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Well, this is old Artic. So, I'm bitchy, rude but easy to get to know. I can be lovable. I love roleplaying. There's not a whole lot I can say about me, as you'd have to know me to understand me.

a character in “Arcanist 14”, as played by Artic goddes

Factions, Families, Clans, and Empires


Artic had a pale face. Pale was a light word to use. Her face resembled that of a performing arts mask. She never seemed to lose the unimpressed focused expression. Her eyes were blue at first glance, but no one ever seemed to get close enough to tell otherwise. The dark rings under her eyes didn't come close to how tired she was constantly, making her easily irritated. Her jaw always seemed clenched but when she rarely grinned you could see pearly white teeth with noticeable fangs. Her body structure was thin, but that did not mean weak. What there was to her, seemed to be all muscle. She had multiple visible scars, on both her lips, eyelids and mainly her knuckles. These were just the visible ones. No one could know of any other than these. Though through the few tears in her clothes people could've sworn they've seen more. She always wore the same long-sleeved hooded shirt, ragged at the edges. The pants she wore practically blended in with the shirt, they were both so black it was hard to distinguish where the end was, nevertheless, they trailed on the floor, as her boots did not entirely hold them up. She wore two bracelets on each wrist.
On the left, there was a spiked one, and one with beads.
On the right, the was a small chain and one that was like a band with a small "K" in old English font.
She has a small bag that goes over her shoulder and down to her waist, that is always at her side. The only item she ever appears to carry in it is an ice rose, that she appears to cherish.
Her hair was rough, it never seemed to stay contained. It was pale blue most days, it seemed the happier she was the whiter it went. It reached shoulder length, but only just. Her fringe often covered her eyes, but went she could be bothered she would brush it out of the way.
On her back sometimes she would carry a thin long Samurai sword, which appeared to be stained black and red.

The only other noticeable feature about Artic was when she was angry, how her eyes filled with black and her skin seemed to go grey. Her hair would turn jet-black, and nails, extend. Even her already elongated fangs would grow to a fine point. Fine black ice needles would seep through her knuckles not leaving a trace of blood. Without her control or consent on the rarest of occasions beautiful iced-over black wings would sprout and tear her clothes time and time again. Though occasionally her rage seeps through but is contained by transforming into an seemingly harmless young Arctic wolf. Never seen attacking with.


Artic is a very complicated person. She is kinder to strangers than those who have known her for a while but not made the effort to talk. She doesn't enjoy making enemies, and even then is open to making it up.
She can be very hostile when caught in the wrong mood. This doesn't take much, bare in mind.
Her humour can be twisted, and you shouldn't really expect mercy. She can't stand pointless arguments either, so don't bring up religion or question a lot of decisions she makes. Or the fact Arctic has two c's, and Goddess had two s's. She is aware. Mmkay ~


Other than the previously mentioned sword that she has her way with, the only other tools she mainly caries are her fists and the occasional Bows and arrows. Purely crafted from black ice of course, that she is not particularly gifted with, but can wield and use when needed.
The only weapons she seems to have extreme skill and/or precision with is the black-ice needles she forms when raging. She had scary-good aim when focused but can be easily distracted into going wrong.


Artic wandered into Arc14 alone. She didn't spend any of her time there alone, and before Arc14, no one knows of where she came from. Artic, herself, doesn't know where she came from. she seemed to wake up there, or be in denial of any past she might be hiding.
All that is known is she is a freaky Ice Goddess with a short temper.

So begins...

Artic Goddes's Story