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For years in the city of Dominus genetically altered slaves have served the needs of man. But now they're rising up, now they're fighting back, they're becoming more than slaves...

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James shook his head at the look the guards were giving CAS “Get back to work you lot… or I’ll might be inclined to ensure you all remember why I’m called the Hand of Death” He said releasing a cloud of smoke into the air as he stood up from where he had been laying down. He brushed his hair down lightly taking out a small mirror to check his slightly pointed teeth. He fixed his collar and ensured his clothing was straight and free of wrinkles before walking up behind CAS. “Don’t let those mindless fools bother you mam. Their brainwashed to believe in human superiority… and their to weak willed to realize how flawed that belief is.” He said flourishing his hand as he bowed he glanced to the new arrivals. “Oh… yes… um that feeling brought on by the power inhibitors goes away quickly enough once you calm yourselves its more of the shock and fear brought on by feeling as if your missing part of you. Deep breaths help… and anything that helps calm yourself.” He leaned against the one of the walls idly playing with his lighter.

ZAR quietly watched everything happening in the halls. The new arrivals, the girl, the guards… to the dust slowly settling on the floor. The metal circlet which rested atop his head had hundreds of wires running down and sliding into his skin. This was to prevent the use of his powers… as the normal means seemed not to work as well on him as it did the others. He walked up to the solid glass wall pressing his hand against it, on the exact opposite side of it was three layers of shielding, the basic electromagnetic, followed by a screen of high density radio waves, and lastly a barrier of pure electricity. All these barriers ran behind the walls, under the floor, and above the roof of his cell. Two guards stood in front at all times… Sovereign decided not to take chances with him… he had survived all their fail safes before.