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What's Avalon?
Welcome to a world where magic is real and friendship is everything!

Avalon: Web of Magic is a sweeping series of young adult fantasy novels published by Seven Seas Entertainment and distributed through Tor Books. Written by Rachel Roberts, the series features a magical and adventurous storyline, with positive messages for young people ages 8-12. The twelve-book series supports a continuing story arc starring three teenage girls and their animal friends, that centers on themes of friendship, triumph over adversity and love for nature.

Magical animals from the world of Aldenmor have come through a portal at the Ravenswood Wildlife Preserve in Stonehill, Pennsylvania. Hurt, hungry, and barely alive, they seek three mages to save their world: a healer, a warrior, and a blazing star. Three teenage girls, Emily, Adriane, and Kara, the most unlikely of friends, discover they have been chosen. Together they will become mages and begin an extraordinary quest to find the home of all magic, a legendary place called Avalon.

But the animals did not come alone. The evil Dark Sorceress that hunted them is also searching for Avalon and will not stop until she gets what she wants: all of the magic.

How can Emily, Adriane, and Kara protect the animals of Ravenswood, hide the secret of magic, save the universe, and deal with high school? The answer arrives in one furry, constantly hungry and over-excitable being: a talking ferret named Ozzie! Ozzie is actually an elf sent to earth disguised as a ferret. He knows nothing about teenage girls but manages to teach them that bonding with animals and making friends creates the strongest magic of all.


Your Mage: Creating... You!
Your Profile Should Include...
NOTE: We will inform you or your class, stone, and element after accepting you into the site. You may list your top Mage class choice below.
1 - Your Mage name (True or made up)
2 - Your age (True or made up)
3 - Your gender (True or made up)
4 - Your top Mage class choice: (Warrior, Healer, or Blazing Star)
5 - Your Bonded animal + a DETAILED description including body or fur colour, and magical powers which must be limited.
6 - Your status (Do you wield the magic of Avalon, or the Evil magic of The Dark Sorceress?)
7 - Your base (Do you live in Stonehill, Ravenswood, OR the ancient land of Aldenmor?)
8 - Your DETAILED physical apperance, hair, eyes, skin... (NO MARY-SUE'S OR GARY-STUTTS!!!!! If you do not know what these are you should look them up before you create your Mage. I will be manually inspecting and accepting Mages, so don't BS me...)
9 - Your likes and dislikes
10 - Your element (We will assign you your element, stone, and class after reviewing your profile which must include the necessary info needed to give you your class and other magical items.)
11 - Your crush or Girlfrien/Boyfriend (You cannot be a GF or BF with your own, or another of your Mages! Go find somebody else!)
12 - Your E-MAIL!!! (Optional)
13 - Your Hobbies
14 - Other info related to your Mage or Avalon.
15 - Questions or Concerns welcome.

- NO CUSSING OR SWEARING! Your Mage will be deleted after two warnings from either me or my mods!
- Be respectful
- You cannot be a character from the books
- You cannot power-play or controll another person's Mage!
- RP AT LEAST ONCE A week, or be deleted on spot. (You can always re-join...)
- Be nice to new Mages
- Let others have a turn in the limelight
- NO text talk or IM-lingo. While it may be much easier for you to type, it's ALOT harder for others to read!
- No pregnacy or sex talk, Violators will be removed without a second warning!
- Check in every second month so that we can make sure you still exist if we haven't already...

Be Yourself
Your magic is directly tied to who you are. Each of us is different and has unique talents to share. Just as different elements combine to make powerful magic, so our own differences combine to make us stronger.
To Work the Magic, You Must Believe
Will power (the intent to use the magic) plus focus (the ability to visualize your intent) make the magic work. But neither of those is possible without a strong belief in yourself and in the magic.
Keep your mind clear and in focus. You can sometimes use singing, rhyming, humming, or other tricks of concentration to help focus your mind and eliminate outside distractions. Exercising and good health are key to keeping your mind sharp and clear. Magic jewels and magical animal friends all strengthen focus.
Be Creative
Explore your talents and always be open to learn new things. Magic often expresses itself in new and different ways. Don't be afraid to try new things-and remember that mistakes can be learning tools.
Friends Make Magic Stronger
Be a friend and you'll make friends. Friends working together make very strong magic!
Champion the Good and Defend the Weak
Helping others makes good magic. Spread good magic by helping.
Keep the Secret!
Mages will vow to keep any and all knowledge of the magic a secret.

The magic is with you now and forever!

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