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For years in the city of Dominus genetically altered slaves have served the needs of man. But now they're rising up, now they're fighting back, they're becoming more than slaves...

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James sighed when she said they hadn’t been bothering her… he didn’t quite like her tone and some of the guards might even have beaten her for it but that wasn’t like him. He raised a brow as she scoffed at his words to the new arrivals. “So… the prejudices go full circle… just because I’m not in a cage means I’m out to kill and maim every thing that is?” He said shaking his head walking away. “I thought workers were the better men… but in the end the masses are just born to hate one another… I guess you enjoy your work, hate every guard and staff here, and find these people in cages no more then beneath human then… seeing as were complete opposites…” He turned the corner going to his small office and leaning back in his chair. Guards didn’t understand him… humans didn’t understand him… and even the enhanced didn’t understand him… sometimes he simply felt out of place… seeing everyone as an equal… and some as superiors… those who believe much like him…

ZAR quietly began to murmuring as his eyes continued to watch the hallway. He quietly thought of these creatures… locked in cages. One day he would… bring forth his direction… kill the virus he had identified as man. For one day… they would make a mistake… and he would be once more free… free to cleanse this place of this vile plague.