"Regret strikes, then you question everything and everyone you've always known."

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"I have never known regret such as I do now."

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140 lbs.

Fire coming over his right shoulder
Various scars around his body as well as a long thin white one on his calf
Shang nightmares about killing someone


{Insecure, Guilt Ridden, Uncertain, Dislikes Attention}
Shang is not one to talk to people without being provoked unless he knows them very well. He hopes that he will get better with his shyness though he's seen no progress since his childhood except for when he was with Siku. Shang doesn't know how to handle different emotions that come to him while he goes on missions or works, but hopes he can figure them out soon enough with everything that's going on.

Shang is very down on himself, not believing himself to be good enough and not wanting to draw attention for himself. He hates being the center of a conversation or participating in a conversation and is always working towards getting away from crowds or avoiding people should he be able to.

Shang is uncertain about the avatar. He has always been taught to hate her and all her friends though now he is uncertain and trying to understand why people would rather have her help them than his father. He hopes to talk with her at some point to understand her more though he isn't sure.


Shang hates attention and will do what he can to avoid it including hiding from others when he can. He is extremely good at hiding in the shadows and is always able to avoid unwanted eyes unless his father or others he knows are around.

Shang is an amazing drawer after learning from Siku. He is gifted with the art and is able to really capture pictures with an brush and ink. Shang doesn't like to draw so much any more because of the memory of who taught him, yet he would never hesitate to paint if he can't get her out of his head.

Shang will run to stay in shape and feel the wind on his face as well as the freedom it brings him. He loves that he can run wherever he wants whenever he wants and appreciates it more than most people can.
Shang will scowl when he is thinking something through. He can't help it unless he's told he's doing it in which case he can stop, though it'll come back a second later when he remembers.

Shang can't sleep certain nights. He just won't go to sleep even if he lays there all night with his eyes closed in his bed. His sleepless nights usually end with him reading or trying to see why he is skeptical about his father and their work.

Shang can't stand being late and will be early even if he is the first one there. Shang is usually one of the first people there if not the first and hates being first which is another problem he can't stand though it is easier than being late.

  • Reading
  • Drawing
  • Sneaking out
  • Dreaming
  • Swords
  • Running
  • Hiding
  • Small Crowds
  • Children
  • Killing
  • Hurting someone
  • Fighting
  • Winning all the time
  • Large Crowds
  • Parties
  • Agni Kais
  • Dancing
  • Hiding
  • Drawing
  • Bending
  • Swordplay/fighting
  • Loving
  • Fighting Hand to Hand
  • Various fighting styles
  • Strength
  • Dancing
  • Fighting
  • Gullible
  • Doesn't trust

When Shang was born, his mother died. He never knew her and wondered what she would be like growing up. He was always told he was an accident by nearly everyone. He rarely talked with his father properly, more often than not taking orders and carrying them out.

As he got older, Shang began to question his father's reasons and why he was doing what he was doing. He began to sneak away in his spare time and grew to know and love a young water tribe girl named Siku. The two were always together and Shang began to be careless, forgetting to sneak into the town where she lived.

When Shang turned fifteen, one of his fathers assassins, his best friend, caught him and killed Siku, resulting with a furious Shang. Shang challenged hs best friend to an Agni Kai and the two fought until Shang won, striking the other boy when it was not honorable, though he was blinded by rage and didn't see it. Shang returned and was different as he went on in life. Shang is and has been unsure about his feelings of the world and has done his best to not show it as he tries to figure things out. He hates himself for killing his best friend, but also regrets being with Siku because of what happened.

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Guy Cecil || Tales of the Abyss

So begins...

Shangmu's Story

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#, as written by Felilla
Book One: Hidden

Legend tells of a time long ago, when Benders were in a majority and technology fell short of prehistoric. Some of these legends start with the simple musings of a person who would soon become one of those legendary heroes. Perhaps these are stories you have heard? One simply word is a key to these tales. This word is simply the "Avatar".

So, you have heard the stories? Good. This will make everything much more simple for all of us. The legend I am going to begin is about journeys of a young Avatar, still ignorant to the ways of the world. However, this story is much different. How? It is very simple, actually. This story is different from the others because it takes place in a world where the Avatar has been nothing more than the whispering of folklore and where bending is a scarce as flying lemurs.

I guess it would be best to start this legend off like the others, wouldn't it? Then, I shall.

Long ago, the Avatar was a symbol of hope and prosperity. That all changed when Avatar Hotaru passed away. The cycle was expected to begin again as it always had, but when no Avatar was born for several decades, the Order of the White Lotus decided that the time of the Avatar had come and passed. The world fell into disarray for many years until all four Nations banded together. They brought peace and prosperity to the dying world.

That was centuries ago. The world has long since become comfortable with the idea of no Avatar as the "bridge between the spirit world and the human world" was severed and drifted into myth. Benders eventually became scarce as well, the art of element control slowly fading into the distance. It was no one's fault and there was nothing anyone could do to stop it. However, the ancient Order of the White Lotus made a prophecy that the Avatar would be reborn into a new life when a time of war came to the world.

Sixteen years ago, that prophecy became a reality when a small baby named Asha Jin was born. She was taken to the White Lotus not long after being found bending water, earth, and air around her nursery. The members of the Order were overjoyed, but also very distressed. If the Avatar was alive and well, then that could only mean a terrible evil was brewing below the surface of the seemingly perfect world. After more than a decade and a half, that evil still has yet to manifest, until now...

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Shang looked down at the bloodied sword in his hand. He hated the fights that resulted with blood. He could have just used whatever power he had to kill many people around him, but he couldn't control it and it would be pointless. Shang instead used his sword though he hated the red on it. He hadn't killed anyone yet, just injured them, then locked them in a room somewhere. He wondered where some of the others were since he hadn't seen them, or the avatar quite yet.

The others might be steering clear of him because of his father, but that wasn't his fault, and he was doing fine without them. He wore a white mask, with blue streaks on his cheekbones that ended middway under the eye. It looked faintly like his fathers though not enough that it was a big deal to him.

Dodging another attack, a white lotus member's white robes grew red as Shang cut his leg, crippling the man's attack. He shoved the man against the wall, his head hitting the wall, then took off running. He wasn't going to kill the guy and it would certainly look like he was dead.

He looked up from a corpse on the ground in time to see his father laughing. Looking up, Shang saw what looked like a bison in the distance. He bit his lip behind his mask. The avatar had gotten away and now they would have to search for her. He wasn't sure whether he wanted to or not, but he did know that he was going to figure something out since he was going to have to go back to the group that wanted to kill her.

His father laughed as if the death all around them wasn't a horrifying thing. Shang shrugged inwardly at his inability to do anything and reached down to cut of the tail end off a robe of a white lotus member. He wiped the red blooded sword on the cloth and sheathed it without looking at the glassy eyes man.

In the room further on lays a woman who looked to be dead, her body not moving. Shang looked up at the flying avatar once again and felt a pang in his stomach, he wasn't sure what it was, so he pushed it off.

"Where are they going?" Shang asks his father without looking away from the retreating figures of the avatar and her friends.