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For years in the city of Dominus genetically altered slaves have served the needs of man. But now they're rising up, now they're fighting back, they're becoming more than slaves...

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Enhanced worker UTLO006431 walked largely unhindered down the cold, narrow hallway at a pace that suggested she was off to do something important. She passed a number of guards, many of them Knights of the Sovereign in disguise, all of whom looked as though they were about to attempt an approximation of a rugby tackle on this apparent stray before she held up the thin strip of paper that gave her some small freedom. It was a pass given to her by Dr. Thete before her recent departure to the Colosseum, H8 thankful that the arrogant cretin had remembered. She had calculated from the things she had observed of him over the past moments of social interactivity she had been permitted to retain that it was more probable that he would simply send her there without one and allow the guards to do as they wished. The slave pushed these thoughts to the back of her mind, still formidable even without the superhuman abilities that she was created with, and noted how... Odd, it felt to be without them and even more so that she had little true cognitive work to do. For all of her 5 years that she could recall she had not found one moment when her mind was not forced to work like a computer for her human masters and now she was faced only with collecting data. Though the sample size of enhanced workers to analyse and relay results from was large it nonetheless was far easier than what she normally would do in the tiny, busy laboratories she was normally stationed in.

CAS kept her eyes on the floor ahead of her, avoiding meeting the gaze of the prisoners housed around her waiting to kill or be kill for the enjoyment of a blood thirsty crowd. Though she knew she should not allow emotional responses to affect her, they had no use in her functioning and it was not the place of a even an organic machine to have an opinion, she could not help but feel pity and sadness for them. It was such a waste of life, life being a truly miraculous thing in her mind, and its purpose so barbaric it was difficult not to wonder if she should try to help them, even running through a few possible courses of action to that effect quickly. H8 finally reached her destination, a cell designed for the holding of new arrivals before their specialized cells were prepared if they would even survive that long, this holding a low probability after a disconcertingly slow calculation. She began to hum a tune, an old song called Us and Them by a band known as Pink Floyd, it distracted her from these feelings and seemed appropriate as she activated a computer panel adjacent to the cell. H8 began the preliminary scan of the occupants, scratching a little at the skin around one of the nodes on her head. They were reminder of her position in the place, a reminder that she would never be considered equal to any of those defined as 'human'; a term she noted was often too vague and misconstrued to give any weight in her opinion.