As Red as Blood

As Red as Blood


A great evil Vampire named Jake Lansons has been killing anything he comes acrosse with the help of his coven. but 6 girl or boy hunters where born to take him down! will they win? or will he turn them into vampires? or will some of them fall in love?

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In a small rainy town somewhere in england a small Coven of Vampires live like kings.
There leader, Jake Lansons, Jack is a vampire that kills anything for there pain..and there blood. but he and his Coven have killed so many humans over the years 6 hunters go after him to try and stop Jake and his Coven.
The thing is each Hunter has a power..and a weakness.
Jake Sent a few of his spys to spy on the hunters to use there weaknesses and anything else aginest them but he is yet to know what there powers can do..or what they can do all together.
How would you know if one of these human is a hunter from the legends? they each have a rather odd birth mark some where on there body.
the birth mark is a Syimble of there power.
Jake also has a weakness thought the girls do not know of this.
Will the girls win? or will they die? OR will they be turned into a vampire? they might even fall in love?

Female Hunters-

1)Elizabeth Sliverstone - Played by Emily3456 -
2) Rain Walker - played by TwiliXDragon -
3) Midnight played by -Twisted_Is_Me-
4) - open -
( I will add more if someone wants to be a hunter but PM me if all spots are full thanks! )

Vampires in coven-

1) Jack Lansons -taken- ( being made )
2)Aiden Hallow played by- forkandspoon00 -
( can add more )

Female Hunter's Profile-

Age: ( 16-19 please )
Looks like: ( can be tag,image anything really )
Birthmark:( this can be anywhere but please..try not to have it on your butt or anything like that thanks! lol! )
Shape of Birthmark:
Biggest Fear:
History: ( the hunters can be sisters if you guys want it that way! )


Vampires Profile:

Gender: ( can be guys and girls for vampires )
Age: ( 200-700 please )
Looks like: ( can be tag,image anything really )
Fav Blood Type:
How you were turned:
What year you were turned:
Jake Lansons Profile-

Age: (700-815 please )
Looks like: ( can be tag,image anything really )
Power(s): ( no more then 2 please )
Fav blood type:
How you were turned:
Who turned you:
Waht year you were turned:

- Try to keep it PG-13 but if not that's fine a bit of the details out please?
- If you get past killsing and clothes start to come off you can do a fade out it is up to your fellow roleplayers though.
- There can be cuseing in this if no one minds.
- please be kind to everyone around you.
- If you want to leave the roleplay PM me and we can umm kill you off? lol!
- Please don't kill anyone unless they say you can.
- no Mary-sues!!
- please stay active!!
- have..FUN!!!!!!!!
I know this seems like alout of rules but really this rp is gonna be fun so don't dread this stuff and just have FUN!!!

If you need anything please PM me!! thanks! ( or ask though the OOC fourm thanks! )

Toggle Rules

Everyone is welcome to join and you can have up to 2 people one vampire one hunter.

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Character Portrait: Aiden Hallow


Character Portrait: Aiden Hallow
Aiden Hallow

A new member of the coven, he is chained to the crimes of his past.


Character Portrait: Aiden Hallow
Aiden Hallow

A new member of the coven, he is chained to the crimes of his past.

Most Followed

Character Portrait: Aiden Hallow
Aiden Hallow

A new member of the coven, he is chained to the crimes of his past.

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Hey hey, submitted a character and was wondering. When do you think we can start RPing, I understand how it can take time but just curious~

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Just letting you know that I submitted a vampire character. :) If there's anything you want me to change about him tell me and I'll change it.

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