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For years in the city of Dominus genetically altered slaves have served the needs of man. But now they're rising up, now they're fighting back, they're becoming more than slaves...

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Lao blinked a bit when a woman saw him. By the looks of her and the fact she was delivering food and water, she seemed to be nurse or caretaker rather than a guard. Before he could say anything, however, she left quickly. He turned his attention to the other girl and what seemed to be a Knight, listening with interest at the short discussion about prejudice and equality. He smiled a little. There were few people that pondered such questions. He approached girl by the cage and nodded at her.

"You speak the truth. All sentient life is equal," he told her, voicing one of the first conclusions he made after rejecting the Programming. He frowned, however, "Nevertheless, such talk is not permitted. Everything from the collars around our necks to the building we are in are testaments to that."

He looked over at the imprisoned workers sadly, "I asked a question and was sent here for an answer. But I do not see an answer. There are so many questions in this world."