The NowhereAndy Kissel Daryel

"Hey! This isn't just any piece of junk! It was owned by the not-so-renowned junk king..."

a character in “Asylum of the Damned”, as played by Pichu-Chan

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Name: Andy Kissel Daryel

Gender: Male

Species: Demon/Human hybrid

Age: 28

Sexuality: Heterosexual

Class: Traveling Merchant

Powers/Abilities: Though he doesn't have wings, he can levitate. The farther away from the ground, the more energy it takes. He can do things such as catch himself in midair, but can't last very long unless he plans to have a safe landing. He can manipulate his own energy by sending shock waves and making illusions, like a scary face for example.

Weapon(s)/Equipment: Whatever he happens to be carrying at the time.

Appearance: Image

Alignment: Neutral

Personality: He’s a good deceiver and a con artist, often making up wild stories, sob stories, ect. about the items he sells, and he’s a very good story teller, many wonder why he became a merchant instead of a story teller. He often judges by appearances and will pick pocket anyone who seems to be “rich”. He doesn’t like people sticking around for too long around him and is very reluctant to share anything he owns. He doesn’t like people traveling with him, but beg long enough and he’ll finally give in and just let you travel with him. He’ll say that it’s only “temporary”, but travel long enough with him and though he’ll keep saying that it’s “temporary”, he will never force you to leave him, perhaps because he’s really quite lonely…? He will bite off more than he can chew at times, but doesn’t really do that unless he has a huge confidence boost.

Bio: Andy comes from a long line of merchants, so it was only expected that he be one too. At first he didn't want to, as he was much more interested in writing stories, but then he found a way to incorporate story telling into his job.

As he was growing up, he had a very rich and lavish childhood... materialistically. But his parents, or any of his relatives didn't really spend any time with him as they were too busy with their business and didn't want to associate with him, both sides, human and demon, calling him a 'bastard child' for being a hybrid. Only his parents didn't call him that, only because they thought of being a mix of both species as being a 'business opportunity' somehow. He didn't have many friends from him moving around all over the place, so he became used to being alone and actually began to try and not form bonds with others.

Theme Song: Merchant from Mars – Fishbear

Other: "Hey! This isn't just any piece of junk! It was owned by the not-so-renowned junk king..."

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Andy Kissel Daryel's Story