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Inferorum Canis - Hellhound

a character in “Avolair Academy: School for the Supernatural”, as played by Nyxeth

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Name: Nyx Narrus

Age: 18

Gender: Male

Orientation: Heterosexual

Grade: College Freshman

Race: Human / Demon Hybrid

Type: 'Pure Demon Bred' Type Hellhound - The offspring of a demon-possessed human or, less often, an actual demon and a human. Hellhounds are rare, mostly because they must be conceived while one of their parents is possessed or by direct intercourse of a demon and a human - most demons are not interested in getting some action with humans after all, making the possession-spawned hellhounds more common than the latter. Hellhounds tend to take after whichever quasihuman sired them. Those born of possessed humans tend to have a subtly sinister look to them, while demon-spawn usually look gracefully savage. Hellhounds can always see the supernatural world, being part of it, and are abnormally strong and tough, the human possessed type may be able to break a man's bones with ease but snapping metal bars is beyond him, oppositely the demon bred Hellhounds tend to be savagely strong but lack much of the human empathy, leaving them calculating or brutal to their peer's.

Weapon: Battle Gauntlets, Comprised of heavy plated metal, these gauntlets are designed more to protect the wearer's fists than to inflict damage purely due to the demonkind's physical strength. Nyx's pair have been adapted so that the finger plates are blade sharp and act like claws. With these the wearer is able to parry and block with his hands and forearms, as the plating extends to the elbow.

Statistics: Ranging from F to A+ Where D is the effective level of a 'Normal Human'

Strength: Nyx is a monster amongst men in terms of raw strength. He is literally able to tear an opponent limb from limb with his bear hands, rip apart steel and beat concrete into a fine powder.

|||||||||| A+

Endurance: Nyx thoroughly enjoys his ancestry's increased stamina and resilience and is capable of shrugging off wounds that would fell lesser beings.

|||||||||| B

Agility: Whilst strong, Nyx lacks the agility given to species such as Werewolves or pure blooded demons.

|||||||||| B

Magical Energy: Nyx whilst not lacking his heritage's aptitude for their shadowcrafts, he simply lacks interest in the area to pursue it.

|||||||||| E

Skills, Abilities & Attributes:

Bravery (Great): Nyx by nature is very resilient in combat and strives to continue them, his physical strength is increased and he is infallible in the face of danger.

Combat Training (Mastered): Nyx has by and large spent much of his life thus far training to fight, either orthodox or unorthodox methods, due to this he is much more mentally 'capable and ready' for forms of combat than others who have never partaken in real battle.

Instinct (Mastered): Nyx has fought several one-on-one battles in an unfavourable position, surviving upon his own innate instincts.

Night Life (Innate): Due to his demonic heritage, Nyx is bolstered during the night but suffers no adverse side effects like vampires during the day. His senses are sharpened in the dark or in the night.

Perception (Innate): Nyx is always able to see anything supernatural or magically charged, such as concealed or invisible people or weaponry due to his nature. His general senses are also increased - smell, hearing, sight, touch and taste.

Sinister Aura (Innate): Nyx is literally able to strike fear into lesser beings (Humans, minor occult beings) by proximity. The effect is amplified on eye contact. Nyx has little control over this as it is an innate trait of his breed. This can act more as an adverse effect as Nyx can be a genuinely pleasant person, however it is difficult to strike up a conversation when the person is cowering in fear.

Weaknesses: As a cross-breed, Nyx suffers both of his heritage's weaknesses, demons have an adverse reaction to the 'True Faith' - the concept of belief in anything, it has been reputed demons have been repelled by a man and his credit card due his faith in money. Similarly salt and silver, much like many occult beings is his antithesis and he undertakes a strict diet regimen to avoid either in his food or daily life. Due to his sinister nature if he wants it or not, Nyx can have a hard time socialising with others. Leaving him in the 'loner' area for the most part, relegated to the back seats in class and the last one to be picked on sports teams despite him probably beating everyone out physically.

Signature ability: Inhuman Apathy - Oh boy, you had to set him off didn't you? When cornered or badly injured, Nyx can and probably will enter a demon blood induced frenzy the likes of which you won't survive. During this period of time everything is an enemy - friend or foe - and anything in arms reach will feel his wrath. For the duration of this - until the threat abates or he is subdued - consider all of his above statistics at A (if they are not at A or higher).

Race characteristics: Hellhounds are characterised by their demeanour and physical appearance, ones who are possessed human born tend to have a subtle sinister appearance to them and their features are angular, their personalities also tend to be relatively brooding and aggressive. Adversely the pure demon born Hellhounds are overly aggressive or controlling and their features can appear down right savage. A running theme of the species is all of them regardless of 'type' have grey eyes and black hair.

Personality: Nyx is fiercely competitive over anything he can think of as a competition with others, he partakes in most of the sporting events, tourneys and competitions and usually brings home the gold and is highly berating of himself if he fails to do so.

Likes: The open minded, the challenge seekers, competitions and his sleep.

Dislikes: Having his sleeping pattern disrupted, his training disrupted or in fact his life style 'disrupted'.

Fears: Autophobia - The fear of oneself and the concept of being alone. Nyx loathes himself for what it inflicts upon him, yet adversely he takes great pride in his physical attributes due to it. One could say his personality is quite 'self destructive'. Also religious zealots, for reasons below.

Strengths: Loyal to a T. Nyx prides his friends, the few he might have and is fierce about keeping them.

Weaknesses: Procrastination, weak minded. Nyx is not a thinker by any means, he is the first to dismiss an essay and the last to hand it in.

Best character trait: Arguably his best or worst depending on which side of the fence you're on. Nyx is savagely loyal and protective of his 'circle', anyone he deems a friend or cohort can enjoy his vast physical prowess for protection whilst those he feels are against him or his friends can feel his wrath a thousand fold. Nyx is not a person to cross the wrong side of.

Schedule: Morning: Self Control, Afternoon: Defensive Techniques, Weekends: Survival Training & Physical Education

Extra curricular: Member of the Combat Group.

Group: The Covenant, tenuously though as he is little accepted there.

Label: 'The Hound', 'Mutt', 'Battle Nut'.

Ranking: Misfit - If only for his mixed blood, demons pride themselves on their pure blooded nature regardless of the offspring's capability.

Academic achievements: None Outstanding - Nyx thinks academics outside of physical activities are pointless!

Tournament awards: Award For "Best Newcomer" On First Entry in Singles Bracket. First Place in High School group for Survival Bracket.

Biography: Born down in Texas, the 'bible country', it was little surprise Nyx was thoroughly shunned and exiled from his towns small community in his tender childhood years. It was obvious from the offset he was an unnatural child, his pale skin, devilish demeanour and strange physical features unfitting of his parents who abandoned him as quickly as he was born - further years would explain this an act of the father who didn't want his progeny coming to light in 'his' community. Ostracised by his local community, Nyx took to petty vandalism and theft until his early teen months where he was effectively exiled from the town due to his 'drastic' changes leading him to the life of a vagrant amidst the bible spewing belt of america.

It became apparent to Nyx at the age of eleven that he wasn't human, his elongated nails - or claws as he realised them to be - to his slightly pointy ears and the fact every animal, even the roaming coyotes were scared of him despite his small stature. It was these features though that saved him from damnation (and put him in the situation in the first place), going through one particularly zealous town lead him to a form of mob lynching, "Kill the devil child!" was the rallying cry for that night. One passing creature of the occult happened to be in the town when this all occurred leading to a relatively timely rescue on his part as the noose was practically around his neck.

Some introductions later, Nyx was indoctrinated into an occult group that travelled the breadth of America in secret through which he learned many of the necessary survival skills a quasihuman needs to survive in the technological age - remember, thanks to mobile technology almost everyone has a camera in their pocket! - amidst other skills, such as how to fight and win when confronted by humans and other beasties of the night. Skip ahead some years until his mid-teens, it came to light to the group that Nyx wasn't exactly as pureblooded as they had assumed - they never asked - and promptly threw him out. Seemingly human hybrid quasi's just weren't approved of; especially the demon kind.

Once again alone, but by no means without the will or skills to survive this time, Nyx was almost ready to make it on his own when he was accosted by a strange figure who introduced himself as the Dean of a certain academy...

Family: Unknown, Nyx knew little of his biological parents.

Relationship status: Single, Looking, so forth!

Friends: <To Be Filled In>

Foes: <To Be Filled In>

Rivals: Pretty much everyone~

So begins...

Nyx Narrus's Story