Arkham AsylumJester

The Joker's son, same danger, but a lot less happy

a character in “Arkham Asylum: Second Generation”, as played by RolePlayGateway

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OCCUPATION: Professional Criminal
Base of Operations: Gotham City
EYES: Green
HAIR: Blond, but dyed Black
HEIGHT: 6 ft
WEIGHT: 160 lb
AGE: 16
PARENTS: Joker and Harley Quinn

Pretty much looks like his father but his colors are black and red instead of green and purple. He has the same physical features as his father, and could almost be a duplicate of his father, except for the fact that he doesn't find everything funny, and he is quite serious about everything.


Jester is a pretty dark person, and being raised by the Joker, he doesn't really have a chance of being sane. No one has been really able to tell what is really wrong with him, mentally but most people say it is depression. Yet, he would prove them wrong, he has also enjoyed telling people how many ways he could kill them. Jester actually enjoys killing, and sees nothing wrong with it, he believes that it is just the strong getting rid of the weak.


- Handguns
- Good with hand to hand combat
- Actually is Acrobatic like his mother
- He makes use with anything he can get his hands on


Since he was born he learned quickly about the world of Gotham. He never was right in the head, most people believe it's because of his parents but he disagrees. He was first sent to Arkham Asylum at four since his foster parents couldn't "handle" him. He was sent to the childrens section but now he has a cell close to his father's and mother's cell. He takes great pride in getting the job done, or even finishing what his father has started. He was almost sent to Blackgate but aftera week there they sent him to Arkham for the fact that they finally got the idea that the boy was insane. He creeped people out for the fact that he found it more fun to count the number of times he could have killed them already.

Normally they are really cautious around him for the fact that if he wasn't behind the bars a Arkham he would attack someone, being it a guard or a therapist. He and the others that were around his age were always put into their own group therapy, to see if that would help. Jester was actually one person that would rather not answer any questions given to him, but question them instead. They really can't get anywhere with him, for the fact that he isn't willing to give them any of his background or any emotions when he is talking to one of the therapists.

So begins...

Jester's Story