True Blood UniverseAstrid Blythe Parke

Like a wild rose, beautiful and calm, but willing to draw blood in its defense.

a character in “Bad Things”, as played by Kay422

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Astrid Blythe is seemingly unflawed; her light brown locks always curled to perfection, and her gentle features accented by carefully yet lightly applied make-up. It is clear that she is a woman of high maintenance, though there is a natural beauty present that cannot be denied either. Her hair is highlighted in gold from exposure to the sun, and slightly tinted auburn. Her deep, shimmering brown eyes are observant and seem to analyze small details of her surroundings. Their almond shape is soft and her long lashes veil the mystery within those russet pupils. She is rather petite at only 5’3” with a shapely , yet well toned figure. She is much to meticulous about her appearance to appear anything less than impeccably healthy and in-shape. She strives to look in the mirror and see perfection though often this is not the case; no matter how hard she tries there are flaws she sees in herself to be fixed.


Astrid is composed, refined and polished; her sophistication exceeds her years. Great wealth however sometimes tarnishes a naturally good heart. Astrid can be demanding, and painstakingly fussy making her nearly impossible to work for. The few maids who have remained at the estate are careful around her with their words and to never leave anything out of place. Astrid is one for details…everything has its place, and everything should be neatly in its place. Some might call this OCD, though for Astrid it’s simply the way she’s lived and isn’t diagnosable. With the exception of a few other prominent young women in the area Astrid is both loveless and friendless; her inability to let loose and allow herself to enjoy life without worrying prevents her from engaging in any sort or in depth relationship.


Astrid was raised in the estate in which she presently lives; her father had been a successful politician and her mother stayed home and cared for Astrid and her older brother. Her childhood was a good one; she couldn’t complain about much for her parents gave her brother and her everything they could have wanted or needed…On Astrid’s sixteenth birthday her brother announced that he would be joining the Army much to her mother’s dismay. After he left a year later her mother blamed her father for taking her baby boy away from her; she spiraled into a dark depression which caused her to murder Astrid’s father taking her own life afterward. The press had a field day with the story, and Astrid soon learned the importance of keeping private matters private and out of the public eye…Her brother never returned; she tried contacting him numerous times but it was to no avail. The scandal of the Parke family still hangs like a dark cloud over the town of Greenville though no one asks questions any longer.

Now twenty five years old, Astrid has put that night behind her to pursue her own dreams and aspirations. In her free time she acts as a dance instructor for young girls in the Ballet studio she had built in town; to be her student however is something that takes great skill and hard work for she is hard to please. She also dances professionally herself, taking competition very seriously.

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