Revolt Training GroundsTyler James

A bezerker rebel who seeks to become a warlord once werewolves rule the world.

a character in “Arcane Armageddon”, as played by TheDoombringer

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Race (Lycan/Human) Lycan
Character Age (No one under 14): 26
Side (Revolt, Rebel, Human): Revolt
Element(s) (Lycans only, maximum of TWO): Darkness, Ice
Gender: Male
Verbal description of looks (Yes, verbal): Tyler rarely leaves his lycan state, and can only be seen when he is asleep or when he is attempting to hide in a place his powerful body couldn't. He has jet black fur with a red stripe of fur going down his spine. He is heavily built and has discolored eyes, one being red the other a unusual gray. He normally wears in combat a large lycan skull that covers his entire head. It is decorated with the taint of his darkness making it much stronger and durable. On his back is a sheet of curved bone like the helmet it is also fused in with his dark taint but also has about six sharpened poles on it that have impaled human skulls on top of them. He has no protection for his feet but his thighs and calfs have grooved bone spike armor. His arms have the same thing as his thighs but on his knuckles is a form of bone brass knuckles with multiple sharpened fingers fused together to make it a form of spiked knuckles. He wears a large rib cage for his breastplate and in the slits are darkness armor. Layering the spiked brace knuckles is a sheet of freezing ice that with eveyone punch drop the opponets tempeture.


TALENTS (ie: Drawing, golf, piano): Tyler usually sings in combat along with dancing occasionally at the bar if he's drunk enough or feels like it.

Tyler is easily aggravated by things outside of the revolts and normally goes into a bezerker rage in a fight, only to be eventually soothed by his singing and performance. He is incredibly zealous but greedy at the same time thinking that he shall rise up and became a machine of rage and war. He despises humans to the extent that he even doesn't like revolts in there human form. He holds a form of fear combat idea adopted by his favorite historic figure Vlad the Impaler, in which he believes that if he strikes enough fear into them he can win with under numbered forces, which I ls why he normally wears his impaler back in combat.


Primary Weapon: Soul Stealer
Secondary Weapon: Darkness
Specialty: Blades combined with elements

The soul stealer is a Kilij imbued with massive amounts of darkness taint. So much so that it radiates it in the form of black and purple fire. In the core of this fire is deadly ice that has spread itself out through the fire and onto the striking point of the blade creatin an even more powerful version of his knuckle coldening effect.

To all who don't know what a kilij is: ... 254742.jpg


Tyler was born straight into the revolt army from his mother and father. At a young age of eight he had begun a form of spartanic training and brutal challenges by his father in attempts to mold him into a powerful warrior, and it worked at the cost of his innocence and the swelling of rage and darkness in his heart. He soon seeked power and after more training from the revolts themselves he learned tactics from his historic role model and other things along the way, eternally striving to improve and become an all consuming force of war.

So begins...

Tyler James's Story