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Eastern Pack Territory

You have entered Eastern Pack Territory.


Eastern Pack Territory is a part of The Valley.

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Relic was surprised at Taiara's sudden appearance, but nonetheless he stood up to follow her over to the large boulder with a dip of his head. He slung his head over his shoulder one last time to gaze at the pack before disappearing behind the rock to see what was the matter. A thousand thoughts ran through his head. Had he done something wrong? Was Rayuska hurt? Dieing? Surely she was fine! Though she did seem a bit grumpy, and that bothered him more than anything. But why would Taiara be the one to want to speak to him?

He scoffed softly under his breath before turning his attention to hear what Taiara had to say. He pulled back his ears, a look a pure surprise crossing his features as he backed up a bit. "Really Taiara? Rayuska is baring my pups?" he whispered, clearly excited as he turned his head to the sky and howled out across the land. His howl told of his joy, the pure bliss that coursed through his body, but it didn't tell of what lay ahead. Surely, the pack she know of what was going to happen. They were part of this, and they needed to know that they would soon meet the heirs.

His howl would cut off short as his tail began to wag, going a million miles an hour it seemed. "Oh Taiara that's great! How far along is she?" but without giving her time to answer he would bound out across the slope toward the Alpha's den. Once he reached the entrance he would stop, lowering his head to the ground to walk in slowly. "Rayuska darling, is what Taiara said true?" he whispered, his tail wagging from side to side and a sloppy grin on his face with his tongue hanging out. His ears were perked forward, awaiting to hear the news from his mate's maw.