RomeAlessia de Trieste

A beautiful, intelligent, loyal young woman who left her life as a minor noble in Florence in favor of the adventure and honor of life in the Brotherhood.

a character in “Assassin's Creed: Rise of the Brotherhood”, as played by Everscale

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Long, lightly rippling hair so dark that it is almost black and large, almond-shaped eyes. She is small and slight, with a delicate, almost angelic face. She is stronger, however, than she might look, and extremely agile, with absolutely no fear of heights.


She is bold, unpredictable, loyal, and compassionate. She will never betray the Brotherhood, though she can be distracted from her target if she comes across an innocent in need of her aid. She has a deep-seated adoration of heights, and so her favored technique of assassination is leaping from above.


She prefers to commit her assassinations with nothing more than her two hidden daggers, which she can extend with a flex of her wrist. But she is not opposed to the idea of poison and smoke-bombs, and in a tight spot she is capable of vicious empty-handed combat. By far her best weapons are her agility, and her climbing and jumping skills.


Born in Florence, she did not settle with her parents' idea of arranged marriage and living in highborn society. She was a constant embarrassment to her family, always fighting for what she thought was right; both with her words and with her fists. She left for the Brotherhood as soon as she possibly could.

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Alessia de Trieste's Story