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Knights of Sovereign Colosseum Division Commander

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Appearance: Mcgregor stands at 5’8 and has a heavy, muscular build and blocky facial features with golden eyes. His black hair is very short, common for Knights and guards. He has severe, abrupt eyebrows and a complexion of caramel with few minor scars due to a life of enthusiastic obedience. His very limited integration into regular society has afforded him a tattoo across his back which says in stylized black letters: SOVEREIGN.

Serial Number: KSD5136528

Name: McGregor; Commander

Physical Age: 22

Chronological Age: 9

Employment: Knight of Sovereign

Gender: Male

Sexuality: Heterosexual

Model: Experimental

Ability: Gravity manipulation. McGregor can instantly shift the gravitational tendencies of isolated areas of up to about ten feet in diameter, anywhere around him for about fifty feet. Reaching beyond that distance is possible, but with diminished effect. He can produce this force with a strength of up to about 1.5 Gs.

Strengths: Trained in firearms, tactical and physical combat, competent physical strength.

Personality: McGregor has a protocol based way of thinking - facts, checklists, and constant assessment. His duties as a Knight of Sovereign are above most everything else. He finds amusement in the misfortunes of others at the hands of Sovereign. He is quick to anger, especially when he is socially demeaned. He is particularly harsh with offenders, and regularly abuses his authority to whatever point he can under the eyes of surveillance cameras.

Weakness: When his emotions collide, a blind rage usually takes over. His heart rate increases, he acts almost entirely on impulse, and it takes a terrible toll on his body. Also, he deals with every situation through a system of protocol and priorities that puts Sovereign and Dominus above himself. He is not educated in many fields besides the combat oriented.

Weapons/Equipment: .9 mm handgun and extra magazines, radio comm earpiece.

Clothing/Armor: Kevlar vest, combat boots, standard issue guard uniform. When serving an assignment off the Colosseum grounds, he wears a black leather sash with a white stripe to signify his status.

Role: Knights of Sovereign Colosseum Division Commander

Reason for being in the Colosseum: Direction and supervision of security and affairs

Bio/History: Early in KSD5136528’s education and training, he overheard a peer’s sophomoric plan to escape the program, infiltrate the Dominus capital building and assassinate particular chairmen there. When KSD threatened to warn the education and development directors, a fight broke out, and KSD mauled the other student nearly to death. Consequently, as the encounter was captured on camera, the scheming student was further punished, and KSD was commended for his deeds with some amenities - one of which was a tattered copy of The Tales of Peter Rabbit. KSD read the book over and over in his cell, and sympathized with Mr. McGregor’s character. His director thus thought it a fitting name.

Soon after, McGregor was integrated into society. Most special assignments he worked consisted of transportation and arrests, but most of the time he was placed in the Colosseum. This was fine by him; he enjoyed having a good view of the action. Through analyzing his test scores and job performance, it was not long at all before he was selected to be Commander of the Knights, Colosseum Division.

Since his promotion, McGregor has enjoyed being able to reach more lives and do more good for the community.

So begins...

McGregor's Story