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A multi-para RP about the Mystic arts in all their forms, heavy fantasy.

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A brief introduction.

In all it's nearly four hundred years of being, Sarau had never truly pondered it's origins. Lost in a perpetual war of the races, fae, beings, and elements are almost always at odds. Turmoil shakes a land who's people are growing restless, threatening to throw nearly four hundred years of work into even deeper chaos. Twenty Two ancient bloodlines have been awoken to combat the growing turmoil, and deal with a problem that threatens to send the entire realm of Sarau back to the stars.

The Kingdoms are growing restless in their fights, and allies who served side by side for hundreds of years are beginning to turn against one another. Countries are starving, most of the general population has been displaced and many small cities have been destroyed in the wake of a plague simply called the 'Iron Suffering', a problem not entirely based in magic that has proven to be effective in killing many creatures across Sarau, but also causing the earth it touches to decay and rot.

With the Iron Suffering closing in, the Kingdoms panic more day by day, looking for any way out. Despite these trying times, the sun still manages to peak through the clouds, and tensions that have been gathering between various factions seem to fade temporarily. Ostara is just around the corner, and it's festival to celebrate the rebirth of The Mother is just around the bend, one of the few Kingdoms to still accept all walks of life into their halls is holding a Festival as they do every Ostara in order to celebrate the rebirth of The Mother. Festival draws all walks of life from many around the globe, and rumors are stirring that this year many world leaders are coming to meet to discuss what will come next for many Kingdoms.

Eastern Continent:
Gil'Drim: The broken capital, this city became a pile of ruins within the last three months. Once the home of the 'lesser races', dwarves, gnomes, and halflings. It's located in the center of the map, and was destroyed in a conflict between Deepcrest and Nabban.
Deepcrest: The Human Kingdom, biggest port on the Eastern Continent, located to the South.
Nabban: The Elven Kingdom, walled off within the northernmost mountains of the Eastern Continent.

Osten'Ard: The True Neutral Kingdom, Osten'Ard is built as the biggest trade city in all the continents, and is placed between Gil'Drim and Nabban. All factions and races are welcome within the city, they're responsible for most of the economical growth across Sarau.

(Small village names and locations will be up to the players should they wish to not have their characters be from one of the cities outlined so far in this post.)

Below are listed the four major factions, and under that are subfactions. All factions and races with the exception of dragons are playable.

Fae: All Fae and mystical creatures belong to the Fae, (Classic D&D definition of Fae ) Fae are at war with both Dragons and Beings.
Begins: Beings are defined as all humanoid like races, they range from human to every kind of elves, dwarves, gnomes, goblins, lycans and anything else that takes on a faintly humanoid shape.
Elements: Elementals should be pretty self explanatory, (, Elementals are considered hostile towards Begins.
Dragons: This should also speak for itself, this includes both Dragon and any hybrid offspring. As a faction this also includes the devout followers from any factions, Dragons are considered to be at war against both Fae and Beings.

Northern Halfling Alliance: Is a thieving group of Halflings that do their best to rob all other races to impose a 'height tax'.
Alchemists Guild: A true neutral faction dedicated to science.
Solitaire Syndicate: Is another true neutral faction dedicated to gambling.
L.O.M.O Corp: A faction that consists of money hungry Fae and Beings. They control most of the business in Sarau.
The Third Regiment: The Third Regiment is a group of Fae, and Beings who run the biggest and most elite mercenary operation. Their reach spans across the world.

Misc Facts:
Continents: Are simply known as the Northern continent, Southern continent, Western continent, Eastern continent, and the Maelstrom Islands.
Currency: Copper, Silver, and Gold. (One silver is one twenty copper, one gold is twenty silver.) Gems and other raw goods can also be used as currency.
Technology: Everything that exists within the world that resembles technology is powered through magic. Want air conditioning? Try an enchanted orb set up to cool down a room. Same use, more fantasy based.

When making a character for this story, please consider the following:

Race: Anything goes, except for dragons or any variation of dragons. If you're unsure PM me.
Faction: You don't have to list this but if you ally with a faction, please list it.
Class: This is just a general class, I'd prefer not to have anything too overpowered.
Bloodline: Please refer to the next section for details. Should just be listed as the name of the card.
Alignment: Pick carefully, you're alignment is important, you can play the good, the bad, or the neutral.
Physical Description:

Your Bloodlines
Your bloodline is important, it should reflect the type of character you want to play, and will help me decide what 'fate' or sorts to peruse with your character. Your bloodlines all come from the Major Arcana, or the 'fancy' named cards of a standard tarot deck. There are 22 to choose from. Each one has unique traits, and only one of each bloodline will be allowed in this RP. While there are 22 to pick from, only 7 slots will be allowed.

Not sure what bloodline suits your character? Tell me what you want to play and I can help, or check out for some details. (Or just surf around the net, they shouldn't be hard to find.) Bloodlines are very important for your character, so pick carefully.

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Sarau by Synestra

Eastern Continent

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Character Portrait: Priestess Synestra Jektar
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Character Portrait: Priestess Synestra Jektar
Priestess Synestra Jektar

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Hello , i really like your story and i will be submitting my character sheet tonight , i wanted to add that i have picked the Judgement card from the Major Arcana.If that isn't ok please pm so i can figure out what to take before working on the character.

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