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A petty criminal signs a deal with the devil for immortality, and uses his new lease on life to become the richest man alive. However, when everything starts to fall through, will our hero be able to set things right?

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Imagine, if you will, the gift of eternal life. The ability to exist forever, infinitely beyond the average lifespan of your normal meatbag human, to encounter things that not even your children's children's children will live to see. The ability to exist without fear of being ended.

What could be wrong with that, you ask? Well, Vittorio (Victor) Scarpetta has an answer to that.

Vittorio was born in New York City some time in the mid-19th century, the youngest of five children, fathered impoverished Sicilian immigrants. Vittorio spent his early life barely scraping by as his parents, brothers and sisters worked to keep a (leaky) roof over their heads and (meager) food on the table. As the young boy grew into a young man, Victor decided that a level of poverty such as this was just short of a Shakespearean tragedy and so decided to make it rich. Vittorio turned to a life of crime at the tender age of seventeen, picking pockets and committing small time thefts to get a little extra food on the table here, a hack-job roof repair there.

For five years Vittorio slowly and steadily upgraded his crimes in ambition and payout, until a snowy day in January changed the young Italian-American's life forever. A botched bank robbery found Vittorio shot full of holes and dying in the street, his lifeblood spilling out into the gutter before him. Suddenly, out of the corner of his eye, a man in all black approached from the edge of the police cordon out front, holding a pen and a piece of parchment. He offered Vittorio a deal, a chance to live forever on one condition - that every year, Vittorio leave fifteen percent of his annual takings in the basement of a destroyed church somewhere in the city.

Vittorio signed on the dotted line without a moment's hesitation, and awakened the next day in the city morgue, all of his wounds healed and his life restored to him.

Weeks passed, then years, then decades, then centuries. Vittorio grew from a small-time thief to a major criminal to both one of the richest men on Earth and one of its most wanted criminals. He was hidden behind a barrier from the criminal justice system, both physically and legally - he lived in a palatial estate somewhere in Colorado, guarded by massive walls and round-the-clock sentries, and he had at his beck and call a battery of the world's greatest lawyers and attorneys and a massive fortune set aside specifically as "hush-money". Vittorio lived the debauched lifestyle of a millionaire playboy, hosting lavish parties and buying expensive cars and manors across the world, his visage eternally unscarred and unravaged by time, remaining forever the young, vital 22-year-old of all those many years ago.

But this money and power went to his head, and one year Vittorio forgot his deal with the strange man in black. This man turned out to be the devil, and the devil does not like being forgotten. So he began playing tricks on Vittorio - setting up massive crimes, causing raids to fail and leaving a massive, impossible-to-miss breadcrumb trail of evidence back to him that both international police forces, shamed criminal families and national governments quickly got on. The devil himself sent his top man after Vittorio to collect on his debt - to revoke his immortality, inflicting upon him a thousand fold the ravages of time and alcoholism. Vittorio went on with his playboy lifestyle, unaware of the maelstrom whirling right upon his proverbial doorstep.

That is, until tonight... Vittorio's most lavish party yet, an invitation of all of his greatest liaisons and pretty much everyone who is anyone showing up to enjoy the night of their lives... Only to find out that it will rapidly become an epic tale of life, death, violence, crime, adventure, action, occult power and one man's quest to cheat the ultimate force of evil in the universe and Avoid the Inevitable.


Hoo boy, sounds fun, doesn't it? So basically the roleplay starts out the night of Vittorio's Grand Ball, and all of you are attending - some of you are just average folks, some of you can be occultists on the big man's payroll, researching the devil and all that, some of you are hired soldiers, basically you can be whatever - and you're having a blast when all hell breaks loose, the Devil's infiltrator reveals himself and aforementioned international task force and gang mooks start showing up, all seeking to blast Vittorio. You're going to have to help Vittorio find a way out of his predicament, all while keeping yourselves alive and fending off the forces of an Interpol Task Force, every criminal organisation ever and even Old Scratch himself until Victor can get you guys out of this jam.

Sound good? Or sound shitty? Either way, tell me so, roll up a character and join the crazy.


The GM of this roleplay hasn't created any rules! You can do whatever you like!

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Character Portrait: Walter "Pockets" Ereptor
0 sightings Walter "Pockets" Ereptor played by NewKidOnTheBlock
A tinkerer and aspiring thief hoping to gain underground attention--by thieving from the world's biggest criminal.


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Character Portrait: Walter "Pockets" Ereptor
0 sightings Walter "Pockets" Ereptor played by NewKidOnTheBlock
A tinkerer and aspiring thief hoping to gain underground attention--by thieving from the world's biggest criminal.

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Walter sipped at the champagne he had been brought. He smiled at the people who walked by, some of them famous, and others, not. In either case they would not recognize him.

He looked around, his gold-rimmed glasses glinting in the chandelier's light. He was looking for the man of the party; 'Vittorio', the world's largest-wanted criminal. He searched with his hazel eyes, finally arriving upon the young Sicilian man. He seemingly adjusted his glasses, which, unbeknownst to any but him, caused the vision to zoom in, detailing the face of Vittorio perfectly. Walter drained the last of his glass, setting it on a passing waiter's tray. He then put his hands in his pockets and walked nonchalantly over.

He approached with a large smile and an open handshake. "Hello, Mr. Vittorio. I'm Walter Ereptor."

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Re: [OOC] Avoiding the Inevitable

On another note, perhaps you should advertise on the "Players Wanted" thread. I'd really hate to play alone...and multiple characters would be something I wish not to do.

Re: [OOC] Avoiding the Inevitable

Hey, I like this idea. Something I can definetly run with.

Just wondering, though, is Vittinio going to be played by you (or anyone else), or is he going to be a character which no one really controls, but puts in their posts (i.e., in one of my posts with Walter, "Walter got an odd look from Vittinio. 'Are you nuts?!'")

[OOC] Avoiding the Inevitable

Dis is tha IC. Rite hurr.

So if you want to bring anything up with me, have any questions or complaints you don't want to PM or if you just want to extol my virtues like a god on high (unlikely), post up here.