Los Angeles, USASeth Wexler

"I will judge those around me, and the guilty shall get what is coming to them."

a character in “As You Were”, as played by The Illusionist

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Name: Seth Wexler

Age: 23

Gender: Male


Current life:
Seth grew up a relatively normal life except one big secret, he didn't understand emotion. He grew up without even the most basic feelings of love, sadness, or even remorse, his moral compass not exactly functioning. Luckily he taught himself, he used the definitions and observations of those around him, mimicking them and soon enough nobody could even tell he was different. By the time he was in high school he had the act down without any lapses, he had girlfriends, friends, and he was even active in a few clubs. When he entered college he tried to find his place in life and soon enough he did, doing the one thing he did all his life, observing and analyzing people. His unique understanding of the mechanics of emotions and his ability to perceive the meaning out of what people say led him to be the top of his class and graduate with every door open to him. When he began his practice people flocked, his ability to give people what they needed, someone to listen to them and of course someone who could understand what they were going through even if they did not. He became known as one of the best psychiatrists in the country. His secret was beginning to push back though, maybe it was tired of being controlled because as he heard more about people he found them to be sickening creatures. He took it upon himself to start killing, he began doing this when he was 22, his practice and his 'hobby' new. His meticulous nature and intelligence kept people from finding his kills. Nobody is closing in, for now, and he just continues on with his practice, looking for those who deserve his judgement.

So begins...

Seth Wexler's Story