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So what if I'm blind? I'm stronger than you!

a character in “Avatar The Last Airbender: Dawn of a New Day”, as played by chocolateloversuntie

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Character Sheet"
Name: Akara (Ah-Kar-rah)
Age: 15
Gender: Female
Height: 5'4
Weight:100 lbs
Personality: She has a strong-headed personality, very tough going and doesn't let things bother her. Even though of her blindness that happened when she messed with a fire bender she still pretends that it doesn't bug her. She is hot-headed and ussaully gets herself into fights.
Bending: Earth
Residing Nation: The Earth nation.
Goal/Occupation/Current Activity: Her Goal in life, no matter how stupid it may be is to get her sight back and to improve her earth bending.
Weapon: Two green fans that she keep in her waistband.


She has long black hair that falls past her waist and bangs that cover her eyes. If you do see her eyes they are a pale pale blue and are never infocused.

So begins...

Akara's Story