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For years in the city of Dominus genetically altered slaves have served the needs of man. But now they're rising up, now they're fighting back, they're becoming more than slaves...

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ZAR eyed McGregor as he walked by his cage. “Don’t be so full of yourself… your behind a cage after all… and I’m as free as a bird.” He let forth a ear piercingly shrill cackle. “No matter how much you struggle… squirm… your always beneath someone’s boot commander… even in this cage I have more freedom then you or any other man…”

James stopped at her words. “Maybe you do understand more then you let on… but do not judge me by my job… I highly doubt half these people and probably you as well chose their jobs… we who are seen as privlaged aren’t exactly given a choice either…” He stopped as McGregor walked in. “Greetings Commander”