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Joseph is the current standing Teacher for Psychology, Social Studies, Self Control and Adaptation.

a character in “Avolair Academy: School for the Supernatural”, as played by Nyxeth

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Name: Joseph Richard Lancelot Fox

Age: 27

Gender: Male

Orientation: Heterosexual


Race: Human

Type: N/A

Appearance: Joseph is of moderate height, not one to be tall or one to be short, roughly 5'11. He is on a moderate build, athletic enough to be able to run, punch and kick the common place person out but would not be able to keep up with anyone whom is pushing their own physical prowess seriously. Otherwise there is nothing amazing about him, nothing that would strike interest or garner attention compared to the next person, he has a dull black hair colouring and his eyes seem to be a faded green, as if the spark of life was snuffed out of them a while ago.

Joseph's attire is more, old fashioned. English born and bred, at times he looks like he belongs in the black and white movies of the late 1800's and early 1900's. But don't let that fool you, he can often be found in more recent clothing, but he can also be found sporting the outfits from the 70's and 80's.

Weapon: N/A

Abilities: N/A

Weaknesses: He is human, yup, nothing fancy about him. Fairly sure a strong blow to the head would kill him as would severe temperatures, loss of blood or oxygen... you know, the usual.

Signature ability: He seems to enjoy immunity to much of the political nature of the academy, being relatively speaking above many of the noble families enrolled there. Past actions perhaps?

Race characteristics: Weak, prone to starting wars, requires oxygen and seven hours of sleep a day along with three square meals!

Personality: Smiling, kind and thoughtful, generally one to help and one to be quite open on subjects, he rarely spends time to reflect though as his sharp wit and mind often do much in the time it would take another to do much less, a genius in a way.

Likes: Gardening, helping his beloved students, mind games, puzzles and traditionalism.

Dislikes: Threats, those unwilling to reform or adapt, muscle heads and the changing political climate.

Fears: Aquaphobia - The irrational fear of water, specifically deep water from past trauma.

Strengths: Intellectual witticism and cunning.

Weaknesses: In comparison, he is a standard human and holds all their failings.

Best character trait: Willingness to help, even those beyond his bounds as a human. He also has a sauve, cultured British accent!

Group: Faculty

Label: "The Cool Teacher", "The Helpful Teacher", "Mr. Always In Our Business"

Biography: Born in northern England, Joseph at an early age entered his families business of secretly assisting the occult which at the time were heavily persecuted in secret by part of the residual effect of the dark ages - fears prolonged by the works of fictional authors feeding public paranoia. Acting as an aide to his father, Joseph became readily interested in the psychological mindset of the supernatural beings who frequented their estate and in turn took up study in the fields of the mindscape. Psychology, social engineering, psychotherapy. In turn in his early twenties Joseph received invitation to field a number of seminars on the subject of mass fears of the unknown and how if such beings existed - which was and still is hidden from public knowledge - how they might integrate and hide in society day to day.

It was these lectures that eventually lead to Joseph's indoctrination into the Avolair faculty, as the past teacher whom boots he filled had ceremoniously 'up and vanished', fingers pointed at some disgruntled students. They never did find him. So entering Avolair at the tender age of twenty four, Joseph has promptly worked there for just over three years with much pleasure in his task. His roles include but are not limited to helping those who have remained isolated from humanity to ready themselves to integrate into it. Self control and discipline to basic cultural differences is what he helps cover over his annual classes.

Joseph also by and large has an open door policy, living on campus he allows students to seek him out at any time of day or night - knowing full well the number of night walkers there are! - for his advice and assistance. As such he has generally become known as the go to teacher for any students worries, he always finds time to help a student regardless of issue or quarrel.

Family: The Fox household, situated in England. It is relatively well known amongst the European occult community.

Relationship status: Single, one could say he is married to his job.

So begins...

Joseph R L Fox's Story