Nate Thera

" Still here, as always...Someday I dream to see the outside world again.."

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RP Role: Subject 6
Full name: ' Nathaniel Tigris Thera '
Age: In the range of his mid twenties, it seems.
Subject Number: 582-3C
Cell Number: 3C
Race: 'Panthera Tigris Daemon' Aka- "Tiger Demon"

Height: 6' 2
Weight: Appears to be about 157 lbs.
Eyes: Sky blue
Hair: Blonde.

Attire: A maroon Kimono, a pair of brown slack pant's, with a fabric belt.
Distinguishing Features: Feline ear's, softly hidden behind the array of blonde locks. A mass of scar's along his back, arms and legs. One defining scar went across his left eye, a deep gash from his past, which never let him forget what he truly was on the inside.


Hostility Level: Moderate. Often he has to be held and spoken to, as if he were merely human, casual talk and care seems to be thr trick to this being's Hostility.
Threat Level: Extreme. When in a state of rage, experiences a blood lust and abnormalities. Such as unimaginable strength, overly keen senses, and demonic abilities.
Special Considerations?: Nothing, besides ankle and arm restraints, merely for the fact of getting tests completed with this 'beast.'

Any signs of humanity?: He act's like a normal human, casual joking, and often the sarcastic remarks of a very wise and intelligent being.
Dangers: He bcomes a threat to more than himself, if provoked to the point of madness and compelling anger.
Any known inflammatory situations?: Not much set's this being off, besides the ignorance and uncontrollable creatures he must 'live' with.


Family History: The entire line of his family was banished from their lands, then slaughtered for the sake of surrounding villages and life stock. They were considered, 'Demonic Beasts' from hell, but he was the one who crawled out from under the label of his family. He remains, the lone being, with no family or siblings.
Personal History: He had ventured out at the young age of six, as was tradition for his family, to provide and fend for himself. He went through many of year's without his family, learning to be a normal human, under no pretenses. Battles were fought left and right with the surrounding villages and kingdoms, until his race was erased from existence, or so they had thought. He had been captured by the facility that now holds him, doing experiments and genetic testing, but he was glad to have free meals and a place to sleep at night.

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