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Assassin's Pledge: Devastation

Assassin's Pledge: Devastation

The Red-Eyed Demon is back, and more dangerous than ever. But can even he and a brave group of followers prevail against two warring Assassin organizations bent on enforcing their will upon the continent of Cre' Est?

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You can…



Welcome one and all to a story over a decade in the making!

Assassin's Pledge takes place in a fictional world not unlike our own. The setting of this RP is late-medieval fantasy where the recently invented flintlock pistol and rifle are the pinnacle of weapon's technology. Magic is not a thing in this RP. Sorry. But there are minor supernatural elements at play, but they're mostly environmental and not meant for being a significant part of the experience.

There are five Nations which call the continent of Cre' Est "home", and I will detail them below:

* Cre' Est - The Mother Nation, first founded, and named after the continent upon which she was founded. She occupies the center of the continent on the Western side of the Cre' Itian Mountain Range which splits the continent into two halves. She has the highest population and most stable economy of all five nations and is culturally very diverse. Cre' Est's government is a Monarchy, run by a Royal Family bearing the same last name as the nation and continent.

* Shaharan - The Desert Nation to the East of the Cre' Itian Mountain Range occupying the Northeastern hemisphere of the continent. The people who live here are tough and hardy, typically sporting darker skin tones and generally speaking are part of a more militant culture. It is a dictatorship run currently by a strict yet relatively non-oppressive man who's last name is the same as the nation.

* Triveila - Nation of Water on the Northwestern sector of the continent. She harvests the bounty of the sea and commands a respectable trade industry focused on pearls, coral, and other undersea commodities. Her people are generally peaceful and laid back and live life day by day as they watch the waves on the shoreline. The government is run on a Monarchy with a ruling family sharing the nation's name.

* Gweynura - Gweynura is the Nation of Trees located to the East below Shaharan. She is the lumber capital of the continent and also boasts the most beautiful landscapes anywhere to be seen. If you see a painting of a gorgeous landscape, chances are it's from Gweynura. The government is a Monarchy run currently by a widowed Queen who shares the last name of her nation thanks to her husband. Her son is soon to come of age and ascend the throne in his father's absence.

* Veilbrand - The Nation of Stone situated South of the Mother Nation in the Cre' Itian Mountain Range. She is the precious metal and precious gem capital of the continent and you will never find a better blacksmith than those who live here. They are also some of the finest weapon smiths. Veilbrand is run by a rather greedy dictator at present, though there are rumors of a rebellion on the rise.

Now that you are familiar with the five nations, it's time to learn about the story of the RP!

The RP takes place after the events of my previous two Assassin's Pledge RP's.

The Red-Eyed Demon, known simply as "Shadow" to the world of Assassins, is the most powerful and feared Assassin in the world. His body harbors the spirit of a Demon summoned from the Nether Realm by his mother and the cult she was attached to which greatly enhances his physical abilities far beyond the scope of normal humans.

He belongs to an Assassin organization called Te'i Sai. Due to the Red-Eyed Demon's success and how dangerous he is thanks to the Demon's spirit, Te'i Sai attempted to create a serum which duplicated the effects of the Demon's presence. They succeeded, and thanks to the serum their operatives are also much stronger, faster, more agile, and have higher reaction times than normal people.

However Te'i Sai made one mistake... They killed the Red-Eyed Demon's first and only friend. Her name was Iris Di' Nelma, and she was a beautiful and kind hearted young woman. When the Demon was temporarily banished for breaking Te'i Sai's first Commandment, "Never take the life of an innocent", she found and befriended him. She taught him things which were deliberately kept hidden from him such as the meaning of empathy and what it meant to care for someone else. She helped open his eyes to the fact that he'd lived his entire life as a puppet never making his own decisions, and thus when she was killed by Te'i Sai for her interference the Red-Eyed Demon secretly vowed vengeance and rebelled against the organization.

He killed the Grandmaster of Te'i Sai and his Second, leaving nobody in a position to take over. With the organization in chaos the Red-Eyed Demon led a small group of sympathizers to war on the organization. They had begun making headway after destroying the Mountain Fortress located in Roda Valley (a valley in the Cre' Itian Mountain Range's heart) as well as several other major Te'i Sai base locations throughout the continent, but their efforts were in vain.

... Another Assassin organizations called Roda Ah K'mht came from overseas and began laying claim to the continent. They seized control of the ruined Mountain Fortress and found the recipe for the serum used to enhance Te'i Sai's operatives. Now distributing it among their own ranks they seek to destroy both Te'i Sai and the Red-Eyed Demon and take control of the continent.

And thus we have our story...


With the Red-Eyed Demon being the sole exception as the focus of the RP's plot and story, all Player-Controlled Characters in this RP must obey these simple rules:

1) They may not be from Te'i Sai or Roda Ah K'mht, nor may they have ever had family or other relations with either organization.

2) They may not have acquired the serum which enhances their abilities.

3) They may not have any "superpower"-like traits or abilities. They're normal people.

And that's it! Keeping these three simple rules in mind you can make whatever kind of character you want from any kind of background including members of one of the five nation's ruling families.

For those wondering why I made the three above rules, it's because the point of the RP is to put everyone's characters into what feels at first like a helpless situation. The fact that Te'i Sai, Roda Ah K'mht, and the Red-Eyed Demon are all basically super human Assassins who can kill them at any moment of their choosing is what will drive the RP forward. The Red-Eyed Demon is going to meet and join forces with all Player-Controlled Characters who will find a reason to want both Te'i Sai and Roda Ah K'mht to disappear.

And about the serum... There's a reason you don't get to start with it. Spoiler alert, you get the serum later from the Red-Eyed Demon himself so you'll get to take on Te'i Sai and Roda Ah K'mht on even ground after the RP gets underway.

That's about all for now! If you have any questions feel free to send me a private message or ask away in the "General Discussion" thread!

See you soon!

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1) No God-Modding, Metagaming, or Power Playing.

Even with the Red-Eyed Demon's enhanced abilities, he is still human and will have limits. Your characters as well will all still have limits even after the Red-Eyed Demon gives them the serum.

I will be very strict about this. It's one strike and you're out for any of them.

2) Be realistic.

This RP is medieval-fantasy, but it's still bound by the laws of nature and the laws of physics. There are no superpowers like flight, nor is there any magic. So please be as realistic as you can.

3) Respect your fellow role-players.

We are all here to enjoy an experience, so please do not insult or make trouble for each other in the threads. If you start to have a problem with someone, bring it to my attention and I will sort it out.

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0.00 INK

One week earlier…

Beneath the chirping birds. Amidst the rustling leaves. A glint of orange rose within the blue-purple the sky as dawn rose upon a lonely forest. Pine trees stretched as far as the eyes could see, boundless in their beauty, the foliage dancing ever so slightly as the morning wind swept over them.

Beneath the shadow of one tree, tucked amidst the shrubbery, laid a figure cloaked in maroon. A ragged, woolen cloak, heavy and warm enough to shield oneself from the elements. A ray of sun shone upon the figure, and it stirred. Two tails of red-orange braids cascaded from within the hood.


And then, a distinctly feminine gasp, exhaled from within fair, quivering lips.

While the sun swept away the night, another kind of light ignited within this fair
maiden’s mind.

Bright. Hot. Flailing wild like a nest of serpents.


It began as a spark. Then it spreads.The flames raged before her, devouring the grass, the trees, the big red tent. Even amidst the crackling, the rustling, and the crumbling, she could hear it. Screams echoing through the air as flesh disintegrated and smoke choked out life. She walked through the darkness, panting, eyes wide and shaking, with the murderous flames lighting her way.

She ran into the tent. The flames grew greater in brightness and amount, until it was almost blinding. There, she looked into the center stage. Five silhouettes stood still as they were ravaged by flames. She coughed, and coughed, shielding her face as she rushed forth. ”What are you doing?” she shouted, approaching the closest of the five shadows, their back turned against her. ”This tent is going to collapse at any second” She placed one hand upon the figure’s shoulder, and twisted her around. ”We need to-”

She froze. A paralyzing chill flooded her blood. She looked into those olive green eyes, cold as ice despite the fire around them, glaring her way while her flesh gave way to muscle and bone, cooked under the raging flames. She took one step back. But not another. Meeting those eyes with her own beryl gaze, she could only shout her name.


The maroon-cloaked figure catapulted forward, tossing her hood back in the process. She woke in cold sweat, arms shaking beneath her covers. Her heart drummed against her chest, gradually slowing down as she realized...”Just a dream…”


It had been weeks since the girl known as Jeanne Rhamnus had left the Red-Eyed Demon’s company. Weeks since she parted ways with her partner Marcus, fleeing deep into the forests of Veilbrand, while he fled into the city. She knelt over the riverside, washing her face awake. Her short hair bounced against the water, as she looked upon her reflection in the water. No longer covered in their mahogany dye, they took on their true color: a red orange hue, resembling the fire in her dreams, with a pair of small braids hanging in front of her ears, and framing her face.

Having discarded her colorful jester’s outfit for a more practical ranger’s ensemble, an earthen-colored short jacket took the place of her poofy sleeves, padded and reinforced with studs upon their surface, with various belts and pouches across her waist, filled with supplies, a flask of water, and a section on the back to hook her quiver of arrows. A new recurve bow, custom-fitted with a scope of her own making, propped up against a rock nearby, a weapon better suited at hunting for sustenance in the forest.

Jeanne crouched over the water, her beryl gaze wavering.

It was just a dream.

She convinced herself.

Maybe it was.

Maybe it really was.

But then…

Jeanne laid a leather-gloved hand against her chest.

Even so… what is this heaviness... in her heart?”

Their faces flashed before her eyes. Marcel, with his snow-white grin. Linde, her fearless wink. Miriam. Cocky and fearless. And Quinn, that irresistibly endearing pout, adorned with her rosy red cheeks. Even the Red-Eyed Demon, whose crimson gaze was strangely… captivating...

Her hand trembled. She couldn’t go back. She mustn’t go back. She turned her back on them. She didn’t deserve them.


Even so….

A single tear drop fell into the water.

Even if she would just be a burden…

Jeanne bowed her head.

Even if it started out with lies…They were still….

” friends….”

The wind blew over the thief girl. Her hair danced against the wind, like fire. Before she realized it, without their companionship, the jester… had stopped laughing.

”I must find them.” She stood, planting one foot atop a rock as she fastened the straps on her thigh boots, her beryl eyes reflecting the rising sun above. ”I must find them… And beg for forgiveness!”


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0.00 INK

Miriam and Xia informed Quinn that there was nothing they needed here, and Quinn nodded before making her way to the bar where she was served up a very meek breakfast from Stanley. Quietly, he asked her about the journey ahead and offered her some aid with it. If they handed over their more obvious weapons to someone named Fable, they could smuggle them up to the Valoc for them.

"Thank you, Stanley," Quinn said and put a grateful hand over his, "You have been tremendously kind." She gave him a dutiful nod before turning to move back to the table.

"Watch yourself out there, Lady D," she heard very faintly from behind her. Not sure whether she had misheard, she glanced back over her shoulder with a frown, when the tavern's doors swung open and Marcel waltzed in - smelling of citrus, hair slightly damp from a recent bath and looking... quite relaxed.

"Good morning, ladies," he greeted Xia and Miriam with a dip of his head. Quinn's attention was snatched by him from what she thought she heard and their eyes locked for a tense second, before Marcel smiled over at her, "How's the hangover? Is the regret setting in?" He teased jokingly, but for Quinn, his words were a little more sinister. Ugh, charm was a mask he wore so well.

They all packed there things and Quinn forced Marcel to leave the bow and the spear he had borrowed from the demon's armory with this mysterious 'Fable'. His argument against it was mostly along the lines of, "The Demon's gonna kill me!", but he gave in. It was an argument had in the presence of Xia, and they did a very successful job of hiding any hostility from the previous night. Xia and Marcel hid their swords with fabric, as sneakily as one hides a bottle in a bag. Whatever, it would do. Miriam was in full armor, and not about to part from her weapons. Nothing about their group said "Nope, nothing illegal going on here! Ho-hum!"

As Quinn and the others bid Stanley farewell and left, Bertram came down the stairs with a wet towel pressed against the nose Quinn had slammed the door against.

"So that was the Maiden," he grunted and came to lean his back against the bar, "Smaller than I thought. Younger." Frowning, he tossed his huge head over to Stanley, "Does she even know we know?"

Stanley stopped wiping the tables down a moment and ran a hand through his gray hair, glancing at the tavern doors, "I... no, I don't think she does."

Linde was waiting for them outdoors. Just as they met with her, Enkil was approaching, carrying a...

"Enkil, why do you have that? It is the ugliest statuette I've ever seen," Quinn reprimanded bluntly, folding her arms with a quizzical brow. She shook off Enkil explanations with an exasperated sigh as she began to lead the group out of Orktusk. "Well, if it must come, we're not helping you carry it. Do not be upset when it breaks." It was a harmless accessory, after all. At the most, it would make a fantastic stress reliever.

Marcel leaped to the inanimate object's defense, "Ignore her, it's adorable. Look at that little face! It's dancing." His nose turned up to sky as he chimed, "Just like somebody was, la-"

Quinn had stopped in her tracks, and the group slowed to stop with her when they realized she wasn't moving. Her eyes were wide and intense, staring ahead of them in disbelief. Marcel frowned and followed that gaze to a figure that looked remarkably unfamiliar.

Her voice lost, Quinn mouthed a name.


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0.00 INK

ImageThe days of traversing through dense forest felt like an eternity for Jeanne. She had lost track of her own steps, light and silent as they moved between blades of grass. The redhead breathed a sigh of relief as she paused upon a hill, and caught sight of the great city before her. ”Man, what a journey…”

The ranger turned her gaze towards her rear, plump and thick against her sand-colored riding shorts. ”If nothing else, all this hiking has been great for my tush…” As if for emphasis, Jeanne wiggled her own butt, then nodded in approval, before turning her sight back onwards. Orktusk. She recalled the name of this city, spoken by the leaders of the group before her and Marcus’ departure. It was a slim chance, and it had been such a long time, but perhaps… perhaps...

With Veilbrand’s little rule regarding civilians and weapons, Jeanne had little choice but to leave her bow and arrows within a hollowed out tree stump before entering the city, relying instead on a stiletto dagger hidden within her jacket. Her nose wrinkled as she passed through the city gates. She had almost forgotten how different the city smelled compared to the wilderness. Such a stale air of rocks, steel, and sweat…

The redhead’s mind was assailed by a myriad questions. Would they be here? What would she say to them? What could she say to them? Barely a few steps inside, Jeanne’s eyes locked with a familiar pair… and in an instant, her entire body froze in place.

There she was, surrounded by many faces, some familiar, some not so. The ranger’s hands clasped in front of her chest, trembling. Her survival instinct beckoned her to run, as far away as she could. To escape from her shame, to satiate her cowardice. Just like before, and every time before that. And yet… something within her rooted her still. Something within implored her to stay...

Her lips parted. Her gaze quivered. The one before her spoke first.


Tears rose within her eyes. And before she knew it, her mouth opened with a wide smile.

She charged, landing head first on Quinn’s chest as she gave a swift embrace. Joy flooded her thoughts, wiping away all worry and hesitance for that moment. Nothing else seemed to matter, with her friends in her embrace.

”Ohhh, mademoiselle! How I missed you!” she declared, shoulders and high-pitched voice shaking as she suppressed her tears. ”I’msorryI’msorryI’msorryI’msorryI’m sorry-”

The redhead halted, pushing herself back from Quinn while holding her shoulders. She cleared her throat, and glanced away. A faint pink colored her cheeks, and the twinkle on her eyes expanded and wavered as they quivered with tears…

She turned her eyes from Quinn, to Marcel, to Linde not too far away… and a green haired fellow she couldn’t recognize, hauling around a… statuette…? Still trembling, she struggled to murmur, ”Oh, how I missed all of you...”

...And Marcel’s abs, she privately thought.


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0.00 INK

As they walked out of the inn and were making their way down the street in preparation to leave Orktusk, Quinn suddenly stopped in the middle of the road and refused to move. Linde's eyes trailed ahead, and there, in the streets, was a familiar face. Her hair was different, and all of her jester equipment seemed to have been replaced with a new ensemble of attire, but there was no mistaking her facial features and those eyes.

It was Jeanne.

Quinn uttered her name, and Jeanne noticed Quinn at the same time and came barreling over planting her face into Quinn's chest before quickly pulling away with a hint of embarrassment.

Speaking of how she missed them all, Linde's eyes narrowed.

She walked over to Jeanne with a frown and picked her up by the back of her new apparel, much the same way as an angry owner picks a dog up by the scruff of the neck. Holding her up off the ground, Linde slowly turned Jeanne until their eyes met. The hard glare from Linde would almost certainly be chillin to the jester given that she'd never seen such an expression on Linde's face before.

Linde held her there for several long seconds, more than enough time for Jeanne to have made excuses or try to explain herself.

But finally, Linde's anger seemed to vanish. She closed her eyes and a smile graced her face as she slowly let Jeanne down and pulled the girl into an embrace. She pulled Jeanne's face directly into her bosom, gently curving her shoulders in to give her more cushion, and petting the girl's head with a soft chuckle.

"I'm relieved to see you alive, Jeanne... Welcome back." She said joyously.


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0.00 INK

Quinn had tried again to say her name, and the moment she had choked it out, the jester had barged into her and practically headbutted her breasts. Quinn gave a muted grunt of pain, but other than that she was silent. Completely overwhelmed and not sure what to do with the babbling young woman that was trying to fuse herself with her, the babbling young woman she had thought she would never see again, she lamely patted her back. Then Linde took her to welcome her back in her own way, and Quinn was left to battle with her rising joy.

"Alright, let me in, get your head out of there," Marcel spoke up as he moved to tear Jeanne away from Linde's bosom, lifting her up effortlessly and holding her high like she was a spectacle to behold as he spun her around in the air. When he finished their twirl, he let her drop and pulled her into a tight hug from behind, curling over the little woman and letting his head rest on top of hers as he rocked from side to side, "By the Goddess, it was boring without you!!" he exclaimed, holding her tight enough that her feet started to lift from the ground once more, "You have no idea how much things went to shit while you were gone."

Quinn's hand instinctively went to her scarred, earring-free ear, and despite herself, she felt self-conscious. There she was, standing in the over-sized tunic and coat of two dead men. She didn't look like the lady the thieves had left behind.

"What are you doing here?" she uttered, sounding almost fearful over this ordeal, when a realization flashed across her face and she glanced around the area, "Is Marcus with you?"


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0.00 INK

Enkil looked at the 'souvenir' given to him. He had never considered it ugly, but it could invoke an unnerving emotion. Quinn must be adverse to its hollow eyes. If that was the case, "It would be a perfect symbol for you campaign." He noted in a manner that can be identified as stating the most obvious thing in the world. "It should compliment you best." His eyes were not even looking at her, but at the terracotta statue in his hands. He also did not give Marcel a response when the mercenary chimed in. Instead, he focused on the object given to him as if it's value was greater than any of the people around him. But, this gesture was mostly common to his coincidental companions, by now.

That is why it is not surprising when a reunion of sorts occurred before Enkil. He was in his own world, completely ignoring them and the newcomer, while he continued his inspection of the odd-looking figurine. Although, he did stop momentarily. His verdant-hued eyes looked at a certain direction, away from the others. The expression on his deified-like face did not portray any hint of what might have taken his attention. He still has that pristine composure which one would eventually wonder if there is anything that can break his fortitude or force him to take into the pace of those around him.

But whatever took Enkil's assiduity, it was a good thing. This allowed him to finally consider what was happening with the people he was walking with. It seemed that a friend of theirs eventually returned to their fold. This could be compared to that tale of a prodigal son, but it was more fitting to make it a prodigal stranger in regards to his own level of interest about the newcomer. And with the same courtesy he had shown the others, he did not do anything to introduce himself. He instead diverted his attention to a sparkling blue bug perching on a blade of grass near to him.

Without a word, Enkil lowered himself to the ground and placed his souvenir to the side. He reached out to touch it and as expected, the bug did not shy away from him. As a result, he was once again in his own world, letting the others handle their matters, until they are satisfied and allow themselves to move on from this place. Just like how his acquaintances were already away from this point of time. They were after all in a carriage while he had to resort with walking. Although, he find that enjoyable since it allows him to refreshingly walk through the beauty of nature, so to speak. After all, he was getting to see a lot of things and able to obtain many objects for his general entertainment.


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0.00 INK

When Marcel took Jeanne away from her, Linde put her hands on her hips and pouted by pursing her lips. But... She had to give him his moment. He obviously missed Jeanne more than anyone thanks to the bright energy she'd brought when she was with the group and the lack of that energy when she was gone... Especially because Xia was here.

Xia, meanwhile, cocked her head at the odd development of everyone seemingly being happy about some random redhead "re"-joining the group?

They'd missed her, so obviously this woman was important to them. Or at least, she was to Marcel and Linde. Quinn seemed indifferent, immediately asking about someone else named Marcus.

Linde nodded.

"Indeed... Where is your partenaire?" She asked.

"Did you get separated at some point?" She asked.


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0.00 INK

Three Days Ago

The horrid rains the group had encountered in the days prior to Quinn's rescue were the falloff of a massive hurricane which was blowing through the Capital City of Veilbrand further to the Southeast.

The sound of thunder rumbled through the skies as the rain fell harder than it had in many, many years. The cobblestone streets in the Capital City of Veilbrand where Egruus dwelt up in his high palace vibrated with each thunderclap, and the droplets of water covering their surface bounced up off of the shining smooth stone as if to escape the tremors beneath them. Windows rattled. Signs shook dangerously on their hinges. Boxes and crates bounced and rocked back and forth as their contents were thrown about with each tremor.

All in all, the hurricane made this night particularly miserable for the citizens.

However, there was one who defied this mighty natural phenomenon.

A lone, female figure walked through the streets of Veilbrand's Capital cloaked in black with a soft smile visible just under her hood. She walked with a straight back, her arms loosely dangling at her sides, and her stride even and unobstructed despite the hurricane force winds reaching speeds of over 80 miles per hour around her.

She made her way to a particular building, a pub, to be precise. Opening the door against the wind without tearing it off its hinges was a momentary challenge, but as always she succeeded.

Once inside, she shut the door behind her and received numerous glares from the local patrons. They weren't happy about an obvious outsider, and several of them rose to confront her and turn her away towards the door.

"Missy, you came into the wrong pub."

"We all gots tabs and records 'ere. Git out."

"I would advise you to leave. Many of these men don't take kindly to uninvited guests... And neither do I."

Her smile slowly grew in response to their threats.

"You boys sure know how to sweet-talk a girl, don't you?" She teased.

"Missy, I won't say it again! Get lost!"

He reached out and grabbed her, pulling her in by one arm and using his other hand to grab her lapel.

Her smile widened.

"Now, boys... I can't very well leave the building if you are grabbing onto my clothes like that."

"Shaddap, bitch!"

The other grabbed her hood and threw it off her head, exposing her face. Her eyes were closed, gently, betraying how calm she was in their presence despite their threats.

"Pretending to be calm, are we?"

Her smile widened until it was now ear to ear.

"No, I'm terrified." She replied.

They smiled.

"You should be, ya little wench!"

The one holding her threw her into the middle of the room to the floor, where she lay partially on her side like a classic damsel in distress from a fairy tale.

"Scream fer me, ya pathetic dame." One said as he advanced on her position to stand above her, reading a knife at his back for use in removing her clothing.

The girl's smile remained, and a chuckle so soft it was all but inaudible began to emanate from her lips.

"That's not screamin' ya fucking bitch!" He yelled.

He brought the knife up and came roaring back down, but something was wrong. He froze, unable to move.

"What?!" He grunted.

He tried to move his body, but he could not.

"What's happened? I can't move!" He grunted.

The others looked to each other in confusion, and several dozen other patrons watched in amazement and interest as the man froze in place.

"What devilry is this?" The other asked.

The girl slooooowly turned her head towards the one who couldn't move and replaced her hood over her face.

"Don't you know the hero always comes to save the damsel in distress?" She asked.

"What hero?" Asked the first.

Her oh so soft chuckle began to return as she sloooooly rose from the floor to stand and face away from them, smiling for the patrons around her.

"The only true hero of this world has come to rescue me." She said quietly.

"What was that?"

"Speak up you witch!"

She turned around to face them, and a subtle red glow began to emanate from beneath her hood.

"There is only one hero in this world. One hero who shall vanquish the wicked. One hero who shall cleanse this world of darkness."

The red glow shone brighter beneath her hood.

"No... It can't be."

"It's a trick! The Red-Eyed Demon is a man! I've seen him before!"

The girl's smile vanished in an instant, and the man who had just spoken up locked in place just like the first who'd raised a knife to her.


The girl lifted her chin ever so slightly. The bottom of her nose became visible under her hood, well illuminated by the red light shining forth from her eyes.

"The man you've seen who claims the title of 'Red-Eyed Demon' is a pretender to the true hero's name and legacy!" She yelled.

Her hands clenched into fists, and blood spurted form her palms as her nails dug violently into them. The red liquid dripped rapidly from her hands to the ground as her jaw clenched tightly, her rage building with each passing second as these men made mention of the one she detested most in this world. She'd been having fun with them up until now, but the fun was over. Her good mood had just been ruined.

Everyone in the building, all twenty-seven of them, suddenly froze in place in awkward positions unable to move a muscle.

A black aura began to fill the room like an evil, ugly mist. The temperature dropped drastically to the point where the wooden planks beneath her feet iced over, stretching out for several feet in all directions. The windows fogged up, the glass cups which were still full started icing over, and the the air grew thicker to the point where it was hard to breathe.

Her breathing was calm and even despite her obvious rage, and her fists slowly relaxed and opened up revealing palms which had already healed from the nail piercing wounds she'd inflicted upon them just moments ago. Dried blood cracked and peeled off her flesh as she stretched her hands out, extending her fingers as little small red glass-like bits of frozen blood fell to the floor at her feet; consumed by the ice which continued extending from beneath her.

She took in a deep breath, and let it out on a long sigh... And that smile at last returned.

That was not happy news for the patrons, nor those who'd accosted her.

She slowly removed her hood and opened her eyes to them at last, revealing the horrifying patterns present within. Her irises flowed like churning liquid as the red light deep inside illuminated it all. Swirling, churning, collapsing and reforming patterns shifted about in those irises as if they were alive.

Her eyes fell on the one with the knife, and she approached him calmly.

"Now, my dear. Weren't you the one who was going to use this for something... nefarious?" She asked, running her finger along the edge of the knife.

Her finger sliced itself on the blade, but there was no visible reaction from her in response to it as blood dripped from the now gaping wound across her fingertip.

She brought her finger around and placed it in her mouth, sucking the blood from it and using her tongue to push it out of the corner of her mouth letting it drip down her cheek and chin to the floor below. And as she withdrew her finger, the wound was gone as if by magic.

"Didn't anyone teach you that blades are dangerous? You could truly hurt someone with them." She chastised.

"But then... That's the point, isn't it? Get it?" She asked, checking to see if he understood her joke.

He couldn't reply. He was frozen in place.

"Ah, that's right. My apologies... I forgot that the hero is here to devour your soul." She said calmly.

She then got right up into his face and kissed his lips, pulling back to stare into his eyes.

"That's why you can't move. And that's why you are about to die." She said quietly.

She backed away and her eyes began to widen to almost inhuman levels as that ear-to-ear smile returned.

"The hero is hungry, and it's feeding time!" She announced.

Suddenly there came a bright burst of 'black' light from outside in the streets through the windows of the pub, and suddenly the windows went dark.

... A minute later, the door flung open revealing the girl, completely spotless, licking her lips in a sexual manner as she walked away from the pub's open door.

The entire room from top to bottom had been covered in what used to be human bodies. Smears of pasty, pale colored flesh adorned the floors, walls, ceiling, tables, chairs, and windows. Blood... Lots of blood, had painted the entire building's interior leaving not a spec of original brown wood or clean clear glass left to see. The only spot devoid of this gruesome scenery was the spot the girl had been standing on when it happened. A perfect circle of clean wooden floor planks.

The door slowly closed on the pub's monstrous event, and the girl disappeared into the night.

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