Jin Liu

"I would appreciate it greatly if you would stop shouting such bilge at me."

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a character in “Avatar: The New Legend”, originally authored by ボクセルちゃん, as played by RolePlayGateway



"There's absolutely no need for me to tell the truth. Besides, who is to say what's the truth and what's a lie?"

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Jin Liu (秀 劉) (Jin Lee-oo)

Nicknames and Aliases
She usually just goes by Jin because she does not like her last name. Nyx is also a fake name she goes by. She was also called the 2000 IQ Killjoy Detective by few.



Sexual Orientation

Earth Bender

Hair Color
A bright black almost to the point where it's blue. If the lighting is bright enough it actually looks blue.

Eye Color

Jin only one tattoo on her body and that is an Ouroboros wrapping around her upper right arm.
None, and she's pretty sure that she doesn't want too get piercings anywhere on her body any time soon.
Jin has many small scars that all have there own history about how she got them, though she rather not share that exact history.

She's always seen wearing either a button up shirt or jacket. Also, she's often perceived as boy because of her masculine looks and because she ties up her bust in bandages to even further hide her identity.


{Serious, Refined, Mature, Sophisticated, Persuasive, Mysterious}

Jin acts very mature in spite of her age. As a descendant of a respected lineage of famous spy's and detective, she wears formal clothing, and deepens her voice when she speaks in a sophisticated, stilted manner. While she finds this perfectly normal, other would think otherwise and may think of it to be a little bit odd. Even as a young age, she often assist her late grandfather in solving police cases as he was a detective. Jin tries her best to look and act like a professional, after all, appearances are the first thing a person notices when they look at you.

Jin is unnaturally serious. She rarely loosens up and it's even more rare for her to make a joke. This is the way she's been like for the majority of her life. Often, this makes people around her feel extremely intimidated even when there's truly nothing to be frightened about. Of course she has used this to her advantage multiple times in the past and she's sure that she will use it many times in the future. The only time that there isn't a serious look, or tone to her face it possibly whenever she's embarrassed, and she tries her best not to let that show physically.

It would be accurate to say that Jin's personality is one fine mix of elegance, maturity and intimidation. She definitely isn't one to take "No" for an answer, but this doesn't mean that she's stubborn. She'll simply try to persuade you into saying and in the end she gets what she wants. Though her persuasion doesn't always work on people, which she has to say it quite annoying. When it's the last straw she'll just try to intimidate you into to saying yes, and if it doesn't work out it doesn't work out and she gives up.

One thing is for certain that Jin does have a mysterious aura around her. She doesn't let anyone read her emotions, not because she doesn't want to them to know what she's truly feeling, but because she doesn't want her to know her intentions. She's learned how to mask her emotions very well over the past years since she started being a spy.

Thoughts About The Avatar
"Nothing about her truly concerns me. I know that she isn't quite experienced, there for she doesn't pose an immediate threat to me. Her companions however are an entirely different matter. I understand that they've been training with The White Lotus for quite some time since they're all orphans. I guess I'll have to deal with them whenever the time comes, as of right now I'll just continue to think that they never existed. I suppose we'll just have to see how things turn out, though that doesn't mean that I'll be letting my guard down around any of them, especially the Avatar."

It would be ludicrous to go into a certain mission completely blind to what you might be dealing with. Jin always makes sure to do to appropriate amount of research before she heads off to go do her thing. A lot of the times she'll overdue and find out every single little bit of information that there is to know about the place that she'll be infiltrating.

Practicing Defensive Bending
Jin prefers not to fight someone who could bend especially if she's on an espionage mission. It's one of the many reasons why she practices defensive bending instead of offensive. That and she bruises like a rotten peach, so she would rather not get hit with a rock.

While she often doesn't have the time to do it as much as she'd like to, reading is something that Jin enjoys very much and she wishes that she could do it often. The books she reads are rather thick, as she enjoys reading a lot. Most of the time she's just reads whatever she feels like reading, though at times she does enjoy reading the classics.
She has an extremely nasty habit of overworking herself often which usually leads to her being fatigued. It's not something that she notices, she just takes it as she's not getting enough sleep. She's had this habit for quite some time, and even when people tell her to slow down or take it easy she ignores them and goes about doing things like there's no more time left in the world.

Dealing with Anxiety
When feeling anxious or nervous Jin has the habit of tracing various shapes on the palm of her hand with her finger. She is unaware that she does this, even when others tell her so. Whenever she does this it's not extremely noticeable unless your actually know what your looking for. Jin's been doing this since she was eleven and she still continues to do it too this day.

Easily Embarrassed
While she doesn't seem to look or act like the one to do so, Jin is in fact embarrassed by even the smallest of things. Mostly her reaction will be light blush that becomes darker the more she's embarrassed. She tries to hid her embarrassment by turning he face away from the person she's talking too. Either that or hiding her face in her button up jacket.

•Warm Weather
•Tea made from the rare White Dragon Bush.
•A wide array of food.
•Classical Music
•Learning New Information
•Successfully Carrying Out a Mission
•Foreign Foods

•Being Caught On a Mission
•Heavy Rain
•Staying in One Location for Too Long
•Common Tea
•Eating the Same Thing
•Sour Foods
•Being Woken Up During A Good Nap
•The Leader (Savior)-"While I do believe in his cause I only believe in it to a certain degree. I don't think killing the Avatar is the right correct way to go about it. But of course, I have no say in the matter. Though I don't think it would be in my best interest to go against him."

Flexible - Jin's body was put under intense training during the time she was accepted into the Tsumi Ribāsu.
Acrobatics - Jin has an unusually amount of training in Acrobatics when she was young, practically meaning that she can preform amazing flips and jumps to dodge things if the need arises.
Master Sleuth - Tying in with the fact that she's a spy, she is extremely skilled in recon and investigating areas that she may or may not be allowed into.
Hand To Hand Combat - This would be the thing that she's most proficient at. While she lacks in bending, she's incredible skilled at Hand to Hand Combat. Which is why she would rather fight someone up close and personal then fight someone using bending.
Intelligence - While it might not be put to good uses depending on who you ask. Lin is truly what one might call a genius, even if she may use that against people.
Lying - Jin is extremely capable of lying her way out of bad situations, and she knows that very well herself.
Chi Blocking - While she's not extremely good at it, she's decent enough to be able to block your chi effectively. This is usually her main defense, as she rather not risk bending.
Aggresive Bending/ Bending in General - She's not the best at fighting with bending. So she tries to avoid all of it as much as possible as she doesn't think it would end very well. She rather not bend at all to be honest.
Physically Weak - Sadly, Jin doesn't have much muscle on her body, and the fact that she bruises extremely easily.
Cooking - You don't want to even smell her cooking, that's all you need to know.
Extremely Serious - At times, Jin can be unnecessarily serious, it's something that's just part of her personality.
Mysterious - Jin truly is a mysterious person. Not even the people that she works with everyday of her life fully understand her, and that's just the way she wants to keep it.
Thanatophobia - This is an extremely ironic weakness to have considering that being a spy she puts her life in danger everyday.
Acrophobia - Heights are something that Jin can deal with, but if it's optional she rather not go inside tall buildings.

Jin was born into a respected lineage of famous detectives, spies and many other things of the sort in Republic City. This also meant that her fate was decided on the day that she was born and she would grow up to be like her past relatives. None of this bothered Jin a single bit, as she found that being a spy would prove to be interesting. That was the goal she would work towards since day one. Jin didn't have any other siblings and while she did feel lonely from time to time, that was easily replaced with interest whenever she learned about the Avatar.

She had learned this from old books in her father's study. Whenever he would leave for work, she would sneak in and read as many books as she could before she heard her dad walk through the front door to the house. She learned about many past Avatars like Aang, Roku and Kyoshi. Jin continued this for quite some time.

She also learned that there hasn't been another Avatar for quite some time, and it lead her to wonder exactly why something like that would happen. Though she tried not to dwell on that thought for too long and continued to read through the vast number of books in her father's study. Her father's study also contained case files from cold cases and things of the like that she would try to challenge herself to solve with what little knowledge there was. She actually solved one of them, further showing that she is a true genius indeed.

It was around the age of eleven that she began to help her grandfather with his cases. Though she wouldn't actually go out on the field she would help him come up with theories and many other things. This was her grandfathers way of getting her to think and act like a detective early on. It would be accurate to say that it worked out in his favor after all. When Jin was around the age of fourteen did her grandfather let her take up her own cases as a detective. While it wasn't much of a surprise, she was incredibly good at solving them. Jin found great joy in being a detective and it was something that she enjoyed doing greatly.

After Jin's grandfather had been killed, Jin had been visiting Republic City for research on an investigation of hers. She met a strange man with a mask would simple went by the name Leader asking her to join his cause. She mulled it over for quite some time before she decided to join him, but not for the reason that most people would think. Even when asked what her reason was for joining, she would give an extremely vague answer, refusing to give them a straight answer. She trained under the Tsumi Ribāsu for quite some time as a spy, and that has brought her to were she is today.

Face Claim
Naoto Shirogane-Persona 4 The Animation

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Jin Liu's Story

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#, as written by Felilla
Book One: Hidden

Legend tells of a time long ago, when Benders were in a majority and technology fell short of prehistoric. Some of these legends start with the simple musings of a person who would soon become one of those legendary heroes. Perhaps these are stories you have heard? One simply word is a key to these tales. This word is simply the "Avatar".

So, you have heard the stories? Good. This will make everything much more simple for all of us. The legend I am going to begin is about journeys of a young Avatar, still ignorant to the ways of the world. However, this story is much different. How? It is very simple, actually. This story is different from the others because it takes place in a world where the Avatar has been nothing more than the whispering of folklore and where bending is a scarce as flying lemurs.

I guess it would be best to start this legend off like the others, wouldn't it? Then, I shall.

Long ago, the Avatar was a symbol of hope and prosperity. That all changed when Avatar Hotaru passed away. The cycle was expected to begin again as it always had, but when no Avatar was born for several decades, the Order of the White Lotus decided that the time of the Avatar had come and passed. The world fell into disarray for many years until all four Nations banded together. They brought peace and prosperity to the dying world.

That was centuries ago. The world has long since become comfortable with the idea of no Avatar as the "bridge between the spirit world and the human world" was severed and drifted into myth. Benders eventually became scarce as well, the art of element control slowly fading into the distance. It was no one's fault and there was nothing anyone could do to stop it. However, the ancient Order of the White Lotus made a prophecy that the Avatar would be reborn into a new life when a time of war came to the world.

Sixteen years ago, that prophecy became a reality when a small baby named Asha Jin was born. She was taken to the White Lotus not long after being found bending water, earth, and air around her nursery. The members of the Order were overjoyed, but also very distressed. If the Avatar was alive and well, then that could only mean a terrible evil was brewing below the surface of the seemingly perfect world. After more than a decade and a half, that evil still has yet to manifest, until now...