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For years in the city of Dominus genetically altered slaves have served the needs of man. But now they're rising up, now they're fighting back, they're becoming more than slaves...

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Setting: Dominus City2010-11-06 23:45:16, as written by bliz
As McGregor Ignored the cackling from the heavily guarded cell behind him, the digital screen on the leather pad in his hand was scrolling through numbers and abbreviated case files. As the workers he had summoned approached the bars, he acknowledged them both with a nod, and one of them said, "Yes, sir? I have not yet completed my analysis of the subjects..."

“Yes, I understand,” McGregor said, waving his forearm near the bars, the chip in his sleeve unlocking and powering down a tiny door in the bars. “I must scan the passes issued to you. I know, bureaucracy, bureaucracy... But it’s simply a matter of security, you see, in order to avoid certain -” he paused, as if considering a word, “mishaps.” His smiling eyes stayed on Lao and H8, but he directed his voice to the side, towards the offices. “Liuetenant: Tell them what our motto is here,” he said, holding his free hand palm up just outside the open porthole.