Assassin's Pledge: IF?!

Assassin's Pledge: IF?!

Can the Red-Eyed Demon and her new friends and school mates save the school from the street gang known as Te'i Sai?

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Welcome everyone to Assassin's Pledge: IF?!

This RP takes the concept of An Assassin's Pledge, and modernizes it with a high school slice of life rom-com style adventure!

CabbageAngel, CrossKnight, GamerTemplar, ButterflyEffect are all invited to this RP if they feel like it. If not, it's perfectly okay!

The Red-Eyed Demon is a young woman freshly transferred to Heresta Academy.

There, she will meet with a street gang known as Te'i Sai, who have been incessantly bullying the students and causing problems for the school staff.

Within this girl lies a dormant power unlike any seen before. Not only does it enhance her physical abilities and senses, but it also gives her the ability to (once per month) transform into a Magical Demon Girl wearing a mask to protect her identity. This transformation is known as Roda I'l Lousta, and it allows her to gain the magical abilities and Magical Girl tools to accomplish any given goal that she has in mind.

And so the battle to save her new school, and make some new friends along the way, begins now!

Can the Red-Eyed Demon, known as Kyera, defend her new school and classmates from the organized street gang known as Te'i Sai?

Participate, and find out soon!


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1) Unless you were on the invite list, you must inform me of your intent to join this RP via private message or a notice in the Discussion Thread. You may not post a character to this RP without having introduced yourself to me first.

2) It's a high school rom-com, so for god's sake don't be a stiff or super serious. Have some fun with it and let your character fall victim to pranks and shenanigans for the sake of just laughing and having a good time!

That's it!

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Heresta Academy: Main Gate

The entry gates to Heresta Academy. A pair of large metal spikes attached together via horizontal support struts near the top and base. Along the top, the spiked tips rolled up and down like ocean waves, peaking at the center where the gates parted when opened.

Right now, the gates were closed, leaving a young woman standing outside of them.

She stood tall, wore a black mini school skirt which was slightly shorter than it should have been, a black school uniform top (which was supposed to be indigo blue), and sported a red headband in her hair which was also against regulation and school uniform policy. Hair bands were supposed to be either white or black. No exceptions. Speaking of her hair, it floated down to just touch her shoulders and was parted slightly off center with long bangs to frame both sides of her face. Her face was heart shaped with pronounced cheek bones, soft, supple lips, naturally long and graceful lashes, thin, arched eyebrows, and lightly sun-kissed, clear skin.

"Well shit..." She grumbled.

"That's what I get for sleeping in, I suppose." She said, rubbing her forehead.

She was late.

Having overslept, she was too late to get inside before the doors closed. But no matter. She bent her knees and leaped into the air, easily clearing the spiked top of the gate (No easy feat, as the gate is 6' 6" tall). As she did so she tucked her knees in close to let her feet clear the spikes, which revealed the length of her lightly sun-kissed legs and pure, white undergarments. Luckily there was nobody around, not that she had too much modesty to begin with. As she landed, she did so with a soft grunt and stood up to brush herself off.

"Okay... First day at my new school... This isn't going to be very fun, is it?" She asked herself aloud.

Walking towards the entrance of the school proper, a pair of double glass doors leading inside the main building, she stopped when she heard motorcycles approaching the gate. Her hand just touched the handles of the doors and froze, and she turned her head to look over her shoulder at the new arrivals outside the gate.

They wore dark gray hoodies and dark charcoal gray pants with black books. On their backs was a rather unique symbol which identifies them as the organized street gang, Te'i Sai.

Her hand slid away from the handles of the door as she turned around to face them while they hopped off their now parked bikes and gathered around the gateway.

"Well fuck me! She's a pretty one!" One of them said.

Vulgar prick, she thought.

"Fuck you? Nah! I'd rather fuck her!" Said another.

Even vulgerer prick, she thought.

"Do ya think she'd come along willingly?" Asked a third.

Slightly less vulgar prick, she thought.

Nah. She looks like a fighter. Look how she stopped trying to go inside and turned around to see us." Said the second.

"See us? Who'd want to see your ugly mug? She stopped to see me." Said the first.

"Does it matter why she turned around, she's coming this way." Said the third.

Indeed, he was right. The girl had left her school pack near the doors and was walking towards the gates with a stern and almost angry look on her face. And as she got closer the Te'i Sai street punks realized that she had subtly glowing red eyes.

"H-h-hey! What the fuck is with that?!" Asked the first.

"Yeah! Her eyes are glowing! The fuck?!" Said the second.

"Y-you think she's that Red-Eyed Demon chick from Roda High?" Asked the third.

"Yeah! Must be!" Said the second.

"A fuck it! She's still just a girl! Pull yourselves together!" Said the first.

She reached the gate, glaring at them through the gaps in the bars with deadly intent in her eyes.

"Heh. So, girly. You came to come leave with us and go have a good time? I promise we'll treat you well!" Said the first.

"Yeah. We'll be real, real gentle with ya... At first." Said the second.

Her eyes narrowed.

"Oooooh, I think she's mad!" The first one mocked.

"Uh, guys?" The third started to warn them.

"What's she gonna do? Use her mini skirt to beat us away?" Asked the second.

"Guys!" The third one shouted.

"What?!" They both asked.

"Look!" The third said, pointing to her.

The girl had bent her knees to jump, showing her legs and undergarments again which got their attention in a hurry. They watched, slack jawed, as she leaped the gates and came down above them. Doing so let them get a good long look downstairs before a shoe slammed into the face of the first and second, sending them spinning like dreidel tops before slamming into the ground with their cheeks caved in and blood trickling from the corners of their mouths.

The third was speechless, and stood slack-jawed and wide-eyed at the devastation two simple kicks had done.

"Guys?... Guys?" He asked, poking them with his feet.

"They won't be waking up for a while. Why don't you be a dear and get some help?" She asked.

Her eyes flashed at him, and he ran off with his cell phone in hand to call for an ambulance.

She jumped back over the gate, grabbed her pack, and walked inside to go to the administration offices to get properly finalize her registration as a student. And then, she would be assigned to her class.


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Classroom 21: Class 4A
Time: 8:36 am


Incessant chatter.

The instructor, Mr. Fujiyama, had had it up to here with the wait for the new transfer student. He had also had it up to here with the students babbling and weekend stories and summertime stories...

You're on the clock... You're on the clock... You're on the clock... He thought on a loop to keep himself calm.

Finally, someone appeared at the door. A tall male figure.

The door opened, and everyone quieted down as Mr. Tyson, Head of Administration Services, walked into the room.

"Good morning everyone. Today we have a new student to introduce to you. Please make her feel welcome!" He announced.

In the seats, a young man with semi-long brown hair leaned over in his seat to whisper to the girl sitting next to him.

"I hear she's really cute." He said.

She chuckled.

"I heard the same. Supposedly she's also a bit of a rebel and wearing clothes that go against the uniform code." She replied.

And then, a shadow appeared through the doorway, and everyone held their breath.

Through the door walked Kyera, and gasps mixed with "ooh's" and "aah's" of excitement and wonder followed her.

She may have been average in height, but everything else about her was far from average. The black school uniform. The shorter than regulation skirt. The red shoes and hair band. The school pack she wore sporting a picture of her family from when she was a baby. Everything about her right down to her stoic and almost emotionless, though undeniably gorgeous face told the class that this was not an ordinary girl.

That and... The glowing red eyes which caught everyone's attention and had the entire class leaning forward to see them as if they were looking at a hypnotism device.

"Everyone, this is Kyera. She is a transfer student from Roda High and your newest classmate. Please welcome her." Mr. Fujiyama requested.

Everyone was still transfixed on her eyes and too stunned to speak. All save one: the class rep, Ayama Kenji.

"Welcome, miss Kyera, to our class. My name is Ayama Kenji, the class representative. If you have any questions or concerns, or need any advice on what to do or where in the school to go in your first few days to fulfill your needs, please don't hesitate to ask me. And... Don't mind the others. Those, uh... Those..."

Kyera's gaze shifted robotically to Ayama's, which caused her to flinch slightly.

"You don't need to mince words with me, miss Kenji. My eyes are distracting them. This happens every year in every new class I'm in, so I'm used to it." Kyera said flatly.

A sweat mark appeared on Ayama's temple.

"I-i... Is that so? Eh heh heh heh..." She laughed nervously.

"It is. I don't mind." She said.

"Well, all the same. My statement stands. If you need anything at all, just ask me."

"Thank you, miss Kenji. I will keep that in mind."

Mr. Fujiyama had also been transfixed by her eyes, but he cleared his throat and brought himself back to reality and fixed his glasses.

"Welcome to the class, miss Kyera. Now, I don't know what your other schools said or thought about your outfit, but unfortunately here at this school your attire is against regulation. I'll have to ask you to visit the Administration Office again and receive a new-"

Kyera's eyes shifted to the very corners of her eye sockets to glare at Mr. Fujiyama, who's words got caught in his throat as her head slowly, robotically, turned on her shoulders to face him.

"What's wrong with my attire?" She asked calmly.

"U-uh... Y-your skirt is much too short! Your uniform is supposed to be like miss Kenji's. Indigo blue top, tan skirt at least down to the tops of the knees. As well the your hair band is supposed to be black or white, not red. And those shoes should be white. No exceptions."

Kyera's eyes narrowed, and the light in her eyes flickered and flared at him as she turned to face him.

"So I must discard the clothing I had custom ordered? What's the point of being able to custom order them if they're not allowed? Seems a little hypocritical to me." She retorted.


The flickering of light in her eyes had thrown him off.


"Mr. Fujiyama, if I may be so bold I believe a slightly longer skirt is really all that is needed. There is a sub-clause in the uniform policy that states a student may custom order a uniform of their own liking so long as the style and chosen colors do not disturb their classmates or the student council. I will confer with the student council about whether or not her attire is disturbing to them, and I would like to cast a vote in this class to see if it disturbs them."

She turned to the class and raised her hand.

"All those who find her outfit distasteful or disturbing, please raise your hands."

............... Nothing.

She turned to Mr. Fujiyama.

"I believe the class is in agreement, Mr. Fujiyama. Her outfit does not disturb us, though I agree a longer skirt is necessary. It should be easy enough for her to buy one from the school store at the end of the day."

Mr. Fujiyama cleared his throat again.

"V-very well. Miss Kyera, please take your seat at the back of the classroom by the window."

Kyera looked at the empty seat and walked through the isles towards it. One boy tried to put his foot out to trip her with the intention being to look up her tiny skirt as she stumbled or fell down, but as she walked up to it the sheer strength of her legs pushed his foot out of the way as if it wasn't there. His desk scooted along as his leg was dragged, causing a bit of a stir and making many of the other students laugh at him to Mr. Fujiyama's chagrin.

Kyera took her seat, and her first day in class at this new Academy began.


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3:29pm... 1 minute until the end of regular classes for the day.

Numerous students were already twitching and fiddling in their seats, ready for the commands to "rise" and "bow" to the teacher so they could run home.

Mr. Fujiyama, meanwhile, was finalizing his lecture for the evening.

"Does anyone have any questions about your assignment?"

... Crickets.

"... Then, that is all. Miss Kenji?"

"Sir. Rise!" She commanded.

The class rose to their feet.

"Bow!" She ordered.

The class bowed, and with that, classes were done for the day.

Most of the students immediately bolted for the door, while others stayed to chit chat amongst themselves.

Kyera, sitting in her corner seat, was looking out the window at some birds flying overhead just above the flag on the roof of the building opposite her. And as she sat there, daydreaming, two girls approached her with excitement in their eyes.

"Um, excuse me. Miss Kyera?"

Kyera's eyes drifted to the corners of their sockets to land on two beautiful girls. One a bit shorter with short brown hair, and the other a taller girl with blue hair and a stern look in her eye.

"Umm........ I-I was... W-well. I was w-w-w-wondering..."

The taller girl stepped forward.

"Will you join the Martial Arts Club?" She asked.

"S-Suzuki!" The smaller girl gasped.

"What? I see no reason not to be direct." Suzuki replied.

... I like her. Kyera thought about Sukuzi.

"W-well you should be more polite about it."

"All I did was ask if she wanted to join. I wasn't being rude, Honoka."

Honoka made an "Mmmph!" sound and turned away, a little pink in the cheeks as Suzuki turned back to Kyera.

"We'd like you to join the Martial Arts Club. We saw how you handled the Te'i Sai gangsters outside the gates, and we could really use someone with your skills in our club. Interested?" She asked.

Kyera closed her eyes and contemplated for a moment before opening her eyes again.

"... No." She replied flatly.

Suzuki looked a little like she expected the answer, but Honoka spun around in a panic.

"W-w-w-w-w-w-what do you mean no?!" She practically yelled.

"Now who's being rude?" Suzuki asked.

Honoka made another "Mmmph!" sound, but remained focused Kyera.

"Please miss Kyera. We need you in our club! Currently we're the laughingstock of the school because anytime Te'i Sai challenges us, we lose! Our Captain and President is the only one who has ever beaten one of them, but only one of them in a one on one fight. When they ganged up on her, she lost... Badly."

"That's enough, Honoka. She said 'no', so leave it alone."

... I really like her, Kyera thought.

"B-b-but... Suzuki." Honoka said sadly.

Suzuki shook her head, jerking it the other way in a gesture for Honoka to follow. Honoka did so, but not without turning and looking sadly at Kyera. The door closed, and Kyera blinked once and looked back out the window at the birds floating overhead.

Meanwhile... Back at the Martial Arts Club Room...

"Excuse me? You did what?" Leiya Usawa, Captain and President of the Club, asked.

Honoka flinched. Suzuki just stared back at the Captain.

"We tried to recruit a new and very skilled member to our club."

"What you did was go behind my back. You do remember that I'm in charge of recruitment, don't you? Nobody enters this Clubroom without my say so." Leiya countered.

Suzuki sighed.

"You never let it go, do you?"

"Excuse me?"

"You heard me. You never let it go. You're always on a power trip about controlling how the club operates, who's in it, and blah blah blah. You never give us the chance to look for new members, come up with drills, or anything that might be of benefit to our development as martial artists. It's not all about you ya know?"

Leiya was aghast, and her cheeks flushed pink with anger as her fist tightened.

"I will have you know, Suzuki, that I am the President of this Club. As such, it is my responsibility to control its functions, moderate the behavior of the members, and ensure that the Club is operating within school parameters and guidelines of operation! I have to be in charge, and I have to be tough! If you don't like it, then you're free to-"

The doors to the club room opened, and standing in the doorway was Kyera who casually looked around to examine the contents of the room while everyone else gawked at her sudden appearance.

A large training mat was in the center of the room. Roughly a 20 feet by 20 feet square. Not bad. Spacing and layout could use some work.

Training weights were on the left wall. Nice.

Right side had jump ropes, hula hoops (why?), resistance bands, etc. Not too shabby, actually.

And on the back in the corner were two massive punching bags. They had to be at least 300 pounds, and Kyera's eyes lit up upon seeing them though her face, aside from a slight rising of her eyebrows, didn't betray her excitement.

She could get a workout here.

"EXCUSE ME?!" Usawa screamed.

Kyera paid her no attention. She walked right into the room, glancing back and forth from section to section of the room re-organizing it in her head as Usawa marched over to her and slapped her across the face with a very loud SMACK.

Everyone froze, and Kyera's head, turned sideways by the blow, slowly centered itself as her glowing red eyes fell on Usawa's blue eyes.

"I did not give you leave to enter this room! Get out!" She commanded.

Kyera blinked, and cracked her neck.

"I know who you are, and I don't like you. You disregard school uniform policy and walk around like you own the place. You even stepped foot into our club room without permission. So I will say it once, and only once more... Get. Out." She insisted.

Kyera blinked again, cracking her neck the other way.

"Do you think that scares me?!"

Kyera blinked.

"Blinking is not a response! Say something!!" Usawa yelled.

Kyera's eyes narrowed.

"... You're too noisy."

Usawa's face went red with rage, and she instantly lashed out and attempted to punch Kyera in the face with her right hand. But Kyera was ready for her this time. Smooth as could be, Kyera slid out of the way of the punch, passing it off with her left hand, grabbed Usawa's wrist, smashed her hip into Usawa's, and threw her over her shoulder and to the ground with a loud *THUD*.

Usawa let out a loud gasp, shocked and horrified that the new girl had just done that in front of the rest of the club. Speaking of, everyone, Suzuki especially, were in awe. Nobody spoke to Usawa that way, and nobody ever tried fighting her. She was the strongest member of the Martial Arts club by far, hence why she was its Captain and President. This kind of thing didn't happen to her... Ever.

Her red face contorted into a deep frown, and she grabbed Kyera's wrist and threw her legs up to wrap them around Kyera's neck, pulling her down to the floor in a choke hold while holding her arm between her legs as an elbow break. Obviously, she wasn't breaking her elbow. But still, she was going to make her regret the decision to fight back.

Kyera went down, but managed to maintain her grip on Usawa's wrist which was rather surprising. Using her strength, she pushed on the ground with her feet, lifting Usawa's lower body off the ground with her before twisting violently inward, with her shoulder, and quickly did a side-mount position from Brazilian Jiu Jitsu.

Now pinned down with Kyera on top of her, Usawa was less than pleased. But there was little she could do. Kyera was insanely strong for someone so... average sized. Her body belied the strength she possessed, and Usawa could barely wiggle an inch in any direction. So instead, she used a rather underhanded tactic of slamming her forehead into the side of Kyera's head to daze her and push her off while she was stunned.

With Kyera momentarily dazed, Usawa scrambled to her feet and rushed Kyera, slamming her to the ground and straddling her while pinning her hands above her head.

"You don't belong in this club room! Now get OUT!" She screamed.

Kyera shook off the daze, and glared at Usawa.

"You are still too noisy."

Kyera's eyes began glowing brighter, which started to rattle Usawa's confidence. She could feel Kyera's strength rising as she muscled her way out from under her and literally threw her off of herself and to the side.

Kyera made it to her feet and brushed herself off while Usawa stood up in rage and started running in again. Kyera was having none of it, and ducked Usawa's attempt to strike her, slamming her shoulder into the girl's stomach, and hoisting her up and throwing her over herself into the air and into a pile of chairs and desks. All of them tumbled to the ground, and the rest of the Club ran to Usawa's side to help her out of the pile.

But Usawa... She wasn't done yet.

She burst forth from the tables, her own eyes now fully glowing red with pure rage as hot steam poured out of her ears like steam from a boiling tea pot. A small fireball escaped her mouth as she screamed at Kyera, who's stance deepened before Usawa ran towards her.

What followed was chaos.

Following the girls during their battle, they smashed windows, cracked walls, broke blackboards and grease boards, threw desks and chairs, and even bent one of the rails along the Southeast stairwell from a kick.

By the time the pair had settled down, they were back in the Club Room. Both were breathing hard, but it was Kyera who was standing tall while Usawa was on all fours and sweating profusely. Kyera had a few beads here and there, but nothing too bad. She wiped them off, and walked to Usawa.

"Stay down, Captain. I don't want to hurt you any more." She said.

Usawa froze.

"Captain?" She asked.

She looked up at Kyera, angrily.

"I... Am NOT... Your Captain..." She proclaimed.

"Get... Ou-"

Usawa fainted before she could finish the word, collapsing in a heap as Kyera stood above her and backed off a few steps to let the others carry her to the nurses office. Honoka, however, stayed behind.

"So... Does this mean you'll join?"

Kyera nodded.

"Yes!!" Honoka squealed.

She ran to a desk and brought out a sheet of paper and a pen.

"Sign down here, and put the date there! That's all you have to do!" She said excitedly.

Kyera signed her name and put the date, and it was done. She was a member of the club... Pending approval by the teaching staff.

"I'm going to run this to our Administrator right now! Thank you so much miss Kyera!" She said happily.

With that, Honoka dashed off to deliver the papers, and Kyera wiped the sweat from her chin and forehead.

"That girl... She's not bad." She said, looking at the equipment.

"Now... For some home improvement." She said.

Kyera got to work rearranging all of the equipment, and by the time everyone was back, including Usawa, they stood in the doorway in shock.

The place had been cleaned spotless, and everything organized neatly as if brand new. The weights were all aligned from lightest to heaviest, the jump ropes by length, the hula hoops (still, why?) by diameter, and the resistance bands by length as well.

The mats had been rearranged into a longer rectangle, giving more lateral space than the square for more people to line up side to side for partner drills than lining up in a stagger. One punching bag had been moved to the left side of the room, while the other remained on the right side. Overall, there was more space, and everything was sparkling clean.

Everyone's gaze shifted throughout the space before landing on Kyera, who was standing by the shoe rack with a towel wrapped around her neck.

"T-this..." Honoka began.

"It's... Beautiful." Suzuki said.

Some of the others agreed, but the only one who didn't look too happy was Usawa, who marched over to Kyera.

"... Who asked you to rearrange our club room?" She asked quietly.

"It's more practical this way." Kyera replied.

"Don't dodge the question!" Usawa barked.

Kyera blinked.

"Honoka said she already delivered your application, and that it was stamped and approved of by our administrator... I do not approve of this, nor of you." She said, walking forward so they were face to face.

"Give me one good reason not to send in a challenge of approval." She said angrily.

"You lost."

Usawa's face went red with rage and embarrassment.

"That's beside the point! Give me a reason not to challenge your acceptance into the club!" She yelled.

"Because you need me to help get rid of those Te'i Sai thugs who hang around the school."

Usawa shook her head.

"We don't need you for that. We're the Martial Arts Club. Not a police force... Last chance."


Kyera, without warning, reached out, grabbed the back of Usawa's neck, and pulled her into a hug.

The others gasped, and Usawa's face once again went red with embarrassment as Kyera hugged her.

"You're... Not bad." Kyera said softly.

Usawa blinked several times, trying to wriggle free from Kyera's grip but she couldn't.

"... I like it in here. I want to stay." Kyera said.

She gently released Usawa, who jumped back, tomato red in the face, and tried to shake off what just happened.

"Captain, please?" Honoka asked.

Usawa turned and glared at Honoka, who flinched back behind Suzuki.

"You have to admit she'd be a great help to us. Her skills are undeniable." Suzuki added.

The others all gave their two cents as well in support of Kyera's approval, and Usawa knew then that she was defeated. She relaxed and heaved a sigh, looking back at Kyera who's gaze waited for an answer expectantly.

"... You can stay..."

All the club members started cheering, but were silenced by Usawa.

"But I am still the Captain. That means what I say goes, you got it?" She demanded.

Kyera blinked.

"... Got it."

"And furthermore, I-... Wait, what?" Usawa asked.

"I said, 'Got it.' You needn't explain further." Kyera replied.

Usawa blinked.

"Oh... Well...... Well then, welcome to the club, miss Kyera." She said, slightly pink in the face.

And then... Kyera smiled.

Everyone gasped, pausing to stare at the smile that spread on her lips. The beauty of it. The sheer angelic beauty... And then it was gone. Everyone blinked and looked at Kyera who's face was now back to being stoic and lacking emotion, and everyone cheered and started celebrating their newest and now most powerful member... Save for Usawa, who sat quietly on the bench sipping a bottle of water while everyone else started working out and asking Kyera to show them what she knew.


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Classroom 21: Class 4A
Time: 8:30 am

Day 2 of Kyera's adventure in Heresta Academy.

Mr. Fujiyama was running late, so everyone was chatting amongst themselves. Everyone save Kyera, who was staring out the window at a crow that was perched on a lamp post at the edge of the street outside the gates.

And then, the door opened. Into the room walked six people dressed in school uniforms. All of them wore a band around their left arm indicating they were from the school Disciplinary Committee, and into the room walked a seventh figure. A girl with blonde hair in numerous curls, who seemed to be leading them.

Everyone seemed to know who she was... Everyone save Kyera, who was not paying attention.

"Kyera... Where is Kyera? She asked.

Everyone turned and looked at Kyera, and the girl's eyes followed their gaze to her staring out the window not even responding to her name having been called.

"Miss Kyera?! Please stand up!" She called.

Kyera didn't pay attention.

"... *AHEM*!! Miss Kyera! Please stand up!!" She called louder.

Kyera's right eye slid to the corner of the socket.

"... How long are you going to keep me waiting, miss Kyera?" She asked.

Kyera's eye returned to the window.

"EXCUSE ME?!?" She said aloud.

She marched over to Kyera's desk and slammed her hand down onto it, causing Kyera's eye to once again slide to the corner of the socket to look at her.

"Miss Kyera! Your behavior and attire are unacceptable! Come with me this instant!" She demanded.

"... You sure are pushy."

Miss Ekiwa's face went pink as a few gasps and murmurs sounded in the room.

"Miss Kyera... I will ask you nicely only once more. Come. With. Me." She insisted.

Kyera's gaze shifted back to the window.

"No thanks." She replied flatly.

Ekiwa's face went red with anger and embarrassment, and she again slammed her hand down onto the desk. But... She did it a little too hard.

By the time Kyera looked her way again, she was hunched over in a sort of crouch blowing on her hand with a little tear in the corner of her eye. Her palm was glowing pink, and pulsing with her heartbeat.

"Seriously?" Kyera asked.

Ekiwa stood up and spun around, hands in fists, arms straight down at her sides as she trembled in rage and grit her teeth with little tears in the corners of both eyes.

"You... You..." She stammered.

One of the others came up behind her, clearing his throat.

"Ahem. Miss Ekiwa. Please, control yourself.

Ekiwa turned around with a face that screamed, "but she embarrassed me!" But after a moment she collected herself and turned back to Kyera.

"Miss Kyera, allow me to introduce myself. My name is Kama Ekiwa, and I am a member of the Disciplinary Committee. You have been requested to accompany me to the Disciplinary Committee's room to meet the President, and discuss your behavior and attire. Please come with us now, or we will be forced to report your refusal and you may be suspended or, pending a brief investigation, expelled."

Kyera blinked, and then sighed.

She stood up, standing almost eye to eye (though slightly shorter) than Ekiwa.

"Fine. Let's get this over with."

Kyera left with the Disciplinary Committee members, and came back to class about ten minutes later much to everyone's surprise. She sat back down, and resumed her day dreaming and staring out the window.

But miss Ekiwa...

She was a mess.

Ekiwa was back in the Disciplinary Committee's room crying by her locker.

"It's okay, miss Ekiwa."

"It's NOT okay!! She embarrassed me in front of her class, and she got AWAY with everything!!" She cried.

The girl patted her back and rubbed her shoulders, while everyone else seemed to agree that it was a problem that Kyera convinced the Administrator, who was the President of the Disciplinary Committee, that she was in the right and had done nothing to warrant disciplinary action. Her behavior was calm, unobtrusive, and caused no trouble. Her attire, while different, was within parameters thanks to a few sub clauses in the guidelines.

So she got away with it.

Ekiwa was not happy about this. Her eyes burned with passion, even if her body had become unusually tiny and her head abnormally large (chibified).

"Miss Kyera... I swear to you this isn't over! I will bring you to justice for your crimes!" She declared.

One of the others (also chibified in the background) spoke up.

"But she hasn't-"

"You WON'T get away with this!!" She yelled (becoming unchibified).

And with that, she swore to one day bring Kyera's rebellious ways to justice!


Characters Present

Character Portrait: Kyera

0.00 INK

Classroom 21: Class 4A
Time: 8:50am

First period was over, and now it was a five minute break between classes.

Kyera was busy staring out the window and day dreaming, as usual, when suddenly the door popped open and a pink-haired girl ran inside, grabbed her wrist, and hauled her away and out the door. The entire time, poor Kyera's body had magically chibified with blank expression on her face and a question mark floating above her head.

Numerous people stared at the sight of this pink-haired vixen running off with the Red-Eyed Demon in the hallways, but that came to an end when the pink-haired girl stopped at the top of the stairs to the roof and threw a couple, who were in the middle of making out, out of her way and dragged Kyera through the doors to the rooftop.

Kyera was dropped on her chibified rump, a little puff of dirt escaping from beneath her as she landed, as the doors were slammed shut and locked with a crowbar through the handles.

The pink-haired one turned around slowly, her eyes hidden beneath her bangs with a single fang out the top left corner of her mouth showing. Her mouth almost looked like that of a cat, curled up in the middle and the outsides. She walked forward with a sway, and stopped in front of Kyera who had un-chibified herself and stood straight waiting for a battle to begin.

... But that's not what she got.

Instead, the pink-haired one threw her arms around Kyera's neck and hugged her.

Kyera, now miniaturized and re-chibified with a question mark above her head, sat in the girls arms as she swayed back and forth.

"My love! My love! My love! My LOVE" The girl cried as she twirled around in happiness with a more than confused Kyera, still miniaturized and chibified, rocking in her arms with a sweat mark now on her temple and a question mark with an exclamation point above her head.

"I finally have you all to myself!" She said, squeezing Kyera a little tighter.

Kyera's adorable miniature and chibified face now sported the blue line of doom just above the eyes, which now sported sad eyebrow arches, as little sweat marks flew out from the side of her head during the squeeze. When the squeeze ended, a little puff of visible air escaped the non-existent mouth on Kyera's face.

The girl stared at her with stars in her eyes (literally), and a little drool out of the corner of her mouth.

"Kiss me my love! Eh heh heh heee." She urged.

She leaned in, with a now terrified (and chibified) Kyera trembling in her grip.

Kyera managed to slip out just as the kiss was about to reach her and waddled in her miniature chibified form towards the doors. The girl, now confused about where Kyera managed to wriggle off to, turned around and spotted her.

"There you are my love! Don't fight it. Just embrace it! My love will not be denied!"

The screen freezes...

A small, chibified Kyera appears dressed in a school teacher's uniform with a pair of glasses and a pipe in one hand.

"Notice, everyone, the shameless reference to the early Quinn and Linde dynamic Kyu set up in Assassin's Pledge: Devastation... Carry on!"

Teacher chibi Kyera disappeared, and the screen resumes playing.

Kyera panicked and, finally breaking free from her chibified form, kicked the doors in and sprinted down the stairs with the pink-haired one in hot pursuit (and who's eyes had now become tiny white glowing orbs hidden in darkness beneath her bangs).

A chase ensued all around campus, with Kyera leading her through classrooms, the hallways, the courtyard, the Martial Arts Club Room where Leiya shouted a very upset "EXCUSE ME?!", through the Disciplinary Committee's room where Kama Ekiwa screamed "NO RUNNING THROUGH CLASSROOMS OR HALLWAYS!!", and through her 4A classroom where her class rep, Ayama Kenji, yelled "Unacceptable!".

The chase ended where it began, on the roof, with Kyera desperately out of breath and the pink-haired girl hot on her heels with a deadly look of blind love and determination in her eyes.

"I told you, my love will not be denied. Just embrace it... Embrace me... For I am your destiny!!"

She again threw herself at Kyera, who once again was a terrified miniature chibi version of herself before the girl's collar was grabbed by someone's hand from offscreen.

When she was pulled back into frame, the pink-haired girl was a confused chibi lacking a mouth with little black elongated dots for eyes which blinked twice as she looked back to see a larger male member of the disciplinary committee holding her up.

"Miss Hinata, this behavior is unacceptable. You will report with me to the Disciplinary Committee's office, now."

Hinata's chibified form sadly waved goodbye to a very confused Kyera who stood up and wondered what in the bloody hell just happened?

"Dear Gods above, please let that be the last time I see that girl..." She whispered, catching her breath.

She walked back to class just in time to return for second period, still exhausted and fell asleep not long after much to Mr. Fujiyama's chagrin.

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