Hey Iluq

"You should know by now, you must never underestimate a mother."

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"Spirits, are you kids alright?!"

Full Name: Hey Iluq
Nicknames and Aliases: When she was young, she picked up "The Snowy Wolf" as a nickname, inspired by her fighting skills and white clothes. People nowadays try to call her by her title, but she usually tells them to just call her Hey. Or, depending on their age, Grandma and Auntie. Ianzok calls her Mum, due to her being his mother-in-law.
Gender: Female
Age: 65
Sexual Orientation: Bisexual

Element: She's not a bender

Hair Color: It used to be brown, but now it has faded to grey.
Eye Color: A bright aqua.
Height: 5'4"
Weight: 127 lbs

She has an elaborate blue tribal flower that coils from her right shoulder to her wrist
Just her earlobes
Many, varied and each one's got a story
Hey wears an abnormal amount of white clothes. She looks good for her age, even four children and three grandchildren later. Every now and then, Hey will get letters from Republic City that only she is allowed to read.
{Friendly, Kind, Loving, Protective}
Hey is a Mother, capital M. She loves like it's her one purpose in life, loves her kids, loves her people, loves her friends and family. People who cross her path will often find themselves a few hours later with a warm cup of tea and a blanket, talking to the tribe leader about their insecurities. And that's one of the fascinating things about her, she can win fights without lifting a finger, just by the power of her mothering. Mind you, just because she doesn't usually have to, doesn't mean she can't fight. After all, she was once the Snowy Wolf, and wolves protect their cubs at all costs. She's down-to-earth and practical, with some good nuggets of wisdom under her belt due to her age. She's had a couple of comments about the fact that she is the Southern Tribe Leader, despite being a non-bender, but she has never really seen either side of that debate as more or less powerful. She believes that everyone is powerful in their own ways, with their own strengths and weaknesses. Hey has a good sense of humour, and enjoys making jokes and playing pranks. Granted, it's very much the sense of humour of a gradnmother.

Even though she has so much love in her, when confronted with problems that threaten her people, family or friends, she is uncompromising. She is a mother first, but a leader as well. She defends what she cares for with every fibre of her being. Hey can be alarmingly cunning when she wants to be, and she's very good at reading people. She can even be somewhat vengeful, when harm has been done. She is an excellent tactician, even though, more often than not, if fighting breaks out, she places herself directly in the thick of it. She's also very good at simply keeping her tribe running, keeping her eye on everything that happens in the community. She tends to hold high expectations for the people around her, but she also somehow makes people want to reach those expectations, to avoid disappointing her. She is beloved in the Southern Water Tribe, and pretty much an unofficial relative to almost every family in the tribe.

Hey can't help but be somewhat alarmed by the Avatar and her companions. They're just children, the same age as her grandchildren! Spirits, one is her grandson! She intellectually understands that the Avatar is the Avatar from birth, but she just feels like it's unfair for such a large destiny to fall onto such a young girl's shoulders. She is absolutely determined that, whenever the Avatar falls into her midst, she will be treated as normally as possible, welcomed into Hey's wide, wide circle. The child deserves to have someone who cares about her as her first, and her status as Avatar second. Hey hopes the Avatar's companions will have done that as well, but you can never have too many.
Weapons Practice Hey practices with her twin clubs each and every day at the crack of dawn, without fail. It's gotten to the point that the populace get worried if they don't see her in her usual spot in the mornings.
Sparring She likes to stay sharp in her skills, and a good spar is perfect practice. Also, it can be a good way to spend quality time with people.
Working Hey likes to go the extra mile, put in the extra bit of work that doesn't need to be done. She doesn't feel it's a hardship to look after her people that bit better.
Painting Hey likes to paint, especially landscape views of sunrises.
Earrings Hey tends to fiddle with her earrings if she's anxious, worried or agitated in some way.
Leaning Hey leans on walls and doorways a lot. This can be a problem if someone opens a door she's leaning on, but it has also led to some interesting stories involving secret passageways.
Names Next to no one gets called by their actual name in her presence, unless on urgent business. It's usually an endearment of some kind, or a flat out nickname.
Jokes Hey likes to prank people when they leave her an opening for it. Her favourite is to convince people who have never seen her before that she isn't the Water Tribe Leader.
  • Her family
  • Her people
  • Her husband, Jun
  • The people around her being safe and happy
  • Children
  • The cold
  • Funny things
  • People being unnecessarily cruel or spiteful
  • Those who would harm her family and/or her people
  • Having to choose between her people or her family
  • Anyone who hurts children
  • Being thought of as a lesser tribe leader because of her lack of bending
  • People who take things too seriously
Her kindness Hey is immensely kind, to the point where she makes other people want to return the favour.
Her twin club skills She has retained much of the fighting skills that earned her the Snowy Wolf epithet in her youth. She can be terrifying on the battlefield.
Cunning Hey is a brilliant strategist and tactician, with an immense understanding of how to use terrain to her advantage.
Wisdom Hey has been around the block before, more blocks than most would imagine.

Weaknesses: (what are they bad at-as many or more than strengths)
Trusting Hey trusts too easily, sometimes. When she's warned away from someone, she often ignores it in favour of trying to help them make better of themselves. It doesn't always work.
Stubbornness Hey doesn't like to be told what she can and cannot do, or forced into situations against her will. If you tell her what to do, you just make her more unlikely to do it.
Her Age There's no two ways about it, she's pretty old. Her strength as a fighter has deteriorated a little, despite her best efforts. She's past her prime.
I Know Best She can sometimes think that she knows what's best for other people, without consulting them. She often tries to protect people from things they've never needed protection from.

Hey was born the third child of the Southern Water Tribe leader, and his only daughter. Her family was closely knit, and her childhood happy as anyone's. Their parents didn't like to do anything that would distance themselves from their children, so their mother was the one who trained her eldest brother, Han, in Waterbending, while their father taught her other brother, Hoi, and Hey how to use weapons. Han was something of a Golden Boy, which sometimes made people compare Hoi and Hey to him. Though neither of the two resented their brother, it wasn't like he could co anything about it, they did start to resent the way people would always mention it. Another thing which annoyed Hey was the fact that, because she was a girl, people would try to tell her what to do, even though she wasn't even likely to become the leader. Eventually, Hey decided to take action. She worked it all out with her family, and left the Southern Water Tribe for Republic city.

She enjoyed the anonymity the city offered, and worked a number of low profile jobs to find a nice little niche for herself. However, she also noticed underground crime rings, and fights breaking out. She started getting involved with these fights, or more bluntly, ending them. She came to be feared amongst the Republic City underground, and earned the Snowy Wolf epithet for her strength and cunning. The street she lived on quickly became one of the safest areas in Republic City from gangs. She met a young man called Jun. He was of Water Tribe descent, and worked fixing clocks in Republic City. After dating for two years, they married when Hey was twenty, and a year later produced their first child, Kenone. Hey and Jun went on to have four children, Kenone, Haru, Li and Michiko. Hey was in absolute bliss, with her family and her life in Republic City, and always staying in touch with her family back in the Southern Water Tribe. She missed home every now and then, especially when she spotted her eldest daughter Waterbending, but she loved how her life had turned out, giving her four beautiful babies and a wonderful husband. Hey took her family to the Southern Water Tribe every now and then, when family events were going on there. For instance, when Han took over the leadership position. Her parents and brothers were overjoyed at the children and husband Hey brought along, just glad that she had found her happiness.

Of course, Hey's children grew up into fine young men and women. One day, Kenone was fidgeting at the dinner table, and Hey finally asked what was the matter. That was how Hey found out her daughter had met the Fire Prince, Ianzok, and was quickly falling in love with him. Hey still laughs about that particular dinner conversation. Soon enough, Hey was attending her daughter's wedding to Ianzok, during which Jun cried. Afterwards, Hey insisted that Ianzok call her Mum, just as her own kids did. She didn't see any point to telling him of the fact that she was technically Water Tribe royalty, as it was unlikely to ever come up. However, come up, it did. A few months after Kenone had gotten married, a letter arrived from the Water Tribe, informing Hey that Hoi had been killed on his way to a diplomatic mission by a freak storm. Now, this was difficult news, which had Hey grieving for a good few months, but it was compounded when, just after Hey's first grandchild had been born, she recieved news that Han was on his deathbed. By this point, all of her children had grown up and left home, so, after passing on the news to them all that Uncle Han was ill, Hey and Jun headed for the Southern Water Tribe once more. Han died, but his last moments were spent surrounded by family and friends, and Hey took comfort that he went straight from their arms to Hoi's, and their parents.

It quickly became apparent that, with no heirs, and only one sibling left alive, the most obvious, and suiting, person to take over for Han would be Hey. She was somewhat reluctant, remembering the reason she left the Water Tribe, and worrying about her children back in Republic City. However, after a good deal of convincing from them, and promises to write to her a truly ludicrous amount, Hey accepted the position of the Southern Tribe Leader. However, she hadn't really gotten a chance to get in touch with Kenone during this difficult time, and only managed to inform her after the fact. This way, the first time Firelord Ianzok met with the new Southern Water Tribe leader, he was unaware that it was going to be his mother-in-law. The meeting began with an awkward silence, before Hey simply stated "I have something to explain", and it ended up much more pleasant and less formal than it may have been otherwise. Hey took well to governing the Southern Water Tribe, and she turned out to be a capable leader.

Hey was devastated when Kenone died. No mother should have to outlive her children, but she also understood that she wasn't the only one to have loved her daughter. She, Jun and their remaining children rallied around each other, Ianzok and Aonani as best they could over the distances between them, with many packages and letters sent between them. Hey tried to help Ianzok and Aonani with the rifts forming between them, especially with how Ianzok was helping to train his son from the backstage. However, she understood all too well how it was with having to choose your people and country or your family. She tried, and is still trying. She is in regular contact with her children, Ianzok, and Aonani, when she can get in touch with him. It bothers her how she doesn't get a chance to contact them as often as she'd like. She's not even sure if Aonani really knows who she is! She doesn't get chances to travel often, and it's usually all business, to her chagrin. She met Aonani once when he was very small, and she thinks that the boy likely doesn't remember it.

Face Claim: Kate - Tsuritama


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#, as written by Felilla
Book One: Hidden

Legend tells of a time long ago, when Benders were in a majority and technology fell short of prehistoric. Some of these legends start with the simple musings of a person who would soon become one of those legendary heroes. Perhaps these are stories you have heard? One simply word is a key to these tales. This word is simply the "Avatar".

So, you have heard the stories? Good. This will make everything much more simple for all of us. The legend I am going to begin is about journeys of a young Avatar, still ignorant to the ways of the world. However, this story is much different. How? It is very simple, actually. This story is different from the others because it takes place in a world where the Avatar has been nothing more than the whispering of folklore and where bending is a scarce as flying lemurs.

I guess it would be best to start this legend off like the others, wouldn't it? Then, I shall.

Long ago, the Avatar was a symbol of hope and prosperity. That all changed when Avatar Hotaru passed away. The cycle was expected to begin again as it always had, but when no Avatar was born for several decades, the Order of the White Lotus decided that the time of the Avatar had come and passed. The world fell into disarray for many years until all four Nations banded together. They brought peace and prosperity to the dying world.

That was centuries ago. The world has long since become comfortable with the idea of no Avatar as the "bridge between the spirit world and the human world" was severed and drifted into myth. Benders eventually became scarce as well, the art of element control slowly fading into the distance. It was no one's fault and there was nothing anyone could do to stop it. However, the ancient Order of the White Lotus made a prophecy that the Avatar would be reborn into a new life when a time of war came to the world.

Sixteen years ago, that prophecy became a reality when a small baby named Asha Jin was born. She was taken to the White Lotus not long after being found bending water, earth, and air around her nursery. The members of the Order were overjoyed, but also very distressed. If the Avatar was alive and well, then that could only mean a terrible evil was brewing below the surface of the seemingly perfect world. After more than a decade and a half, that evil still has yet to manifest, until now...