Greenville, IllinoisCassandra Archer

Quiet Brit with a propensity for alternate swear words.

a character in “Bad Things”, as played by Esamonia

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Cassandra is a twenty-year old woman, barely making 5'4 with as much a figure as a professional figure skater. Her shot dark brown mop of a haircut is always somewhere between bedraggled, from constantly running her fingers through it when thinking, and a mildly tamed halo on her head. Due to her large dark brown eyes and small stature, she is often mistaken for being several years younger than she is. She often dresses in jeans and t-shirts. However, she does own one dress and one pair of heels.

She moves with the grace of cat, probably due to the amount of time she spends a small grey cat.


Cassandra is quiet individual until she knows a person then they found she is just as loud as everyone else. Amongst a group of people, she prefers to be a mediator, hanging back from the centre of attention, seeing things from both sides and as a result, when she needs to pick a side on something she spends huge amount of stressing over it, especially since she likes to make the people around her happy. She isn't all sunshine and smiles though, when irritated she becomes playful and sarcastic. Once in a blue moon she'll turn up in mood that is down right dangerous to anyone.

She also has nice selection of alternate swear words such as snozzcumbers and razzle frazzle in her vocabulary.

As for her friends, she is loyal to them as they are to her. Cassandra to the people who don't know her, Cazz to people who are fair weather friends and Cassie to those who are her friends. As for her enemies, well, if they're being nice it's Cassandra.


Cassandra was born on 1st April 1987, in Whitehaven, Cumbria in England.

She passed high school and went to college but decided against university. It was difficult enough hiding her two-nature in an area she knew well, even with help from her family, a university in a new area with many people seemed like a fairly bad idea.

In 2004, she spent her life as a small grey cat for three months living with a friendly family after an argument with her parents. She refused to eat cat food and consequently the family indulged her in a luxury diet of fish by them, plus whatever she found in the fridge when they were sleeping.

Cassandra is from a long line of pure shifters, she moved to America, Greenville, Illinois after the death of her elder brother, Richard. He died in a car crash three months ago. To her parents she said, "I don't want to live anywhere where he once was." The memory is fresh and painful in her mind. They were very close. Due to her quiet nature, she found a part time job at the local library out of sympathy from the town’s inhabitants.

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