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Something seems fishy

a character in “Asylum”, as played by ShadtheWerepire

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Name: Alexander Blake

Nick Name: Alex or Zander (he prefers to not be called by his last name.)

Sex: Male

Sexual Orientation: Straight

Species: Shifter

Age: 18

Height:6’ 0’’



Future Goals In Life: Wanted to become a Marine Biologist, animals always fascinated him but the ocean’s still his favorite biome.

Handed (Right and/or left): Right

Tattoos/Piercings: None

Markings: (Assuming this means scars) hands are riddled with small scars from fishing hooks and cuts he got scaling fish.

Fears: claustrophobic

Likes: The ocean, Sharks, Cats, fishing.

Dislikes: lazy people, stuck up rich kids, neat-freaks

Strengths: Hard worker, semi-muscular, can navigate oceans.

Weaknesses: overly trusting

Personality: Calm and patient, Alex makes the perfect fisherman always watching waves go by while never getting caught in a storm. He’s a good friend, very trust worthy, but he tends to trust the wrong people and that can put him in dangerous or stressful situations.

History: Never knew his father but always lived on the coast where he was able to help by the dock at a young age and also where he learned all of the "secrets to life." Spending his days listening to old soggy sailors blabber on about fish stories of mermaids and Sirens, believing every single one of them. He fell off a boat late at night far from shore convinced he was going to drown he eventually blacked out from what he assumed was exhaustion. He woke up the next day on the beach only remembering an intense pain and then dreaming he was swimming through the water like a mako shark. His mom was worried when he arrived home late and didn't believe his fish stories, but he was convinced he had turned into a shark, but it was just brushed off as a child's imagination.

So begins...

Alexander Blake's Story