Avalon: Web Of magic

Avalon: Web Of magic


3 mages must be found to save Alivon the web of magic...

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Magical animals from the world of Aldenmor have come through a portal at the Ravenswood Wildlife Preserve in Stonehill, Pennsylvania. Hurt, hungry, and barely alive, they seek three mages to save their world: a healer, a warrior, and a blazing star. Three teenage girls, Emily, Adriane, and Kara, the most unlikely of friends, discover they have been chosen. Together they will become mages and begin an extraordinary quest to find the home of all magic, a legendary place called Avalon.

But the animals did not come alone. The evil Dark Sorceress that hunted them is also searching for Avalon and will not stop until she gets what she wants: all of the magic.

How can Emily, Adriane, and Kara protect the animals of Ravenswood, hide the secret of magic, save the universe, and deal with high school? The answer arrives in one furry, constantly hungry and over-excitable being: a talking ferret named Ozzie! Ozzie is actually an elf sent to earth disguised as a ferret. He knows nothing about teenage girls but manages to teach them that bonding with animals and making friends creates the strongest magic of all.

Legend of the Magic Web

There is a web that connects our world with many others known as the Magic Web. At the center of the Magic Web lies the home of all magic, a place called Avalon. Avalon's magic kept the web strong, allowing good magic to flow along its strands to all worlds. It is said that in ancient times, doorways, or portals, connected Earth to the Magic Web and other worlds.

One such world was called Aldenmor. Aldenmor had lots of magic and creatures imbued with magic; our world had humans who, being innate problem-solvers and creative thinkers, were capable of using the magic. When humans and animals bonded, the humans became mages and the animals' magic grew much stronger. Gradually the mages learned to harness this power with jewels that could focus and store magic like batteries.

Mages and their bonded animals traveled to Avalon, working together and studying magic, testing the limits of their powers. But some mages turned dark, betraying their bondeds and taking magic for themselves. Mage fought against mage. In the end, the good mages could find only one solution to save the animals from the dark mages: close all the portals. Working together with their bondeds for the last time, the good mages sealed every portal on the Magic Web. Avalon disappeared, Aldenmor and Earth were no longer connected, and magic stopped flowing.

The magic web grew weak without Avalon's magic and began to fade away.

On Earth, magic was slowly forgotten. Stories of magic and wondrous creatures remained, but few believed them. Only a handful of mages guarded the portals, waiting for a sign, any sign, that the portals would open once again to reunite them with their bonded animals.

The Quest for Avalon

The portal between Earth and Aldenmor has opened once again. But the Magic Web is dying. New mages and magical animals have one last chance to work together and find the home of all magic: Avalon.

But the unthinkable has happened: a Dark Sorceress has risen to power on Aldenmor and her greed for magic is insatiable. The sorceress has been stealing magic from the animals of Aldenmor and storing it in giant crystals. Her failed experiments have created the poisonous Black Fire that has left her world sick and dying. Having drained nearly all of Aldenmor's magic, she too is searching for the legendary home of magic.

The guardians of Aldenmor, Fairimentals, are determined to find new human mages to work with magical animals. The most likely candidates are teenagers, ones old enough to take on the responsibility, but young enough to believe in the magic. They must find Avalon before the Dark Sorceress and use its magic to heal Aldenmor and the Magic Web. The Fairimentals have sent some of the last animals to a legendary sanctuary on Earth, the Ravenswood Wildlife Preserve, a place where mages and animals can be trained in magic.

But with the gateway finally opened, good magical creatures aren't the only ones crossing into our world. Evil ones are, too-including minions of the Dark Sorceress. Now, all worlds along the web are in danger. If the mages cannot find Avalon, the web will fall apart, permanently severing the connection between worlds. No human and magical animal will ever bond again, and magic will be lost forever. This is the last chance, the last hope to save the magic.

The mages. ( if you are one of the mages just copy/paste these for the profile if you want to but these are just the kind of outlines you need :) )


Age: 13 years old

Magical talent: Healer

Jewel: Rainbow healing jewel worn on silver bracelet.

Appearance: Auburn/red curly hair. Hazel eyes. Warm, friendly smile.

Personality: Easygoing. Loves animals. Helpful. Peacemaker.

Bonded animals: As a healer, Emily has a connection with all animals, but shares a special bond with Ozzie, Ariel, and Phel.

Skills: Healing. Highly empathic. ESP.

Facts: Moved from Colorado to Stonehill. Parents divorced. Helps veterinarian mom at Stonehill Animal Hospital, converted an old barn into the Pet Palace. Plays flute.

Background: Emily has a natural affinity for animals, having grown up around critters all her life. Her single mom is a veterinarian. She has learned to be fairly self?sufficient, due to her mom frequently being called out on emergencies, but she's confident in her mother's love and support. She is new to town, having just moved to Stonehill when her mother bought the animal hospital from a retiring veterinarian. Emily misses her old life and friends in Colorado. With a new home, new school, and newly divorced parents, Emily is lonely, and takes refuge with the animals at her mother's vet clinic.

Emily finds a rainbow jewel that helps focus her healing magic. Her strong musical abilities also help focus magic. Her affinity for animals will also manifest itself in a special way: in addition to the ability to communicate with magical animals, the magic will enhance Emily's ability to sense the feelings and intentions of non-magical animals, and to communicate with them.

Her magic will play an important part in healing the sick animals that are arriving from Aldenmor.

Although technically not a real animal, the ferret, Ozzie, has become Emily's self-appointed protector and best animal buddy.

Age: 13 years old

Magic: Warrior

Jewel: Golden wolf paw worn on black bracelet.

Appearance: Black eyes. Long straight black hair. Tall. Thin. Native American/French.

Personality: Tends to be a loner. Tough, no nonsense. Nature lover. Strong opinions. Strong willed. Loyal.

Bonded Animals: Stormbringer the mistwolf

Skills: Physical. Athletic. Stealth. The power to see and hear through Storm's eyes and ears.

Facts: Prefers black/dark colors. Plays a red Fender guitar. Lives on the Ravenswood Preserve near the Manor house with grandmother. Loves to run with Storm.

Background: Adriane lives with her Native American grandmother at the Ravenswood Preserve, while her artist parents travel the world. Adriane is perceived as the weird girl, always in black. She's a loner, more at home hiking in the woods than hanging out in a mall. She feels she'll never fit in or be special, and secretly this bothers her.
Adriane wears a wolf stone, a golden paw-shaped jewel. She is very protective of her magic - the last person she wants to share it with is Kara. Her magical abilities manifest themselves in the ways of nature and of physical things: strength, manipulating growing things (causing a tree branch to move) or enabling her to jump higher or run faster than normal. She seems to communicate with nature itself, feeling things around her that others cannot hear or see.
Adriane has an extremely strong bond with Stormbringer, a mistwolf. Stormbringer teaches her the ways of a warrior.

Age: 13 years old

Magic: Blazing Star

Jewel: None yet

Appearance: Long blond hair. Sparkling blue eyes. Dazzling smile.

Personality: Popular. Charming. Confident. Strong willed. Funny. Fashion savvy. Diplomatic.

Bonded animals: Lyra, winged cat; five dragonflies, but has a special bond with Goldie.

Skills: Amplifies other's magical powers with her touch. Novice Spellsinger. Power shopper. Attracts magical animals who love to bask in her glow.

Facts: Mayor's daughter. Brother named Kyle. Loves pink.

Background: Kara is rich, blonde, beautiful, and spoiled, the daughter of the town mayor and a hotshot lawyer who shower her with anything she wants. Kara is a social magnet and everyone seems to like her. Although she is constantly at odds with Adriane, Emily always steps in as peacemaker.
Kara is frustratingly-to her and to the others-clumsy at making magic work. But her magical talent is totally unique: she's a magnet for magic, and a natural magic amplifier. The magic likes her, and always works better when she is around. Through the magic, Kara will learn that you don't always have to be a star in order to shine, and that being a team player can have greater rewards than winning alone. Kara has no affinity for animals although she proudly considers herself a stuffed animal activist. When a magical cat, Lyra, picks her out as someone special, everyone is surprised-not the least herself, since she has never had a pet and would never have expected to care so much for an animal.



Species: Mistwolf

Magic: Turns into mist. Communicates telepathically with mages. Can shield others in her invisible mist.

Appearance: Powerful mistwolf with silver fur that fades to white. Golden eyes rimmed in charcoal.

Personality: Loyal. Fierce. Selfless.

Facts: Bonded to Adriane but loves all the mages.

Background: A magical mistwolf that has become best friends with Adriane. Storm is a shapeshifter, able to change to shadowy fog and clouds. Storm's bloodline goes back thousands of years, enabling her to tap into memories and visions of the past. Noble, courageous and true of heart, Storm is a true warrior. But unlike most mistwolves, Storm has developed a sense of humor and is not above practical jokes - especially with Ozzie, who occasionally resembles a tasty treat to carnivores.


Species: Flying cat

Magic: Speaks telepathically. Magical wings. Highly empathic.

Bonded: Kara.

Appearance: Large gold cat with black spots. Green gold eyes. Iridescent golden wings visible only to those in tune with magic.

Personality: Fierce. Protective. Fighter. Since bonding with Kara, has developed a keen wit.

Facts: Was a prisoner in the Dark Sorceress' dungeon. First magical animal that Emily healed.

Background: A magical winged leopard who was brought to the animal hospital badly burned by Black Fire. Lyra is dignified and very smart. She is extremely intuitive and can sense things no one else can. Lyra will help Kara become more sensitive to her magic as well as to others. Only mages can see Lyra's beautiful, magical wings.


Appearance: Tall, thin, red hair worn short

Personality: Caring. Works a lot. Loves all animals.

Facts: Emily's mom. Recently divorced. Moved to Stonehill to set up veterinarian practice. Loves to feed Ozzie lasagna.

Appearance: Long white braid. Lots of turquoise and silver jewelry. Native American

Personality: Spiritual. Supportive. Nature lover. Gives good advice. Understanding.

Magic: Has some knowledge of spirit world and magic.

Facts: Adriane's grandmother. Caretaker of Ravenswood Preserve. Drives beat-up old pickup.

Appearance: Tall. Distinguished. Brown hair with grey streaks.

Personality: Diplomatic. Indulgent.

Facts: Kara's dad. Mayor of Stonehill. Spoils Kara.

Appearance: Sophisticated. Stylish. Beautiful. Blonde.

Personality: Workaholic.

Facts: Kara's mom. Lawyer.

Appearance: Medium build. Brown hair. Beady eyes

Personality: Suspicious. Self-righteous. Determined. Busybody.

Facts: Stonehill Town Council. Wants to bulldoze Ravenswood Preserve and build a shopping mall and country club.

Appearance: Long gray hair, blue eyes, small round glasses

Personality: Elusive, mysterious, kindly

Magic: Wizard

Facts: Missing owner of Ravenswood. Expert with crystals and jewelcrafting.

Appearance: Teenage girl with short, dark brown hair, and dark eyes.

Personality: Knows everything about horses, friendly, helpful

Magic: Wears a turquoise pendant passed down through her family.
Seems to be tied to earth magic.

Screenname: desertrose

Facts: Helps her uncle, Texas Slim, run the Happy Trails Horse Ranch in New Mexico. Rides a brown and white paint pony, Apache. The first "outsider" to discover the mages' secret.

Appearance: Hazel eyes, curly auburn hair, handsome.

Personality: Loves music.

Facts: Emily's dad. Scientist. Amateur saxophonist.

Appearance: Dark hair, beautiful, always looks perfect.

Personality: Fashionable, cultured, urban.

Facts: Emily's new step mom. Curator of international art galleries.

Appearance: Wavy blond hair.

Personality: Popular. Stylish.

Screenname: beachbunny

Facts: Kara's friend. Helps her mom with catering.

Appearance: Long red hair.

Personality: Outgoing. Brassy.

Screenname: credhead

Facts: Kara's friend. Excellent singer.

Appearance: Short dark hair.

Personality: Follows the group. Friendly.

Screenname: goodgollymolly

Facts: Kara's friend. First of the gang to help Kara out at Ravenswood. Takes dance lessons.

Appearance: Frizzy brown hair, beady eyes.

Personality: Chatterbox. Insensitive. Annoying. Snoopy tattletale.

Facts: Mrs. Windor's niece. Plays flute in the school band.

Appearance: Tall. Sandy hair.

Personality: Fun loving. Practical joker.

Facts: Kara's brother.

Appearance: Wavy black hair. Cute.

Personality: Fun. Playful. Helpful.

Facts: Kyle's friend. Likes Adriane. Likes mechanics and computers.

Appearance: Tall. Curly light hair.

Personality: Nice but clueless.

Facts: Kyle's friend.

Appearance: Medium height. Short dark hair.

Personality: Easygoing. One of the group.

Facts: Kyle's friend. Writes songs.


Appearance: Snow white with turquoise, lavender and gold running through her wings. Sea blue eyes.

Magic: Speaks telepathically and out loud.

Personality: Helpful.

Facts: Healed by Emily after being infected with Black Fire. Shares special bond with Emily. One of the stars of the Ravenswood Wildlife Preserve tours.
RONIF (Quiffle)

Appearance: Silver white duck with flexible silver bill.

Personality: Knowledgeable. Helpful.

Magic: Supports the mages.

Facts: Helps out at Ravenswood Manor. Rasha's mate. Leader of the quiffles.
RASHA (Quiffle)

Appearance: Silver white duck with flexible silver bill.

Personality: Knowledgeable. Helpful.

Magic: Supports the mages.

Facts: Lives at Ravenswood Manor. Ronif's mate.

Appearance: Pony with colorful wings.

Magic: Supports the mages.

Personality: Knowledgeable. Helpful.

Facts: Lives at Ravenswood. Helps keep an eye on the mages and the preserve. Studies myths and legends.
EDDIE (Brimbee)

Appearance: Big blue rabbit with iridescent dark blue spots

Magic: Supports the mages.

Personality: Feisty. Playful.

Facts: Lives at Ravenswood.
ROMMEL (Wommel)

Koala-like bear with big round eyes.

Deer with long ears, purple eyes and green stripes. Herdbeasts from the hills of the Moorgroves.

Fox-like creature with a singsong voice.


Little white poodle

Golden retriever


Shepherd mix

Persian cat with green eyes



Appearance: Silver coat and eyes.

Magic: Turns into mist. Walks the spirit trail.

Personality: Caring. Strong. Proud.
Facts: bonded to Ariane

Appearance: Huge black mistwolf with golden eyes.

Magic: Can turn into mist. Walks the spirit trail. Has fairy map given to him by Adriane which shows him all the portals on Aldenmor.

Personality: Fierce. Stubborn. Proud.

Facts: Bonded to Ariane.


Mistwolf, "Warrior Wolf"

Magic: Magic tracker. Can turn into a cloud of mist. Speaks telepathically. Can walk the Spirit Trail.

Bonded: Adriane

Appearance: Black with white star mark on chest and white bands on each paw. Deep green eyes.

Personality: Loyal. Fierce. Playful.

Facts: Bonded to Adriane


Appearance: black hair,pale skin blue eyes
Magic: Projects strong magic.

Personality: Wiseguy.
Practical joker.

Facts: Loves to bother Ozzie and calls him "Fuzzy".


Appearance: Griffin - body of a lion, head of a bird, wings.

Personality: Fierce. Protective. Caring. Intelligent.

Magic: Communicates with bonded human.

((( I know what your all thinking..there are way to many spots to fill!! well no one has to play the animles just some of the bad guys and the family members..this is just to give a idea to everyone whats this is all bout! )

Image ( this is where all the magicl animles live )

The Mages: ( Emily, Adriane, and Kara )

Ariane:-Taken by Emily3456-

~Blazing Star~

Elf sent to find the mages but is stuck in a body of a ferret. ( can talk aloud ) -open-

( other people can join like friends or family member that are all listed above and more mages can join i think..)

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