Newhaven, MassachusettsTyler Grayson

"Sometimes I can't help but love you."

a character in “Baby Blues”, as played by bigcc0788

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Name: Tyler Grayson
Role: The Boyfriend
Age: 18

Appearance: Tyler is is six feet three inches tall, Caucasian and has brown hair and green eyes. He isn't all that well physically built since he's not been one to exercise on a regular basis, but he does have a nice, sleek pencil frame and a pretty face. Tyler wears dark clothing that is either gray or black. He always has a coat of some sort too. His current clothing of choice is a gray jacket, black t-shirt, black pants, and black shoes. He looks like he could be emo, but the moment people look into his eyes and see his face they can clearly see he's not.


Personality: Tyler comes off as a very stubborn person. Throughout his life he has been unwilling to listen to his parents, well more like they let him get away with things, this was due to their decent social status. Tyler has often gotten into fights with people over the smallest things because of his stubbornness and is extremely confident and cocky when he wants to prove or defend something he believes in at the moment. Tyler often throws around the money his parent lend him and because of this he has become extremely popular, yet arrogant. He often has parties at his house quite frequently. In terms of school and doing choirs or work he likes to think of himself as lazy because he primarily excels in history and has an interest in art. Most other subjects he has to learn he has much less care for when he looks at them. Nothing in life really surprises him to the point where he becomes shocked. Tyler puts his trust though in the few friends he has though that he considers close to him, especially Bella. He wants to think that he could have an amazing dream like her, if he could figure out what to use his family's money on as well as understand the few things he likes.

History: Tyler was born and raised in New York City by his parents since they age of four. They were a middle class family living in a single apartment room and got tired of the hustle and bustle of New York so they moved down to the less crowded New Haven, Massachusetts. At the age of five he entered into the school system in New Haven and found it was more peaceable than his New York schooling. He didn't like it.

In this environment his parents encouraged him up through middle school to excel at school work and extra circular activities. He did as he was told and took many different things from Tae Kwon Do to Soccer, but finally rebelled during his high school years. He continued with soccer in his high school years, but refused to join anything else. He spent the rest of his time doing sloppy work for his everyday homework assignments and then using his free time to hang out at parties he decided to host.

One day at school he was looking at the butt of a girl and made a comment about how cute it was in a very cynical way. That was the instant he got punched Bella Morray and fell in love with her. To his surprise she liked being a rebel too and enjoyed parties as well. Eventually, it got to the point they were often enough together nobody would think they'd separate ever. It was at this point and time Tyler started having flings with her after the parties he hosted. He, like Bella, was very careful to let these flings be a secret though. As far as he could tell nobody, but probably her closest friends knew their relationship had crossed the line. Their relationship lasted this way for quite a while until Bella seemed to slightly distance herself from him for unknown reasons. It was terrible not knowing what was going on, so he deemed it necessary for himself to find out one way or another.

Likes: Bella, soccer, reading, history, art, video games, and teasing the people at school (especially the girls).
Dislikes: Annoying people (kind of hypocritical), children, and being told what to do. He also hates math, science, and foreign language courses.
Fears: Bella when she gets angry as he knows from experience her punches hurt. He's gotten used to it, but the first time was embarrassing enough for him because no girl had ever dared to hit him back before.
Dreams: Tyler does not have a specific dream in mind. He's almost always focused on the future to really think ahead.

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Tyler Grayson's Story