Arkham AsylumSpade

The Scarecrow's adopted daughter

a character in “Arkham Asylum: Second Generation”, as played by RolePlayGateway

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REAL NAME: Rayne Crane
Base of Operations: Gotham City
HAIR: Black
HEIGHT: 5 ft 9 in
WEIGHT: 143 lb
AGE: 16
PARENTS: Jonathon Crane ((adopted))


She is very dark, and serious most of the time. She is very intelligent, always reading in her free time or playing some kind of game of logic with her father. She may be smart but she hadn't been able to beat her father just yet at any game they play, mostly being chess. Spade can be very easy going though, as long as you agree with what she says, and she is very big with knowing the world around her.


- Fear gas
- scythe
- good with hand to hand


Everything she learned is because of her father, mostly everything she knows was taught by her father. She has been known for giving any psycho analyst trouble, when they talk to her. Most of all she loves confusing people when asked questions, she is in the teen group therapy, like Jester, and she also goes to personal therapy as well. Most Arkham staff really don't mind around her for the fact that she rarly causes trouble. Spade just goes her own way, until she feels it's time for a break out, of course she has caused her own trouble most of the time while she is testing new fear inducing chemicals for her father.

She is one to just like to mess around with other people and see how they react, most people are kind of wary about her for the fact that she is rarly surprised or scared. Most people just don't like to think of her as normal, for the fact that you could sneak up on her and she won't even jump or gasp. She at least shows no signs of fear, but really sometimes she actually acts pretty much normal, except when you actually get her talking about something that she is very opinionated about.

So begins...

Spade's Story