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Alchemy came into existence in 1935. Through the years Alchemy has been adopted throughout the world. While kept as much a secret as it can be. The past mistakes and those foolish enough to repeat them create the possibility for everything to go wrong.

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Throughout the history of the world there has always been legends of mythical creatures and humans wielding great magic.
What if someone told you that these myths were true.
And that there magic was still alive today?

Art of Alchemy

The history of Alchemy.
Alchemy, the art of destruction and creation. Equal exchange as some would call it. Alchemy came into our world in 1935 when it was discovered by professor Kel Selkin in England, York. Professor Selkin had founded the Alchemy we know today by chance when pursuing the science to turn metal into gold. Through it's early years, Alchemy was very simple and only known by those who practiced it. Through World War 2 Alchemists were used to create weapons, thought at it's young stage the Alchemist's attempts were nothing more than a fool's quest. Near the end of the war, professor Selkin brought Alchemy to the united states. Through the late forties and early fifties Alchemy had started to take off, becoming more known throughout the world as something real. While Alchemy hadn't yet grown knowledgeable to the common ear, the nations of the world had taken notice and lent their support to the continuation of Alchemy. It was during this time when most of the findings of Alchemy had begun. Through the sixties various establishments were made to the effort of Alchemy. By the early seventies Alchemy had started to become slightly rampant throughout the world as there was no specific order or governing body. This was when Selkin University of Alchemy was created in Wyoming U.S.A. Selkin University was made for one goal, to provide one place for all countries to learn and continue Alchemy. At the same time the united nations made a secret sect dedicated to Alchemy to let the various countries have their say in Alchemy's development. It was during this time most of the rules on Alchemy were made, along with true help from around the globe with every nation putting an effort into pulling ahead. For the following decade's Alchemy continued to grow as more people were taught it's arts and those who contributed to the advancements of Alchemy. As the new century had rolled in Alchemy was now seen as an official study throughout the world. While Alchemy was still not of common knowledge most nations had their own schools dedicated to Alchemy.

The Modern World of Alchemy:
Throughout the world Alchemy is used as a means of creation and science. With only those with the 'blood pact' a specific genetic trait carried by those who can practice alchemy being discovered everyday. The teaching and conservation of the highly gifted of these people are highly sought after. Selkin University, once seen as the best institute for Alchemy in the world has started to have it's reputation fall behind. While many new people go to the university every year the competition is starting to get the better of them as some worries that other schools may not follow the rules and laws laid down by the United Nation's Alchemy sect and the university itself.

Alchemy and Selkin University:
Alchemy, the art of taking something and making something new. The Blood pact which is the trait that gives alchemists the ability to use alchemy. All alchemy requires use of the blood tax, taking energy from the alchemist. The use of alchemy is often used through alchemic circles, or otherwise known as transmutation circles. The transmutation circles help specifically channel the alchemists power to create what they want. This has made the transmutation circle especially popular among those who are not as practiced as masters of Alchemy. Use of Alchemy without a circle generally causes a higher blood tax on the alchemist, while the energy is eventually regained with rest. Though while this is the case for most forms of alchemy, there are some more forbidden schools of Alchemy where the blood tax is a permanent drain from the alchemists life.

Selkin University, situated in Wyoming USA. Selkin university is the first of it's kind to be devoted to alchemy. Dedicated to the founder of Alchemy Kelrek Selkin the university accepts students from around the world. Though in more recent years with more establishments opening around the world the majority of students has shifted to that of Americans. Selkin University is still regarded as one of the best establishments in the world for alchemy, though it is being seen as becoming outdated. The general acceptance age of most students of Selkin University is sixteen, while this limit is sometimes broken under certain circumstances. The main reason is that the environment and structure of Selkin University is very hard to fit into as anyone bellow this age.

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Schools of Alchemy:
- The Major Schools

Destruction Alchemy is the art of the reverse of everything Alchemy teaches. Destruction Alchemy teaches the power to destroy an object or living thing through Alchemy. The primary thought behind Destruction Alchemy is to break down molecules to atoms. This in all reality breaks, desolves, implodes, or simply shatters it's target. One of the hardest feilds to study as the school of destruction Alchemy is not only difficult. It is closely watched and helped as to keep it's practicioners in line.

Elemental Alchemy
Elemental Alchemy is one of the major schools of Alchemy. It consists of the study of the various elements of the world. Mainly this is the core elements, being Fire, Earth, Wind, and Water. If one were to major in Elemental Alchemy they would choose one of the four elements and a field of study correlating to that element.

Life and Homonculus
Life and Homonculus Alchemy is the art of creating life through Alchemy. Held as probably the most controversial of the major schools of Alchemy the creation of life is done with careful hands. There are many things created through this school, from simple plants to animals. To create a human through this school is against the law.

Transmutation Alchemy
Transmutation Alchemy is the art of shaping and altering. Perhaps the most true school of Alchemy to the fauxscience. In the school of Transmutation one learns the principles of breaking down mass into raw energy. The energy taken from the break down is then used to rebuild and recreate. With this process Alchemists are able to reshape almost anything in the modern world to their will. Studying Transmutation Alchemy is part chemistry and part artistic. One most understand the fundamentels of what they transmute. And on the other hand they must be able to visualise and understand how to shape what they create.

- Minor Schools

The school of Chrono Alchemy is one of the most advanced schools known to Alchemy. While it is advanced, due to it's nature it is a minor school of study.
While the art of altering time has not been forbidden, it has been turned into a minor school. Having Chrono Alchemy as a minor school places the school into a position where they do not teach the more advanced forms of Chron Alchemy. (GM's notes: Please see me or one of the other head people before implementing into your character.)

Radiation Alchemy
The school of Radiation Alchemy is the art of manipulating physical energy. This is one of the minor schools of Alchemy as it does not cover much more than the manipulation of energy. Through the years alchemists still have not been able to create Energy from anything other than the blood pact. (This covers, Light, Electricity, or anything else that falls under that category of energy.)

(GM Notes: If you have any suggestion for any more schools. Feel free to talk to me about them. Not saying I will put them in but I WILL think about them and give you my honest opinion. Secondly, there are a few schools that are forbidden and are not listed here. Learn about them IC or ask me or one of the other head roleplayers for more information.)

Character Template:

Full Name:
Alias(es)/Titles: (If Applicable)


Physical Characteristics: (You may skip if you have a picture)
Hair Color:
Eye Color:
Skin Tone:
Scars or Tattoos:
Facial Structure:
Body Structure:
Other Distinguishing Physical Characteristics:

Character Picture: A picture of your character.

Alchemical Traits:
Schools: What schools of Alchemy does your character know? And at what level?
Skill Level: How much knowledge of Alchemy does your character have?
Education: Where did your character learn to use Alchemy?(Or is learning)
Schools Taught: Only applicable if your character teaches Alchemy.
Alchemical Accomplishments: Has your character contributed anything great to Alchemy?

Mental Characteristics:

Personality: (Bellow is optional, feel free to put whatever here.)
Attitude Towards Strangers:
Attitude Towards Acquaintance:
Attitude Towards Loved Ones:
Attitude Towards Authority:
Attitude Towards Those Under Their Authority:

Other Information: (For Character Depth, fill in where applicable.)
Pet Peeves:
Moral Codes/Restrictions:
Mental Illnesses:
Traumatic Occurrences:

Relationships: (Where Applicable)
Living Family:
Deceased Family:
Close Friends:

Typical Daily Outfit: (What does your character wear? Along with any items they carry on a daily basis.)

Sentimental Items: (Also why they are considered sentimental. The reason can be vague as to leave it an undiscovered reason.)

Vehicles of note: If Applicable

General History: (Feel free to remove the sections of history or just give a summary.)
Family History:
Teenage Years:
Young Adult: If Applicable
Adult: If Applicable

Notable Accomplishments:

Significant Changes: If you have anything of note.

Interesting Facts:

Self-Descriptive Quote: Feel free to only fill in one.
Life Motto:


First and foremost, follow all RPG rules. We know it sounds like a broken record, but as long as the RP is hosted on RPG we must abide by the site's rules.

Creator's rules: (These are the rules that I expect everyone to abide by.)
  1. 1st: Keep it clean, I don't mind swearing but keep it down.
  2. 2nd: Know that I am willing to work with you to help you with your character and any plot points with them. But my word will likely be final.
  3. 3rd: Death Rule: All permakilling must be done with the players consent. Or if it is approved by a GM. (Megraw) Permakilling will only be approved if there is literally no escape for the person in harms way.
  4. 4rth: No Canon Characters. If I find out you ripped off a character from something else, I will remove you from the RP without notice. Expect your character to be deleted. (Note: This does not mean you can't use specific things from something. Example: One of my characters' looks is based off of David Tennant, while after him staring as Doctor Who, I am simply using the actors likeness. If you have any questions, please ask me.)

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Character Portrait: David Fererh
22 sightings David Fererh played by Megraw
A teacher of Transmutation Alchemy, and a man of unknown knowledge.
Character Portrait: Nobuyuki Rusten
14 sightings Nobuyuki Rusten played by Megraw
An young Alchemist at Selkin University.


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Character Portrait: David Fererh
22 sightings David Fererh played by Megraw
A teacher of Transmutation Alchemy, and a man of unknown knowledge.
Character Portrait: Nobuyuki Rusten
14 sightings Nobuyuki Rusten played by Megraw
An young Alchemist at Selkin University.

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Alex Young shrugged again. "My parents didn't really believe in anything I don't really believe in that kind of thing either. That was always my sister.

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Nobuyuki Rusten finished putting away his clothes as he leaned against the wall. "Believe or not. The supernatural exists. I've seen it. I've seen the dead even. Though it's forbidden so I stopped with that. And I wouldn't talk about it unless you want to be talked to for hours."

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"Talking isn't so bad I guess. But I'm kind of hungry so think I am going to go down to the cafeteria and get some breakfast. I'll just leave you to...settle in?" he said kind of awkwardly, leaning against the door frame as he pointed out to the hall. He felt really short compared to this guy...

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RP is officially accepting character submissions.

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I'm totally interested in this RP can't wait to get my hands on the character sheet and see how this turns out.

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This looks promising... When you get the character stuff together I will turn one in.

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Welcome to the OOC thread for "Art of Alchemy."

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Is the RP chat or post based?: The rp is chat based in the majority. The post system may be utilized to sum up major events for those who can not participate in the chat.

What is the story?: There is no direct story. Though this is not to say there is no guidance in any specific direction the roleplay is character driven. The roleplay will most likely be made up into 'seasons' each season having it's main plot points and plot lines much like a TV show would progress.

How many characters can I have?: Due to how the roleplay will work out the short answer is yes. The long answer, you will still need to go through the approval system, and all that fun stuff. Also I ask that you don't just make characters you will never use.

Looking for: Someone to role as the head of Selkin University.

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