slowly got up to look at her. Without taking her eyes from the binoculars, Cel reached out a hand to take his. His heart nearly skipped a beat at this gesture. Slowly, he closes his eyes, taking in that fleeting fifteen seconds of time.


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Blue Lotus - 6:20 PM

Hotaru hummed a small tune she had heard yesterday as she waited for her friend to arrive. When she finally saw the short red hair, she grinned and hugged Madoka tightly.


"Welcome back, Madoka-kun~!"

Madoka nodded a bit.

"Yeah, I'm back. How were things at Kurogane?"

Hotaru looked down a bit, smiling a little.

"Um... I don't necessarily want to talk about it right now."

Madoka frowned a little.

"I see... Well, who's the other girl you're with?"

Hotaru's usual smile came right back as she let go of Madoka to hold Misaka's hand for comfort.

"Madoka-kun? She's Misa-chan! She's a friend of mine since Seven Stars and is really talented with music~"

Madoka relaxed a little when Hotaru said that.

"Is that so? Well, I definitely hope we can get along. I've actually been a bit curious about life at Seven Stars. Emirsdo- Ah, Hotaru, I mean, doesn't really want to convey any details."

Old Black Rose - 6:20 PM

Akeno smiled warmly at Kazuya as he spoke up.

"Yeah! I'll meet you in the cafeteria. Thank you so much for doing this. Good night."

Once he left, Akeno got up and left as well. She went straight to her room and noticed that Noa wasn't there yet. She sighed in relief, not really wanting to face her when her mood was already terrible. She just hugged herself and let small and shaky sobs escape her.

"Why...? Why is this happening...? I made a friend and I'm wearing different clothes but I still feel miserable... Mother... If you have any compassion left in your body, please don't send me away from Kazuya and Tadakatsu... I... I don't want to lose them..."

Akeno wiped at her eyes underneath her glasses, shaking her head.

"I'll just see where Friday brings us..."


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So this red-haired guy was Madoka Ikeda huh? Hotaru still hasn't lost her habit of hugging people, Misaka observed, though she spoke up quickly after Hotaru mentioned her talent.

"I-I'm not that talented...Dou-kun's a lot more talented than I am."

The guy seemed pretty stoic but somewhat- and Misaka, honest to god was being very generous with what she was thinking- friendly. His first question was immediately about Seven Stars- which was pretty normal. Seven Stars did draw a lot of attention from the City.

"It's-- not that different from a normal high school, actually."

She laughed a bit awkwardly.

"The scouting system's pretty odd but you can still get in through entrance exams and scholarships. Scouted students also have to pass the talent aptitude test so that they can get into the Star Section. And about the Star Section-- well, I can't really say. I was Reserve."

She rubbed her neck.

"But all in all, it's just pretty much like a normal high school. We get normal curriculum, and the only thing that stands out are the events I guess. Prom, and the best part of Seven Stars are the Battle of the Bands."

As Hayato finished as well, Kazenari immediately brought up the idea of a third party. Right now the Hounds were still honing in on Enigma, but-- that idea wasn't that far-fetched now that he was thinking of it. Maybe someone who just wanted to mess with the gangs, or someone with a sick sense of humor to toss their dead bodies into Westside territory.

Either way, that news wouldn't sit well with his gang anyway. He raised an eyebrow.

"I'm all ears. Do you happen to have any suspects in mind?"


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The Sagittarius - 6:20 PM

"Not yet. I don't have any concrete evidence so I can't exactly point any fingers at anyone." Kazenari admits though she nonetheless kept her calm. "However, while this little investigation is underway, I would like no further incidents to occur. After all, this is the only time where two people were killed simultaneously. Almost everyone's in a panic."

Kazenari looks around to see that no one's eavesdropping on them before she continued. "I would like to ask of your group's help. As the Student Council, our powers only work within the perimeter of the school. However, you are capable of operating beyond it."

???? - 7:00 PM

Kazuya almost often chose to walk instead of taking public transportation since he felt that doing so would let him memorize the place a lot faster. However, due to his easily distracted nature, he tends to get turned around several times once something catches his eye.

It was a harmless thing. Once again, he spotted what appeared to be an acquiantance booking out of the street and into the alley so he followed them along until...

"While not all who wander around are lost--" Kazuya looked around him. Unfamiliar establishments, shady looking people, uninterested passerby and a shifty red air that seems to permeate all around the place. "I sure am right now..."

Sighing, he tried looking for the same hole he crawled out of but failed miserably. Most of the alleys he's seen had people hanging out whereas the one he came out of was, as he recalled, empty and quiet.

"Man! I wonder if I push through with the plan tomorrow?" Kazuya wondered out loud while walking, not giving much thought to the other people around him. Realizing he had no choice but to call for help, he took out his phone and called up the only one whom he knew can aid him right now.

"Uhh...hey dad? Long story short--I have no idea where I am right now!" Kazuya practically yelled at the speaker. "Oh and uhh...I've got this event planned in mind so do you think you can talk to the--huh? You will? Great! Thanks dad! Now about where to pick me u--huh?" Kazuya wondered why the line suddenly went dead. As he brought the phone away from his ear, he was greeted by the sight of his battery running low.


Blue Lotus - 7:00 PM

"Hey everyone--huh? Where's everybody?" Aziz wondered as he was greeted by an almost empty lobby upon arrival. Only Ritsuka was at the desk, watching a rerun of a recently finished volleyball game.

"Cel and Itsuna went out. Oh, Arai and Arakaki did too. The others are probably just in their rooms. Especially your fellow schoolmates."

"Huh? Why's that?" Aziz wondered.

"Huh? Hey, you study there so you should know!"

"Well yeah but I went to Wakaba-san's wake remember? I mean, the only part I heard was that bit about classes being cancelled tomorrow but I don't know why." Aziz explained.

"Ah yeah right, I forgot. Well--" Ritsuka looked around the place. "I don't think I should be the one telling you. Just ask any one of them. I think Kujo-kun's back too."

Room 507 - 7:05 PM

"Yo! Mind telling me what happened earlier?" Aziz asked as soon as he entered the room. "All I heard was that we ain't having any classes tomorrow but for why, I don't know."


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Hotaru's Dorm Room- 6:30 PM

While Madoka chatted with Misaka, Hotaru decided to lead the two up to her room and smiled happily. Madoka seemed fascinated with Seven Stars and seemed to treat Misaka nicely enough.

"Ah, Emirsdottir? You know I'm not allowed to stay in your room, right?"

Hotaru smiled.

"Yeah, but you guys seemed to be getting along really well and I wanted to play some video games with you guys~"

Madoka shook his head and sighed a little.

"You certainly seem to enjoy those kind of things. Still, I'll try it out at least once."

Hotaru cheered a bit while turning to Misaka.

"You wanna play too, Misa-chan?"


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"Video games?"

Misaka's eyes lit up almost immediately. She hadn't really gotten around to playing video games in earnest due to all of the new things she was going through now that she was in the dorm, and taking a quick look over at their room door, it seemed like her roommate and her friend wasn't coming out yet.

But if it was with Hotaru, she at least only needed one new person to deal with. It would be just like getting along with their band for the first time.

With that thought in mind, she nodded excitedly.

"What game are we playing?"

"That's true..."

Hayato nodded quietly. This was the only lead they had, and if they at least managed to do something for Kurogane, there was a chance to regain territorial advantage over Enigma.

And now that everyone was in a panic, it would be easier to get the Hounds to cooperate. At least, that's what he hoped for.

After a moment of thought, he gave a slow nod.

"Alright. Westside will help out. Is there something in particular that you need us to do?"

"Oh? Welcome back Bro!"

Kujo looked up from the newspaper in his hands the moment Aziz stepped in. So classes were cancelled tomorrow...that freed up his time a little. He had been steaming way too much to even hear the announcement.

"Yeah...well, a lot happened. For one--"

His blood boiled a little at the memory of Morikawa's sudden appearance and Arai's annoying scoldings, but he took a deep breath to calm himself.

"The Hounds are sticking their nose into this whole sudden murder business. Morikawa came around earlier, and though I'm not completely sure what happened, the Student Council Prez dealt with him. And as for the other thing that happened..."

He lowered his voice while speaking.

"There was another death. Tatara Isuko was pushed off of the building at a high floor. Tch! Some bastards were claiming it was suicide, but that girl Ichinose was her classmate and she was saying that Isuko was in perfect condition even before this happened. Nobody saw it coming."


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Room 507 - 7:15 PM

"Wha-What?" Aziz found himself unable to fully believe what he was hearing. To think another death would occur so soon just after the incident with Wakaba. It truly was spiraling out of control fast. He didn't make much of the supposed gang visit though as he had never been involved with those matters directly but, he did take note of it lest it becomes important later on.

"Man, I guess that's why school's out for tomorrow. Ah, I should message the others--" Aziz suddenly remembered and immediately messaged Nagisa, Hotaru and Makoto. "Crap! I don't have Arai-san's number. Oh well, she's Student Council so she may already know this."

For a little while, the room was rather quiet as Aziz went through the motions of changing his clothes and tidying up. He thought about the events that transpired as he showered, thinking up of something he could do to help catch this killer. The police still haven't seem to catch on to them and he was beginning to worry.

"Hey Bro?" Aziz asked as he stepped out of the shower. "I've been thinking...this guy managed to do all this under our noses for who knows how long now. I'm kind of wondering how most people seemed to have overlooked him."

The Sagittarius - 6:30 PM

Kazenari managed a small smile as Hayato agreed to cooperate with them. "Thank you. To be honest, I was quite worried you'll turn it down."

He asked what he and the gang should do in particular; something which Kazenari had already been pondering for quite some time. "As you know, there are certain areas near the perimeter of the school which we cannot patrol or look after for obvious reasons." Kazenari shows Hayato a map of Kurogane's immediate perimeter as well as markers as to where the dead girls' bodies were found.

"Going through the victims in chronological order, the killer seems to be moving away from the school. This incident with Tatara-san's probably an irregularity given that she was killed inside. Aside from her, no one else was. As you can see, the immediate streets around Kurogane are mostly small-scale stores and dormitories. Beyond that are private residential areas. This is where our monitoring powers end."

Kazenari takes out a pen and marks a couple more spots on the map. "I was hoping to increase the concentration of people in these areas in order to ward off any suspicious people walking about. I don't have the means to move that number so I was hoping you'll help me out with this. All you have to do is to distribute around five or four people per area. I don't think it'll be too hard."


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Blue Lotus - 6:35 PM

Hotaru grinned happily before holding up her 3DS.

"Ta da~! I want to see how well you've been improving your Sun team, Misaka-chan~"

"Sun team...?"

Hotaru turned to Madoka and smiled.

"Have you ever heard of Pokémon?"

Madoka sighed.

"Oh, that. I don't understand why people are so interested in that type of game. All you do is toss balls at creatures and suddenly they're enslaved as your own."

Hotaru laughed a bit.

"I guess you only know of the phone app. It's okay, Madoka-kun, I won't judge. Still, it's not like the app at all; there's a story mode associated with this game, you can battle your friends with the Pokémon and you'll be able to have your very own personal experience rather than walking around aimlessly. You'll be on a journey~"

Madoka sighed a bit.

"Right... I don't know, Emirsdottir. I'm not entirely convinced that this is a good idea..."

Hotaru smiled before handing him a 3DS with the game inserted.

"Don't knock it until you try it. Come on, I already beat the game twice and I'll let you battle me and Misa-chan with a team of your choosing~"

Madoka thought about it a bit before nodding.

"Alright. It's at least worth one shot, I guess."

Hotaru cheered happily before turning to Misaka with a grin.

"Hope you brought your steel or poison types this time~"

Madoka was confused but shrugged, loading up the game and waiting for any orders from Hotaru.


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"Y-Yeah! Pokemon's a fun game. You can tell from the many years it's been around and the fact that it's still a phenomenon around here."

Misaka smiled as she dug out her own console from her jacket pockets. Thankfully her jacket was spaceous enough- and had enough pockets- to house a lot, if not all, of her handheld consoles.

"You're using Fairy-types again, Hotaru-chan? Then--! My new comrades will help me achieve victory this time!"

She spoke up in a teasing and yet determined voice.

Hayato looked over the map, his eyes narrowing a bit on some spots. True enough, some of them had occurred near Westside territory- this would make delegating Hounds to the areas fairly easy. And he could assign them the guard dogs just in case...

"It won't be too hard. Would it be too suspicious if I armed them with some of the dogs the Hounds use though?"

"Yeah, that's kinda weird."

Kujo stetched, placing the boxed lunch Fuyumi had made for his roommate on their own table.

"Maybe they got friends in high places. Like someone pulling the strings, y'know? Maybe whoever this guy is has some relative or a friend in the administration that owes 'em big time."


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Room 507 - 7:20 PM

"I killings? No, no." Aziz shook off the immediate thoughts that flooded his mind when he heard Kujo mention something about connections and friends in high places. "School won't do anything like that. I mean, it is their image. Plus, these girls are all little goody-two shoes. Won't they normally go after scum first?"

Seeing the lunch box placed before him, Aziz nodded as thanks and partook of some of the food, all the while speaking up about his thoughts. "Then there's our tuition. Why bite the hand that feeds them? Less students, less revenue. Regardless of how they see the green, school's won't run without money."

Aziz gulped down a bite as he let his words sink in to his roommate. "Whoah! This is great! Who made it man? Should I think of expanding to the food industry, I may just call for their help!"

The Sagittarius - 6:40 PM

"I'd imagine that would depend on how the neighborhood you'll be patrolling will take to them." Kazenari addresses the man's inquiry about arming his men with guard dogs. Kazenari herself, wasn't very good around dogs and is quite fearful of them to some degree so she imagined other people may have a similar perception.

"You could probably limit them to three or four dogs per neighborhood. It would depend on their own regulations really..." Having finished their meal, Kazenari calls the waiter over to inform him that they were ready to pay up. It didn't take too long and after leaving the tip, she soon headed for the doors.

Emerald Gardens Entrance - 6:50 PM

"Well Morikawa-san, I suppose this is where we part ways. We can always meet up here if you want to discuss some things." Kazenari prepares to bid the man farewell. Before going on her way, she took out her phone--a rather fancy looking black Android.

"Could I have your contact if you don't mind? We'll be trading information a lot over the next few days."


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Hotaru grinned widely.

"Some new companions, huh~? Well, I'll do my best then!"

She drew out her stylus and hovered it over the bottom screen.

"I think it's safe that we should be prepared for anything. Especially with the battle now having a new player."

Madoka sighed.

"Oi. It's only for one match just to see what the fuss is about."

Hotaru grinned.

"But you're still involved in said match. Ah, have you come up with your team yet? We'll go easy on you since you're new."

Madoka's eye twitched a bit.

"I'd appreciate it if you didn't patronize me. But, I do have something assembled. I don't quite remember Raichu looking like... that."

Hotaru smiled a little.

"Aha! So you're at least a genwunner. It's okay, we'll teach you the right way. Still, the main reason why Rai-chan looks like that is because she's in her Alola form."


Hotaru laughed a little, rubbing her head.

"I know Raichu can be both genders but this Raichu looks a bit like a girl, hence why I called her Rai-chan. Still, she's an excellent choice for the first time~"

Hotaru smiled.

"Misa-chan? Did you end up using Alola Raichu for your playthrough?"


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"N-No, not really- I wasn't used to playing on the new Psychic thing."

Misaka scratched at her neck as she pulled up the page of her Raichu on her own console.

"I like playing on coverage rather than STAB is all, hahaha~"

"Hm? Oh, sure."

Usually, he didn't give away his contact info freely, and mostly only to certain trusted members of Westside. But this was official business, and the Hounds needed a way to keep contact. So he pulled out his little more ancient phone- at least compared to Kazenari's shiny Android- and took down the woman's number, simultaneously giving her his.

As he was typing in the numbers though, a thought crossed his mind. Granted, he'd wager it was around 6:50, but the increased activity buzzing around Castle City was sure to have triggered some people. As the leader of Westside, he was perfectly used to moving around alone and holding his own in a fight, but...

"Will you be fine going home on your own?"

The question came out evne before he could properly think it over. Though his mind raced to think whether he had overstepped his bounds or not, it was already out, so he might as well state his reasons for...this concern.

"I mean-- the killer apparently targets female students from your school specifically, after all. Might be best to keep an eye out, or have someone watch your back for the time being."

He liked to think that was good enough for an explanation.

"Probably not school-sponsored. Maybe some of them had serious debts to pay off, or this guy just has a grudge on the girls so far."

Kujo leaned back on the couch, running the thoughts over in his head. Just then, he heard his roommate ask about who made the food.

"Huh? Oh, yeah! That was made by Hirabayashi, the new girl. She made a box for me and Makinami too."

To lighten his mood somewhat, Kujo laughed a little to himself.

"Sheesh, Makinami's a lucky chick ain't she? Always getting food from culinary students."


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Emerald Gardens Entrance - 6:50 PM

"And you're offering to be that person for me?" Kazenari gives the Hounds leader a small smile as she replied. "Don't worry--I can take care of myself."

Upon hearing her say that, Kazenari surmised that he may have found her remark a little haughty. So it was best to clear up misconceptions right here and now before it escalates. The two would be working together from here on, at least until the case is over.

"Do not get me wrong Morikawa-san--I'm not implying I'm suspicious of you or anything. However, I have already inconvenienced you quite a bit by asking you to come here. I simply do not want to inconvenience you any further."

Just as she started to step away, she paused before looking back at the man. "Unless you live down the Red Alley in-between Queen's and King's of course. I don't mind having some company while I walk."

Room 507 - 7:20 PM

"Yeah, she is." Aziz sighed as he recalled the black-haired girl. "Was she alright? I mean, you guys were there to see all that. Must've been nasty. She has her condition right?"

Aziz found himself worrying about his friend's safety suddenly. A little aftereffect of attending Wakaba's funeral. She was a close friend and she was taken from him underneath his nose. If they weren't careful--the other ones may slip past too. Kujo, Nagisa, Hotaru--even Makoto who he didn't get along with. He found himself opening and closing his hands as he pondered. Regardless of how they thought of him, he treated them all as good friends.

"Hey bro? You mind giving the chef my compliments for me? I want to tell her myself but I've got a couple of plans I want to run tomorrow." He suddenly blurted out.

He remembered his history with the people in the dorm. Realizing that, he wondered: Is now a good time for what he was thinking?


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Hotaru's Room - 10:00 PM

"No, no! NO!"

Hotaru whined again as Madoka took out her Ribombee with his Inciniroar. This action caused Madoka to smirk a little.

"Aw, and here I thought you knew that bug was weak to fire?"

Hotaru pouted upon seeing the game over.

"You're the one who drove me into that corner, Madoka-kun."

Madoka laughed a bit.

"Still, I can certainly understand why you and Amamiya are so obsessed with these games. They're quite complex once I got past my initial disdain."

Hotaru laughed with him, showing she wasn't actually angry at the red head.

"Yeah, they really are. Wait until you're able to play as someone other than a girl and get your own adventure started."

Madoka shook his head.

"As fun as that sounds, I don't necessarily have the funds for that kind of thing."

"I can always have my uncle recommend another café to hire you."

Madoka put a hand on her hair for a bit.

"That's sweet of you to offer but I'd rather get my own job."

"Okay... Still, you did really well! I mean we all did good but you picked up on weaknesses, STAB, coverage and Items really quickly."

Madoka smirked a bit.

"I'd hope my memorization was decent. Otherwise, I'd be a terrible filmmaker and make the same mistakes over and over again."

Hotaru laughed a bit.

"Still, I really missed this, Misa-chan. I don't have school tomorrow so if you're free, we should definitely do a playthrough when I'm a bit more awake."

Madoka smiled a bit at the two girls interacting before getting up and stretching.

"On the topic of being awake, I'm headed off to bed. It's an early day tomorrow since my lead actress in my latest film is going to be busy in the afternoon. Still, it was fun. I... I hope we can do it again..."

With that almost shy statement and a small blush adorning Madoka's cheeks, he left. Hotaru smiled happily as he did, somewhat in awe that he could even be shy.


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"Yeah, it's-- getting pretty late, at least for us."

Misaka smiled as she moved to disconnect and turn off her own console. She rubbed her neck, stretching a little.

"I know it's weird for me to be saying it, but I gotta go check on my room. You know how much I care about my PC equipment~"

With a quick bow to Hotaru, she grinned.

"So I'd better be going now, Hotaru-chan. Hope we can play like this again~"

Room 302 - 10:04 PM

Despite all her attempts to be stealthy- like opening and closing the door as quietly as she could, which also involved having to slide in through the small space-, Misaka felt like she had misjudged her roommate's ears.

To be fair, she got no true form of acknowledgement aside from a slight tilt of the head from whatever the blonde had been working on.

"D-Did I interrupt something?"

"There'd be literally nothing for you to interrupt, scrub- you technically own the room too."

Misaka paused; that was an odd response. She moved to sit down at her own bed, a bit awkward.

"Uh, T-Takamine-san right--?"

"Kanade or Kanade-sama's fine. Getting called by my last name makes me feel old. And I ain't!"

"Considered old enough to be drinking, apparently," The introvert mumbled under her breath, hoping that again, Kanade wouldn't pick up on it. Unfortunately, she did.

"Hah! Genius inventor Kanade-sama can do whatever the fuck she wants!"

Misaka flinched back a little at the sudden rise in voice and-- how the hell did Kanade go from seemingly exhaustedly working on something on her desk to standing at her full height- her full, intimidating height to Misaka- with a finger pointed at her?

"I-I could tell..." She stuttered out. Kanade raised an eyebrow at her.

"You sure do stutter a fuckton, huh? More than a girl on the verge of c--"

"W-Wah--! It's a problem I've had when I was little!"

She quickly cut her roommate off before she could continue on. Kanade collapsed back onto her own bed, waving a hand dismissively.

"Meh-- all I'm tryin' to say here is, you don't need to be scared or some other shit. Granted everyone's awed at me, but you're a part of the room too. As long as you don't fuck around with the room too much- you can do whatever you want on your side- we're all cool."

"Y-Yeah, but-- I've always been pretty I never shared a room with someone I don't know before."

A mischievous grin appeared on the blonde's face. Misaka prepared herself for another comment.

"Kyahahaha! If that's all you're worried about, I'm sure we can spend the entire night gettin' to know each other, if you know what I mean~"

"I have a vague idea but I'm sticking to the safer side...and besides, um, Kanade-san-- it's a bit late."

"I sleep whenever I want to, and I bet you do too! We'll pass out once we're done! Now get those questions runnin'!"

Misaka vaguely wished Nagisa, the seemingly nicer and more controlled of the two were here but obliged anyway. The rest of the night was spent trying to keep up with fast-paced questions and answering just as fast.

Red Alley, in between King's and Queen's. Seems fair enough. Hayato gave a quick nod.

"That works for me. Safer this way too."

As he reached up and fixed his coat a little, he spoke again.

"And it'd be good to have someone that's not part of Westside to talk to."

"Makinami was fine. Last I saw her, she was helping Ichinose home with Takamine. Didn't seem to suffer any attacks, so I think she's in the clear..."

Kujo trailed off. Girls from their school were being attacked, and it occurred to him that maybe, just maybe-- one of his own friends would be the next target. Wakaba was attacked, and she was Aziz's friend. Emirsdottir or Makinami; they could both be--

He cut himself off at that. He couldn't be thinking of that right now. And Aziz was talking.

"Huh? Alright, man. But what plans were you gonna go through?"


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Room 507 - 7:30 PM

A small smile formed on Aziz's face when he heard Nagisa was fine. "Haha, never mind. It's nothing. Just a silly little musing--*yawn* I'll still be out tomorrow though."

The trip wasn't very long but, he literally hadn't gotten proper rest ever since the incident with Wakaba. Drowsiness seems to have caught up with him and he felt sleepy.

"I'm turning in for the night man. I'm exhausted. Seriously, this little suspension was a godsend. Hope it happened because of different circumstances though..." Aziz's voice slowly trails off as he sinks into slumberland. All things considered, it was rather early for him to turn in for the night at this time but, given what he had just gone through, he was feeling tired as well.

Red Alley 7:45 PM

"Do you not normally interact with strangers outside your pack?"

On paper, the alley Kazenari mentioned seemed like a rather short distance that one could easily walk. In reality, it was still quite far from the mall proper and they had to pass a lot of nighttime establishments--buildings that cater to folks looking for a different kind of service one would expect in the day.

Past that though, everything starts to slow down as the bustling lights and the messy chatter of people on their phones and cars driving by started fading, giving way to simpler streets and almost scenic roadside views of almost century old stone and wooden houses.

"Strange isn't it? You think that just because members of the provisional assembly reside here, it would be a lot fancier." Kazenari casually mutters within earshot of her male companion, just as a whiff of cold wind blew past, causing her to clutch her jacket closer to her arms.

"I don't fully understand it but, I like walking down this road." Kazenari started, kicking off a pebble onto a small pond of water they passed by. "It's the silence, I suppose. It helps me clear my mind."


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[font=chasm]Blue Lotus Lobby - 10 PM

"We're home~"

Yoite called out from the front door. Noa had followed him home since there was nothing else to do after their meal.

"I understand it's courteous to say you're home but please try to be a bit quieter. I'm almost certain everyone in the dorm is asleep by now."

Yoite rubbed his head a bit, laughing quietly.

"Guess so, huh? Sorry, Noa-chan."

Noa shook her head.

"You didn't appear to cause any stir, so I think you're fine. In any case, thank you Arakaki."

Yoite tilted his head.


"You did a lot to help me with my victim memorial. So, thank you very much."

Noa bowed politely. Yoite shook his head.

"All I did was tell you all I knew about Megumi."

Noa smiled a bit.

"Well, it's better than what I already had and I'm sure Megumi Harada would be very happy to know that you're still keeping her memory close."

"Yeah... In any case, it's late, Noa-chan."

Noa sighed.

"A bit too late if you ask me. I need to get up early tomorrow. Still, thank you very much, Arakaki... and..."

Yoite looked over at Noa as she pouted.

"This weekend... I... I wouldn't mind going back to the ramen house to talk... About my burdens that is..."

Yoite smiled and ruffled Noa's hair.

"I'm looking forward to it~ Come on, let's get some sleep. We've stayed up for long enough as it is."

Noa nodded, walking straight to her room. She saw Yoite wave goodbye and she shyly waved back before heading into her bed to get some shut eye.


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"Not often, no."

Hayato shrugged at his companion's question of whether he interacted with anyone outside of Westside. He may have, once, but being the gang leader- scratch that, just being a Hound in the first place didn't leave much room for interaction that wasn't completely gang related.

He almost forgot how strangely winding the roads of Castle City were when not on a motorcycle. Many clubs and bars were open at this hour, though he didn't have much interest in them- in the flashing neon signs, perhaps, but even their light seemed dull through his beanie.

Once Kazenari mentioned something about the silence, he noticed then that the noise of bustling city nightlife had gone- and now they were walking through one of the quieter roads. Ah, well. More room for conversation then. It was almost like they walked into another portal- the place wasn't as fancy as Castle's usual establishments.

"Or maybe you appreciate the atmosphere here."

He guessed, glancing over briefly.

"It's not as high-brow as the usual buildings and roads you see in the city. Entirety of the west side is also dominated by graffiti and whatnot, so there's no comfort there either. Places like this seem kind of rare in such a bustling city."

Though, this did raise a small question in his head. He glanced briefly at his walking companion.

"Are you the type who enjoys old-fashioned things? Just a guess is all."

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