Manaka Teju

"Sometimes the truth is the cruelest thing of all."

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"The hunted has now become the hunter"

[ImageFull Name: Manaka Teju
Nicknames and Aliases: Miki (Little One), Akumu (The Nightmare)
Gender: Female
Age: 18
Sexual Orientation: Straight

Element: Air

ImageHair Color: Long wispy hair is the color of summer roses with bangs that fall above her eyes and annoy her to no end.
Eye Color: Blue puddles that reflect the colors around her, a trait passed down from Aang himself.
Height: 5'2
Weight: 110 Ibs

Tattoos: She has one on her hip of a lotus flower

Piercings: None
Scars: A healthy amount of childhood scars and one going across her stomach from a fight.
Oddities: Tons, she twirls her hair when thinking and bites down on her lip when upset.

{ Smart, Kind, Trickester, Killer, Respectable }
A mostly indifferent girl whose hair is louder than her opinions, Manaka is the quiet one with a killer instinct. Manaka has always been handy with weapons, but when she was discovered and trained her abilities became exceptional. Manaka's opinion on the Avatar does not matter for it won't make a difference, but she believes the Avatar is an arbitrary figurehead, a Pai Sho piece for the leaders of the universe to toy around with and play peace. Her goal in life is to not be bothered by the antics around her, but as long as she continues to get a bed and warm food, Manaka will carry out the will of the leader.
  • Archery || She's been a champion archer since she was young.
  • Knife throwing || A new skill she has recently picked up, very useful for the job she has.
  • Painting || A sort of out of place hobby that relaxes her.
  • Cleaning || Everything has a place and if something is where it shouldn't be then Manaka freaks out.
  • Pinching || The bridge of her nose, but only when there is something of disinterest before her.
  • Bending || Her bending is a habit in itself due to the fact that when she gets bored, she has made a habit out of making little tornadoes.
  • Fall || A time when her hair is as fiery as the earth around her.
  • Chocolate || An unfortunate weakness.
  • The sun || Sometimes the others joke that Manaka is solar powered.
  • Painting || It relaxes her.
  • Singing || More of a secret than anything, Manaka sings in secret because she doesn't believe she is good.

  • Loud noises || Her ears are as sensitive as an animal and loud noises scare her.
  • Pi Sho || An idiotic game in which a secret organization was formed from; she was once a part of the Lotus.
  • The Avatar || She's a bit arbitrary and far too young for everyone to be making a big deal of.
  • Stereotypes || They are as much of a nuisance as Pi Sho.
  • Being alone || Being forever alone is her greatest fear.

  • Sneaking || You have to be good at sneaking around when you're an assassin.
  • Weapons || One of her hobbies as well, she is great with nearly any weapon.
  • Cooking || A surprising strength not many people know about.
  • Negotiating || Manaka is a tough broker.


~Chocolate || It is her greatest enemy and best friend.
~Friendly || Manaka is not friendly, therefore she does not have many acquaintances.
~Neck || If you touch the back of her neck she completely shuts down, it is her Achilles heel.
~Water || Manaka nearly drowned as a child and is scared of it.
~Indifference || This is the attitude she had adapted and it seems that this may lead to her end.

History: Born in a tribe of ice her parents were forced to kill themselves by order of the tribe leader, leaving Manaka with a "goodbye," and "I love you," that she would never remember. The girl was forced into home after home and being the only Air Bender in a small tribe in the South Pole meant that she was given chores no one else could do. It was on a particularly hungry winter night that Manaka was picked up for her archery skills by the White Lotus with the promise of food and never having to move from home to home again. It was a deal that quite frankly, Manaka could not pass up. So she left the South Pole and headed to Republic City, where they honed her skills and trained her as a security guard to protect and serve the people. She had a fine time meeting people from around the world, traveling with the Order of the White Lotus until one night it all changed. Manaka was framed for an attempted murder on the King of the Earth Kingdom and was thrown in jail.
She didn't do it, in fact, Manaka saved the Earth King's life and took quite a few hits before going down, but the only one left in the room after the convicts escaped was her. She tried to explain herself, that they had come in from the window and she had heard the shattering of glass so she entered the bedroom without permission, but with good reason and the people she had once believed to be her friends turned on her, they stripped Manaka of her title and even considered execution. The red head did the only thing she could think of to escape her death sentence; escape.
With nothing more than a prison uniform and a glider she stole from a fellow air bender, Manaka made her way to the lower ring of Basingsai in hopes of finding her way out from the impenetrable city. What she found, however, was a man that went simply by The Leader, one who had a vision for the future. Saying goodbye to the old ways of life, she went with him, believing in his vision for the future and wanting to bring down the White Lotus, to make them pay for what they did to her.

Face Claim: Akizuki Maria

So begins...

Manaka Teju's Story

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#, as written by Felilla
Book One: Hidden

Legend tells of a time long ago, when Benders were in a majority and technology fell short of prehistoric. Some of these legends start with the simple musings of a person who would soon become one of those legendary heroes. Perhaps these are stories you have heard? One simply word is a key to these tales. This word is simply the "Avatar".

So, you have heard the stories? Good. This will make everything much more simple for all of us. The legend I am going to begin is about journeys of a young Avatar, still ignorant to the ways of the world. However, this story is much different. How? It is very simple, actually. This story is different from the others because it takes place in a world where the Avatar has been nothing more than the whispering of folklore and where bending is a scarce as flying lemurs.

I guess it would be best to start this legend off like the others, wouldn't it? Then, I shall.

Long ago, the Avatar was a symbol of hope and prosperity. That all changed when Avatar Hotaru passed away. The cycle was expected to begin again as it always had, but when no Avatar was born for several decades, the Order of the White Lotus decided that the time of the Avatar had come and passed. The world fell into disarray for many years until all four Nations banded together. They brought peace and prosperity to the dying world.

That was centuries ago. The world has long since become comfortable with the idea of no Avatar as the "bridge between the spirit world and the human world" was severed and drifted into myth. Benders eventually became scarce as well, the art of element control slowly fading into the distance. It was no one's fault and there was nothing anyone could do to stop it. However, the ancient Order of the White Lotus made a prophecy that the Avatar would be reborn into a new life when a time of war came to the world.

Sixteen years ago, that prophecy became a reality when a small baby named Asha Jin was born. She was taken to the White Lotus not long after being found bending water, earth, and air around her nursery. The members of the Order were overjoyed, but also very distressed. If the Avatar was alive and well, then that could only mean a terrible evil was brewing below the surface of the seemingly perfect world. After more than a decade and a half, that evil still has yet to manifest, until now...

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She was walking through what some would consider a nightmare, her feet crunching across broken house and blown up pavement. "Why are you doing this?" The man in a White Lotus uniform cowered in defeat on a pile of ruin. A slow smile crept across her delicate red lips as she removed her gloves, licking them in anticipation and excitement. "Because," she tucked her gloves into her belt so as not to get them dirty, or maybe it was for dramatic affect. "You don't deserve to be saved!" With a jump and movement of her arms a whirlwind passed through them, picking up the sharpest objects it could find and slicing through the man like scissors on paper. The sickening crack of his bones, the wonderful sound of his skin ripping and the blood, so much blood; it was exhilarating. With her same quiet smile, Manaka replaced her gloves back on her hands and turned around, boots crunching once more on broken glass and crushed dreams.

A whistle went past her ear and quickly, she stopped the flood of bullets that was about to pepper her body like rice bags through a corn hole. She could feel the pressure around her drop, Manaka's ears popping as she formed a shield of constant moving air so as not to get hit by a metal ball. Manaka picked up her pace, her purple coat flapping around her as she danced across the grounds of the facility that she used to guard.

"None of you deserve to be saved."

It was fabulous really to watch her once allies burn, the sound of their screams was music to her ears. Manaka stepped through the frame of what once could have been a door, or possibly a wall, it didn't matter now though. Shoes still on despite the strict rule of no footwear in the house (how wonderful it felt to commit the smallest of infractions!) Manaka put her air shield down and picked an arrow out of her quiver, loading it into the bow so as not to alert anyone of her presence. On silent feet she crept across the corridor to the main room where she discovered two already dead. "Oh come on," Manaka quietly whined. "You couldn't leave any for me?" She huffed and continued on in silence, doing a three sixty to make sure that there was nothing behind her. In a dark hallway she heard the sound of breathing and cocked her head to the side before throwing open a broken door to find a woman huddled in the corner like the cowering man she had killed earlier. With a hunters instinct she let the arrow fly, watching as it sunk into the Lotus member's throat.

A child flew out from another room, hardly ten years old with beautiful blond hair and piercing green eyes. "You killed her!" The boy screamed, hugging the woman who most likely had been his mother. Unleashing another arrow, the boy fell just as quickly as he entered. With a rock in her stomach, Manaka stepped forward and gazed into his startling green eyes that would never see again. He was too young to die, but her survival was detrimental. With that kill her need to demolish dissipated and Manaka fell against the bamboo wall herself, feeling out of breath. "What have I done?" She asked no one as the realization sunk in. "What have I become?" It didn't matter though, because for the Leader Manaka would kill until she was the last person on earth.