Assassin's Pledge: Awakening

Assassin's Pledge: Awakening


The Red-Eyed Demon stalks the landscape of Cre' Est in his hunt to survive the last remnants of Te'i Sai. Along the way he will chance to meet people who will change his life forever.

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Welcome, everyone, to Assassin's Pledge: Awakening!

The remnants of Te'i Sai, formerly the most powerful assassin organization in the world, seek vengeance against the Red-Eyed Demon for dismantling the organization and turning it into a husk of its former self.

Embark on a journey of self discovery and learning to live in this harsh and unforgiving world where around every corner is something or someone who can and will kill you. If it's not Te'i Sai, it's a brigand or rogue. If it's not one of them, it's a thief. If it's not a thief, it's a mercenary. If it's not a mercenary, a bounty hunter. If not a bounty hunter, degenerates. And if it's not human, it's a ferocious animal.

Did I mention this world is FULL of massive and dangerous beasts who, outside of civilization (and sometimes wandering into civilization) are man eaters or, at the very least, highly aggressive and territorial?

Well they are!

Traveling from one city to another is almost always a risky journey. For those who know the hunting and mating patterns of said beasts, it's not so bad. There are ways to mask yourself from them.

Are you game to survive in this world alongside the Red-Eyed Demon as both of you undergo a journey of self discovery and change? Will you be among those who help the Red-Eyed Demon eliminate the last of Te'i Sai once and for all?

He can't do it alone, after all!

He will need help from any brave enough to share in his battle to set the continent free from the dark designs of the Grandmaster which are upheld by those remaining.


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And as for why the bio is so short? I want to know who your character is by learning about it IC. So a simple one paragraph bio with the bare basics of your character is all that's required this time!

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Rule #5) Have fun!

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Lonán listened to Kyero’s reasoning and sighed nodding in affirmation to the confidence they’ll get there and back in no time. Hawk simply made himself comfortable as the words were said. The red haired Saharan looked at Hawk with an incredulous look. ”Hawk, he said one hour not two. Stay focused...”

He shifted his shoulders after the Hold was let go of him. He decided to fill the hour by simple prayers and meditation, communing with Heresta for strength and support on the urgent task at hand. The next few days were going to be stressful on his mind, he could tell. He hoped that Linde and the others would be able to handle the situation back at the Capital of Triveila.

So for that hour he silently meditated on all this. Mentally preparing for anything coming the duo’s way.


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The next morning at the inn, Linde awoke and went about her daily activities before going into the room with Miils. She had been tending to the wounds inflicted by Kyero and Aetrius, and was struggling to keep up with them for a number of reasons. First reason was that part of her didn't want to help. Given the kind of person he was and what he'd done to Josephine, he deserved every bit of pain he was getting. The other reason she was struggling was because, following Kyero's example, Aetrius enjoyed damaging his body in rather difficult ways.

Still, today she did her best to finish the wounds which had been given him over the last day or so. She remained with him for almost two full hours carefully restitching his flesh to his body as it should have been, at least to the best of her ability, and stopping any flows of blood which were threatening to burst free.

"You are a kindly doctor, aren't you?" Miils said in a hoarse voice.

Linde didn't answer.

"You've done remarkable work. My hand may actually look semi normal when it's done healing."

"No, it won't."

"You don't think so?"

"I know so... I've made sure of it."

"... Well then... At least it will heal."

"To a certain extent, it will. But the chances you'll ever need to worry about anyone seeing it and pointing it out aren't very high."

"You'd like to believe that, wouldn't you?"

Linde glared at him quietly, giving a small jerk of her needle and thread to make him grimace before returning to work.

Back with Lonan and Kyero, they were making fantastic progress with the resting of Hawk for an hour before continuing at a brisk but not break-neck pace. Another day or so and they'd arrive at their destination.

For now, they were meditating together on a pair of conveniently flat boulders in the sun with Hawk tied to a tree nearby.


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After a few hours of torture, Aetrius left Miils to the devices of Linde. What she did would probably make any butcher proud of her work, but would make anyone with a weak stomach easily lose their appetite for any form of meat in the future. His feet would most likely never be the same again, at most his walk would be a bit slower and now a shuffle and hobble at most due to the damage she did to the tendons and muscles in the feet.

But once she was done, Linde had entered the room and calmed her down enough to make her stop. Begrudgingly she left, having not gotten a word out of the man in question, she'd have to be more forceful in her actions, not just mutilation. Once she had calmed down enough again, she saw Kieran in one of the rooms silently. They made silent eye contact again and nodded as Aetrius entered the room where Linde was tending to Miils' injuries. Aetrius stood by her and sighed.

"I...I'm sorry, Linde...I..I don't know what to say...From what happened the other night, to last night, and then this..I just...I'm sorry..." she said softly as she looked at her and then looked away, feeling awkward and ashamed of her actions lately.


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Miils sniggered as Aetri apologized to Linde while she continued working on his injuries. But Linde remained silent and simply stitched his wounds a bit more forcefully to draw out more pain and grimacing from him. When she was finished, she glared him down and gently escorted Aetri from the room, closing the door softly behind her as they went.

In the privacy of their room, just the two of them, Linde took Aetri's hands gently in her own.

"You needn't apologize, Aetrius." She cooed, leaning in to kiss Aetri's cheek with a smile.

"I know how you are, and I know the stress we're all under. It's natural for you to become more... Aggressive, when things like this happen. And to be honest I'm impressed by how well you've handled yourself given all we've been through lately."

She came forward and gently hugged Aetrius, resting her head in the crook of her shoulder.

"It will all be fine, Aetrius. Just try to keep your cool. When you let anger rule your thoughts and actions, he wins."


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Aetrius had silently watched as Linde stitched Miils' injuries, never breaking her silent eye contact with him until Linde was done and left the room. As they made their way out, Aetrius silently followed behind her as they reached the room where they could speak privately.

She nodded as Linde spoke and reasured her that her actions were understandable in this situation. Aetrius looked at her as Linde gave her a hug and reasured her again, and nodded.

"Alright, Linde...I'll try to get him to speak at some point...I'll think of something...So...I guess until Lonan and Kyero return with Josephine, we stay here and keep an eye on him?" she asked as she looked at Linde with a rather somber look on her face.


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Linde offered a calm smile, and gave Aetri a soft peck on the lips.

"We keep an eye on him, yes. But we also take our time to remember what's important."

She slipped forward and wrapped Aetri in a warm, tender embrace.

"Don't worry about getting him to talk anymore. I believe I've figured something out about him that will help. So leave him to me."

She continued holding Aetri, but leaned back to look her in the eyes.

"Why don't you take this day to get some rest?"


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Aetrius looked at her and gave her a small smile as she spoke returning her hug, but after she was done there was some silence that filled the room for a few moments. Eventually she sat down on the edge of the bed and looked up at Linde and spoke.

"I...I haven't been able to sleep well in a while, Linde...Everytime I close my eyes...I...I see them..The nightmares, the sounds...everything. I can't sleep anymore and when I do, it's either pure darkness and silence, or nightmares filled of things that have happened..W-would you know why? Is it guilt?"
she said as she looked down and then back up at Linde, with a rather sad and somewhat scared look on her face, something she never showed to anyone was her being scared, that was until now anyway.


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As the two meditated on the boulders, Lonán reflected on how he’s been handling his conflicts. He dealt with them more inward which apparently, if his memory served him right, was never a good thing according to Beatrix (of course, his grudge against her betrayal of their friendship almost trumped this). However, there was still the fear they wouldn’t get to her in time for when they reached the Fort. That count to him like the grip of a Serpent.

It was then Lonan’s ears picked up sounds. The sounds of crying and screaming. It caused him to freak open an eye and turn to Kyero. ”Did you hear that?” He asked as he got up and began walking towards the source of the noise, which was right on the road. The young Saharan hugged to a large tree to try and conceal his presence as he took a peek around the corner.

“Shut them up. Surely it’s not worth the trouble keeping these people here.” Said a male Lonán looked at the man and his comerades. They wore worn out armor, dark looks about some of them. All the credentials of either would be bounty hunters, or washed up ones desiring to lure out a better quarry. And from the sight of cages, it was sorely the case. These kinds of bounty hunters would capture people suspicious of being related to the bounty, or being guilty of association and used as one thing;

Live bait.

“Of course it’s worth it. These people will lure our prey to us. We’re almost at the site where we set up the trap for ‘em.” Said a gruff, yet more intellectual sounding man. “Now unless you want to be worm food along with our prisoners once we’re done capturing our quarry, stay quiet or the boss will gut you!” Lonán’s grip on the bark of the tree he was hiding behind began to tighten as he heard the crying of small children and women from the cages.

”Now I’m really angry! I’ve got to Help them!” He thought angrily as he began to look for Kyero. He needed to talk to him and formulate a plan against this evil that’s unknowingly crossed their paths ”Thank you Heresta for providing your loyal servant some stress relief!”


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At the inn, Linde stood before Aetri with a soft, quiet stare. She didn't know whether to be sad, sympathetic, or something else. But as she closed her eyes a new feeling began to flood through her heart. And as her eyes opened, she walked forward towards Aetrius...

"My love," she whispered as she cupped her face in both hands.

"Is this about the other night? When Kieran said you have a mark that brands you as a murderer in Shaharan?" She asked softly.

Linde smiled and leaned in, planting her forehead against Aetri's.

"I'm a doctor. My job is to save lives. Protect health, wellness, and the potential for a future. And yet..."

She leaned back, tears welling in her eyes.

"I guess my brand is more in my soul than on my body." She whimpered as her tears began falling.

"I've spent a lot of time with Kyero. More than I'd care to admit. And in that time I did things I never thought I myself capable of... And the taking of lives was one of them."

She sat down next to Aetri and gently pulled Aetri's head to her chest, stroking her hair and resting her cheek against the top of her crown.

"There's a saying among healers... "In high enough doses, that which cures can kill." I guess they were referring to people like me, because I've used my knowledge of anatomy and herbology to take lives in spades when I was traveling with him. Being beside the Red-Eyed Demon. Hearing him talk. Hearing his persuasiveness and cold logic... It takes a toll. Weakens your defenses. Makes you question..."

Her tears dripped into Aetri's hair.

"I'm... A murderer too. The only difference is I was never caught and branded physically. But I've taken lives I should have in the name of battling Te'i Sai. Lives I never questioned until they were gone... I made mistakes, and it's cost me dearly. I've prayed to the Gods every night in my heart for forgiveness. To bestow sympathy upon this foolish child who refused to ask the right questions at the right time... But I know in my heart the Gods are not so forgiving."

She lifted Aetri's head up, looking her in the eyes for a moment before planting a soft, warm kiss to her lips.

"The sins of our past help shape our future, my love. But they do not define it. Live in the now, with me. And let's use this chance to help the future princess reclaim her throne to atone for our blood-soaked history." She whispered, again pressing their foreheads together.

Back on the rocks, Kyero had heard the sounds before Lonan. However, he didn't make a move to respond to them. Instead, he remained still and composed. And when Lonan came back, Kyero opened one eye to observe his approach.


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Lonán carefully took a headcount of how many bounty hunters there were and walked back to the rocks and looked at Kyero before beginning to do a routine gear check. ”Disgraceful bounty hunters with innocent people. They’re going to use them as live bait for their quarry and kill them when they’re done. I don’t know what you think we should do, but I’ll be damned if I let a child be harmed for someone else’s misdeeds.” He said quietly to the assassin, left out a small hiss at the word ‘misdeeds’.

He turned as he listened, and could swear he heard someone try to sing, before the sound of banging metal cut it off, with a gruff, “Be Quiet in there!” Being heard. Lonán took a deep breath to try and contain the fury that was slowly coming to the surface.


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Kyero listened silently to the cries, and regarded Lonan with a stone cold expression.

"They're not part of our mission, Lonan. We're out here to save Josephine, a future princess. Not a band of faceless people in the hands of degenerates." He said calmly, closing his eyes.

"Focus forward."


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Aetrius silently remained sitting on the bed as Linde stood in front of her and gently cupped her face with her hands and looked away as she spoke, listening all the while still. From the question of if it was about to the tattoo on her back and what it meant, to how she herself could be considered a murderer for what she had done. Aetrius gently kept her head against Linde's as she had finished talking and then gently pulled Linde closer and gently hugged her and held her close to her body. After a few moments of helping Linde calm down, Aetrius sighed and helped Linde sit up and she too sat up more.

The young Shaharan sat with her feet off the bed and held her hands in front of her and sighed while looking down. She took a deep breath and looked back up at the ceiling silently, trying to think of what to say to Linde. Should she tell her the truth? What exactly happened that day when she was young and say it was on a false accusation, or lie and say that it was true? That she was indeed a murderer since she does take lives as a living and is prone to anger and violent outbursts. But the others have seen the other side of her as well, and know that her actions aren't warranted without a cause or reasoning behind it.

She looked down at her hand and silently looked at the fresh wrappings around the still healing wound, and then looked at her other hand and looked at the burn scars, getting lost in thought. But she only silently shook her head and finally looked back up at Linde for a short moment, and then finally began to speak, "I'm sorry, Linde. I should have told you about the brand a long, long time ago...I should have let you all know what kind of person I really am..." she said as she slowly stood to her feet and began to slowly pace around the room for a few moments before she continued talking.

"You see...In Shaharan, crime isn't such a big deal. Almost no one ever commits crime because almost everyone is trained in a form of combat in one way or another at a young age, even nobles. But, like every other place, it does have its laws. And one thing that no one wants to be convicted of is being branded as a murderer or a traitor. And well, as you can see...I got branded as the prior of the two..." she said as she removed her shirt and just barely visible over her chest biding was the brand in the center of her upper back, just below the neck and in the center of her shoulder blades, but it was littered and covered with various scars, mainly from what appeared to be from whips and various other cuts and lacerations.

Aetrius sighed and looked down as she put her shirt back on and covered the brand and sat back down at the edge of the bed. She looked down and sighed again and spoke up once more, "I don't expect you to believe what I have to say, but I'd understand if you chose not to. I was young when I received this...It was shortly after my parents and many others were killed in a raid...The one responsible for it...was never caught nor did they ever face any charges...But that's for another time. Just for some explanation as to what happened will make sense, yes? A well-known citizen in the town I lived in Shaharan, had been brutally murdered and his body was discovered and I was the only one that was around and some by standards claimed it was me. Even though I didn't have any blood on me or around me, I was still accused because I was the one closest to him at the time of his death. I saw what had taken place, an assassin jumped out from the shadows, slit his throat and made a getaway without a second thought before I was dragged out and accused and blamed for his murder. I saw who it was, and I saw his face, but because I was an orphan and something that was seen as less important, I was originally sent to be executed, not branded. But one of the elders thought it would be more suiting for me to be branded for life...and so...I was..I soon after left with Kieran, after a few months in a neighboring town, we were abducted and taken as slaves...and after a year, Kieran was hurt in one of our looting outings, and I never saw her again..." she took a deep breath after that long speech she made, having finally been able to speak about it made her calm down and relax a bit as she slowly changed the way she was sitting.

She looked at Linde and nodded silently, "After that, I managed to find my way to a carnival after escaping my master and well...killing him...I was offered a job to work as one of their performers...I accepted, as I had no other choice really, and worked there for a while until I left and well...Guess I found a better paying job after that and kinda stuck with it...I don't expect you to believe me or what I say, it's only one side of the story, but it's why I can never return back to Shaharan. My face and the mark is a dead giveaway for who I am...My...My reputation as a supposed killer and then turned bounty hunter is well known in Shaharan. Going back home would just be giving me a death sentence...No use in wanting to clear my name anymore, I gave up on that after a few years of being nothing but hate-filled...Besides, it's no one else's burden but my own...I guess what I'm gtrying to say is, I became the very thing I was accused of..." she said with a sad tone and looked down, feeling her cheeks turn a light shade of pink, not of a blush, but of anger and regret of how she had handled things slowly coming to light.


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Lonán looked at Kyero with an intensity that would compare to dragon’s amber. ”I am. Right now there’s three men in the way of our path forward. I’m no Linde so I’m not begging or asking.” He said with a whispering hiss. ”I’m thinking also about how Miss Dezantro would react if we did nothing for people on her Kingdom. My honor and My Family Code is at stake in this moment. Help or not, but I have some pent up anger not even incense filled meditation can work out at the moment. Hawk, watch him if he tries to leave us behind.”

With that Lonán loaded a crossbow bolt on his hand crossbow, took two extra in case he wanted to reload. Then he began to sneak back to the hiding place he was in and looked and noted that the men were making camp on a campsite stop just alongside the road.

”Right, I’ll wait till they start eating... they’ll have a harder time getting their weapons drawn. Then I can try to find the keys and unlock that prison wagon.” Thought Lonán as he tried to piece together a plan, praying to Heresta it worked.


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Linde listened calmly as Aetrius spoke. Throughout, her face changed. Oblique eyebrows shifting to neutral and back to oblique. Her lips ever so slightly tightening and going slack. And her head subtly coming up and tilting back down. And as Aetrius finished speaking...

"I understand." She whispered.

Linde slowly came forward and sat on Aetri's lap, wrapping her arms around her neck and gently touching their foreheads together whilst closing her eyes.

"And I believe you, my love." She cooed.

She slowly lowered her forehead and slid her face alongside Aetri's, brushing their cheeks together. Leaning forward so their chests pressed together, she wrapped her arms more tightly around Aetri and gave her a tight, strong hug.

"Thank you for telling me the truth about yourself, Aetrius." She whispered, relaxing a bit in her embrace. "As I said, our past does not define who we are today. Whatever it is you've lived through, what you live through from here on out is by your choice. And this time you're not alone."

She slowly leaned back, smiling warmly.

"I'll be here with you. I promise." She leaned forward and gave Aetrius a soft, long, passionate kiss before leaning in and embracing her again, content to sit on her lap and potentially even fall asleep if she was left there long enough.

Kyero arched an eyebrow at Lonan as he spoke and sighed softly to himself as he stood up and followed him.

"So what's your plan?" He asked quietly.


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Aetrius couldn't even look Linde in the eyes as she spoke to her, her eyes constantly darting around the room and away from Linde. She was the first person Aetrius openly talked about it to, and it did take a large burden and an even larger amount of stress off her shoulders, but she still felt ashamed of the events that she talked about. But as she listened to Linde, she could sense the sincerity in her voice, and she was only able to return the hug ten times harder and stronger than Linde's own.

She remained completely silent for a few short minutes as Linde remained sitting on her lap and giving her a tight embrace. But eventually she slowly began to speak, but what came forth was nothing but uncontrollable sobs and muttering as she tried to talk to Linde. If she was able to understand what was being said of course, which roughly would translate to her simply thanking Linde for believing her and what she said, as well as constant apologies every now and then as tears ran down her face and she held onto Linde tightly as a storm of emotions were finally being vented, sadness, anger, frustration, hate, disappointment, almost every negative emotion she had been penting up was finally being released, and all she was able to do was sit there, with her arms around Linde and silently cry until she would finally have enough.


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Lonán looked at Kyero with a look of relief that he wasn’t entirely doing this alone. ”Simple, since their numbers are low we wait till they start having their meal then move in for the ambush. We take em by surprise.” he explained. ”Once we’re done we gotta work on finding the keys to those cages and then turning those people loose.”

Lonán looked back at the three men getting the fire going and cooking their meal. ”Any questions or concerns? If not wait for my signal to strike.” He said as he felt about ready to initiate his plan. He watched the men carefully, ready to strike out and give said signal to Kyero.


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Kyero examined the situation ahead of them calmly, his eyes scanning back and forth slowly.

"There's no guarantee of a meal break here." He said quietly. "Waiting is not a wise idea if you intend to save those people. Some of the men are already impatient as it is, and their leader doesn't seem to command much respect. His orders are likely to be disobeyed by majority rule. No honor amongst these types, after all."

He examined the cage and their surroundings, and it didn't look good.

"There's not enough cover for us to get close without being noticed. Either we risk the wait or go with the direct approach. If you go up to them and draw their attention, tell them about me and give some kind of verbal cue. When you do, I'll give them a little show and a reason to get lost so we can get those people out."


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Lonán nodded in agreement. In all honesty, the Saharan was bad at improvising a plan under stress. ”Alright, wish me luck then. I’ll give you the high-sign.” He muttered as he stood up straight, walked towards the other camp as calmly as can be. Then he made a bit more of a panic in his step as if running from something.

“Hey guys, wonder what that looney’s running from?” Asked one bounty hunter.

“Might as well ask. Hey” shouted the second to get his attention. “What are you running from?”

”Oh thank heavens! You don’t know how much it is to see other normal human beings! I’ve been pursued by a Demon!” Lonán said, playing the part of a scared victim.

“A demon? Wait what’s he looks like” asked the third, probably the leader of the trio. Lonán took a minute to pretend to catch his breath.

”It moves like a shadow, is more silent then air, his eyes are like glowing orbs of Ruby! I saw the red eyed demon! And he’s thirsty for blood my friends! He killed my horse and my comerades! I ran as fast as I could! Nothing I could do can hurt him! The shadows... they’re closing in!” he says in a panic as he gripped his head in his hands. Which was the High Sign for Kyero to attack.


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Kyero watched and waited as Lonan went about his performance. While it was an admirable one, it was a bit over the top. But still, it did the job.

Any time Kyero's alias, the Red-Eyed Demon, was mentioned, panicked always ensued. The others were beginning to panic and had drawn their weapons trying to force a formation at the last second.

And then...

Behind Lonan, the world went black. He could see the massive shadow cast from behind him on the area. And if he turned around he'd see a large mass of black energy looming over him like a black wall moving forward with a glowing red orb at its center.

The others froze in place, terrified and shaking. One of them even pissed themselves on the spot as Kyero's eyes suddenly appeared when the orb began dissipating into two smaller and more distinct orbs. Two eyes, glowing red within the darkness, flashed behind Lonan and the wall of darkness exploded. A massive rush of darkness rushed past Lonan and essentially swallowed the enemies. After a few moments, the darkness went away and the enemies were all unconscious on the ground with their weapons broken and their exterior limbs (arms and legs) broken at the major joints (elbows and knees). They wouldn't be able to hurt anyone for a long time.

Kyero then appeared fully, but something was off.

He quickly wept away a few beads of sweat and a drip of blood from his nose before taking a deep breath and turning to Lonan, seemingly perfectly fine with no signs of the sweat or blood remaining.

"I think we have time to find the keys now." He said quietly, his voice somewhat hoarse.


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A few moments had slowly passed as Aetrius continued to softly cry in Linde's arms. But eventually she found herself slowly calming down as her mind started to clear and she slowly sat up and dried her tears using her hands. She chuckled and shook her head, looking up at Linde as she gave her a small smile, shaking her head again.

"L-Linde? C-can I ask you a question?" she started, feeling herself become completely calm as she spoke.

"As a doctor, do you know of any good ways of relieving stress? Any techniques that you may know?" she asked as sat up more and cracked her neck slightly as she became more comfortable.

Linde shuffled her weight on Aetri's lap to accommodate making her comfortable, and following the question she looked to the side.


She shifted her hips a bit... On purpose.

"There are several you could try. I know a number of breathing exercises we could do together, or perhaps we could sit down and rest with a nice cup of tea."

She glanced to Aetri from the corner of her eye.

"But I think the best thing we can do..." She leaned in close, her lips close to Aetri's. "... Is have a sparring match." She whispered.

Aetrius silently sat there as Linde tried thinking of what to do, and felt Linde shift her weight on her, causing a slight blush to cover her face for a moment, but then easily shook it off as she caused her mind to go somewhere else. But her attention was brought back as Linde started to talk again, she nodded silently as she listened, nodding as those suggestions could indeed help. But there was something inside of her that didn't want to just sit around and do nothing. Having been inside the inn had caused her to grow anxious and feel sluggish in the matter of her not going out and doing what she would usually do. But knowing that they were here on important matters meant she couldn't go around and possibly get them in trouble if she mistook a target for a bounty, if they even had any in this town.

But she looked back up as Linde continued speaking, only being brought back from her thought as Linde was now only mere inches from her face, feeling her face go pale white as she hadn't notice Linde moving in closer to here until just then.

"I-I think that would be perfect...I've been feeling a bit...Sluggish and I even think I've been getting fat since our lack of combat..." she said with a bit of a sad tone as she looked at her stomach and gently patted it.

Linde chuckled.

"Don't worry. I'll whip you back into shape in no time."

Linde got off Aetri, offering her a hand up.

"Don't hold back, love. Got it? If you do, I'll make you pay for it... Dearly." She said playfully with a wink.

Aetrius chuckled at her comment and gently took her hand, and got to her feet. She stretched out of instinct as she stood, feeling her back and neck pop and had a look of partial relief on her face as Linde spoke. She chuckled once again and nodded.

"And the same goes for you, don't hold back on me. And if you do, I'll treat you how they treat people back in Shaharan for going easy on someone. Now, after you." she said as she motioned to the door for Linde to lead her out.

As they left Aetrius motioned at Kieran to go keep an eye on the man they were in charge of not letting him out of their sight, which she got up and walked off to go look after the man, "Why do I always have to do the annoying shit..." Kieran mumbled to herself as she went to the room, not caring what the others were up to.

Linde and Aetrius meandered outside and left the city to find a nice space in the countryside to spar in. And they found it in a small dirt clearing amongst the rolling green grasslands throughout the area.

"This looks like a good place."

Linde abandoned her jacket, gloves, and boots to the side and did some basic exercises like jumping jacks and running in place to get her blood flowing before stretching her body.

"Always get your heart going first. If you stretch cold, it does more harm than good." She advised.

Aetrius mindlessly followed Linde out of the inn and eventually found a small and private area and nodded as this would indeed be a good place to train. She watched as Linde discarded some of the unnecessary clothing and did the same, tossing her boots and cloak aside and took some deep breaths first and crouched down, placing her hands on the ground, firmly planting them into place, she found herself instinctively slowly pushing herself up and began to do upside down pushups with both hands, eventually moving to just one, as this would be one of her old ways of limbering up back in her time at the carnival.

Eventually after feeling her arms loosen and tighten up, and then finally loosen up again, she stopped and let her weight drop down and landed with ease on her two feet. After a few more stretches, mainly with the legs she found herself feeling better already, but she did want to test out how well they could spar together.

"Alright, show me what you got first, Linde." she said with a grin as she whiped some sweat away from her forehead and looked at Linde, ready to proceed with the match.

Linde was in a full front splits, chest against her knee and head against her shin with both hands wrapped around her front foot when Aetri spoke to her.

Her voice was slightly muffled as she spoke, "One moment, love."

She kept her split for ten more seconds before slowly shifting to the other side doing the same for 30 seconds in total. With that done she went to a center split, chest on the ground, bewbs squishing against the ground, and forehead to the ground for thirty seconds.

With that all done, and her body fully loosened up, Linde hopped up and bounced on the balls of her feet with her arms dangling limply at her sides while shifting her head left and right to loosen her neck.

Once finished, she landed flat and smiled at Aetrius.

"Okay then, let's begin."

Linde took a basic stance. Body bladed sideways, lead hand open, up, and held out half her body length, rear hand near her shoulder, legs about twice shoulder width apart making her a rather small target. She kept light on her feet and slowly moved in closer and closer to Aetrius.

Aetrius watched silently as Linde was still stretching by the time she was done, and waited patiently. Eventually when she was done she silently studied the way Linde moved and prepared herself for the sparring. She eyed each and every movement of her body, watching for how she could go in for an attack, or how she would have to defend herself if Linde were to go in for an attack first.

She gave her a small bow before the match began and when Linde got into a stance, she slowly got into a stance as well, one almost mirroring Linde's, but continued to slowly move away from Linde in a circle, keeping up her defenses for now, let Linde wear herself out first, if she could that is.

Linde continued to slowly and carefully shuffle her way towards Aetrius, keeping on her guard and a smile on her face the whole way.

"Are you nervous, love?"

Aetrius looked at Linde and chuckled as she continued moving, "Me? Nervous? Why would I ever be nervous?" she said with a grin.

Linde smiled more mischievously.

"Just asking." She chuckled.

Linde slid a bit closer... A bit closer... To the side a little bit... A bit closer...


A bit closer...


Now in range, Linde snapped her front leg into the back of Aetri's front leg calf muscle.

Aetrius watched as Linde kept slowly inching forwards, and without even a second to blink her left leg was swept beneath her, causing her to give out and and recover for a moment from the surprise attack. "Really, Linde? Who said you could fight dirty?" she said with a small grin on her face as she looked up at Linde.

Linde didn't waste any time on a verbal reply. The moment Aetrius was recovered from the shot she had slid forward to close the gap and slammed her open palm into Aetri's stomach to shove her backwards and keep her off balance.

Aetrius watched as Linde lurched forwards for another attack, this time with an open palm aiming for her stomach, knowing what she intended to do, she waited for her to get close enough....There! Aetrius grabbed her by the arm and with ease used her other hand to pull her in closer and brought down her elbow for the joint between her arm and elbow

Linde wasn't expecting to be grabbed and pulled in, but Aetri was never one to not be full of surprises. Thankfully Linde's training with her father taught her a lot about adjusting to a situation on the fly, and as Aetri pulled her forward, she made the mistake of giving up too much of her body in the process. While she was going for Linde's arm and elbow, Linde was able to bring up her leg, aiming her knee at Aetri's thigh, and her head primed to slam into her chest.

Aetrius wasn't prepared for what came next and without any time to re-correct herself, she felt a pain hit her inner thigh and fell due to the mix of unexpected pain, as well as the pain itself hitting an old area where had received an injury long ago, causing her to collapse to the ground, grabbing her leg.

Linde barely managed to stabilize herself and hop to her feet, glancing to Aetrius as she gripped her leg on the ground.

"You all right, love?" She asked calmly, despite a growing internal worry about the way Aetri grabbed the leg.

Aetrius winced at the pain that shot through her leg, and slowly sat up holding the leg trying to help lessen the pain. She looked up when she heard Linde asked if she was alright, nodding her head she answered, "Y-yeah, I'm fine. Just...Just an old injury that I forgot about until now. I'll be fine, I promise. Let's...Let's just continue." she stammered as she slowly rose to her feet, clearly not fully in the shape she was just moments before, but was still in the mindset to practice.

Linde was immediately at her side pushing her back down to a seated position.

"No." She said firmly, gently running her hands along Aetri's leg.

"Give me a minute."

She gently caressed the area where her knee struck Aetrius and, sure enough, she felt minute muscle spasms and weakness where normally Aetri's leg was quite strong. She took a deep breath and nodded slowly to herself as she looked up at Aetri.

"I'm sorry, love. I should have asked if you had any lingering injuries which could affect our exercise."

She kept one hand on Aetri's leg, and the other on her shoulder.

"Let's shift gears a little, okay? Instead of sparring, let's get you to work on some physical therapy. You let this injury go for quite some time, didn't you? We need to strengthen the muscles and balance them with your other leg's before we can think about sparring again. Otherwise, we're just risking making this worse."

Aetrius sighed and groaned when she was pushed back down, and watched as Linde touched the part of her leg that had the injury in it. She watched and clenched her teeth when she felt Linde press into her leg. She waited for Linde to say that it was fine and they could continue, but when she saw the look on her face she knew what that meant.

Sighing softly she looked at Linde when she said they'd need to stop and work on getting her leg better. "Honestly, Linde. I'll be fine." she said as she slowly started to stand up, not wanting to be done already as they had only just begun.

Linde frowned, pulling Aetri back down onto her butt and shifting over to sit on her lap.

"As your doctor, I say "no." Your leg is not in balance with the other, and the differences in muscular stability and strength are going to cause further problems if we don't deal with them. So shut up and agree to go through physical therapy." She growled softly.

She leaned in and kissed Aetrius before she could protest, pushing her down to the ground on her back before separating.

"I'll reward you later for your cooperation. I promise." She whispered with a wink.

Aetrius was only able to sit there and be silent as Linde spoke, feeling as though she was being treated like a child. She was about to protest not doing anything until Linde had kissed her, shutting her up rather quickly. She sighed and looked down, nodding as she realized it was best for her, and not to piss Linde off anymore than she already had.

" A-all right, Linde...But when all is said and done, and when I get better, you owe me a rematch. Got it?" she said with a small smile and chuckle, and gently kissed Linde on the cheek.

Linde's eyes softened and she smiled warmly, leaning down slightly to press their foreheads together.

"Don't worry. Once I am confident you're 100%, I'll give you the ass kicking I had to spare you from today."

She leaned back and licked the tip of Aetri's nose, giving her another wink.

"I promise."

Aetrius felt her face turn a light pink at how Linde acted, but couldn't help but smile. "Oh, trust me. When I'm better, I'll be the one to kick your ass. Remember, I don't fight clean. What bounty hunter does?" she gave her a chuckle and another smile.

Linde smirked.

"I certainly don't fight clean either," she whispered as she got off Aetri and helped her to her feet.

"Now let's get you a therapy routine to build that leg muscle back up, shall we?"

Aetrius took her hand and slowly rose to her feet, "You? Fight dirty? I never would have guessed." she said with a joking tone in her voice, and slowly began to hobble towards her things, "S-sure, whatever you say, Linde...." she said as she slowly picked up her things, and eventually and slowly they made their way back to the inn.

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