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Name: Celeste Thompson
Role: The Best Friend
Age: 17

Appearance: Celeste Thompson has long, black hair and gray eyes. Celeste is five feet seven inches tall and one hundred and thirty seven pounds. Her body frame is pear shaped so most of her muscle formed in her legs and hips over the years. Although her upper body is thinner than her lower body she has thick arms. Her skin is a pinkish white. Celeste likes to wear sleeveless shirts with shoulder straps and blue denim jeans along with black tennis shoes and white socks.


Personality: Celeste is a kind, young teenage who loves to smile and be friendly with the people around her. She is a hard worker who wishes to be efficient in all that she does, but because she knows she cannot be 100% good at this just simply tries her best. She tries to be punctual whenever she can and never late. She does not like nor dislike children giving her a neutral stance on the situation because she is willing to help them out, but not adore them 100% of the time. Being an only child contributes to some of the above factors and also makes her a worry wort for praise and approval since she has no one other than her parents usually to base her actions on from home. Celeste likes to act as intelligently as possible in situations and rather than taking risks usually weighs all the options she has before considering any course of action she can commit to during her lifetime. This is how Celeste became the person she is and how she lives her life out to the best of her own ability for herself, her friends, and her family. Hopefully, everything she does will end up working out in the very end.
Likes: To eat (especially cereal, Chewie bars, and oatmeal), running, biking, and writing.
Dislikes: Great amounts of stress, rainy days, missing school, and arguing.
Fears: Celeste is afraid of lightening, being over weight, and the dark.
Dreams: She one day dreams to be a famous writer.

History: Celeste Thompson has lived in New Haven, Massachusetts all her life with her mother and father. Her family kept her at home for a while so that she could learn to control her temper a little before interacting with children her own age. When she was five she was finally sent to one of the kindergartens in New Haven where she met Bella after wishing she could go back home with her parents rather than go to school. Bella helped her relax and realize school was fun though. Ever since that day she became Bella's best friend and was encouraged by her to write once she learned or rather felt she had skills in writing in elementary school. She and Bella would often play together, and she wrote outside many times during the day to improve herself over time, since Bella thought she was good at something.

After her elementary school years she was approached by her future boy friend who heard about her through her written stories from his friends. He thought she was easy going and very datable due to seeming like a introvert person. It turned out that she was not an introvert person though because every time he approached her to ask for a date she flat out refused him since she did not feel like dating anyone at the time. By 8th grade though she accepted his presence after many failed attempts by him and officially called him her "boy friend". At the end of the year they graduated together and found out that they were going to the same high school together. Celeste was very happy about this because she felt that she would lose Bella and him once middle school ended.

When she entered high school, at one of New Haven's local high schools, the teachers saw a great deal of potential in her writing and felt she would excel in the fields of journalism. For three years Celeste and her boy friend kept their relationship very steady and never went over the top; she lived quite happily and often went out to do things with Bella and him at the mall and other places. One day though, Celeste and her boy friend were invited to a party. She did not realize it had alcohol and neither did he, but to not seem uncool amongst the large group of party goers they had one too many beers and ended up walking home drunk. When they arrived at Celeste's house her parents were still out so she allowed her boy friend to crash at her place for the night. This was a bad idea because in his drunken stupor they both ended up having sex without fully realizing it. The next morning she woke up to find herself sleeping next to him and quickly moved him out of the house before her parents came home.

Both understand something happened between them the previous night and although they won't say it was sex they mentally agree that it had to be. It has been a month since this time and because Celeste is unsure if they used any forms of protection she goes to her best friend Bella to ask her what to do since she knows her parents will react badly if she says anything. When she goes to Bella she has no idea that Bella is having problems of her own and that the problems they will share together are just beginning.

So begins...

Celeste Thompson's Story