True Blood UniverseGretel Mallacht

Exotic amazon with a slice of fearie.

a character in “Bad Things”, as played by elvendur

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Gretel's mixed blood is human and unseelie sidhe with some lesser fey from her grandmother. Her mother is unseelie, father is human. Unlike the seelie, the unseelie saw beauty in all fey (fearie). Gretel's grandmother was half ogre, and no, ogres aren't dumb, they just get more celeberty spot light shon on their size and brutish appearance.

gretel has ever green toned skin, rough and scarred from a combative and mystic upbringing. Doorways are a mennece for Gretel, her 7'2 height and horns bring her to the centre of attention, which would normally be a problem but being a unseelie can use glamour and fey magic - Gretel is not able to use fey magic but glamour can hide her. With glamour Gretel looks like a African woman with raven straight hair down to her mid back and roughly 6'3.


oaths to fey (fearies) have ritual magic in them. Being fey herself sets the plstform of who she is. Some humans call her a bitch, but by fey standards she is an alpha. Her views on sex differ from humans, finding it plain. Being sidhe she aknowledges her lust, not hide it for fear of being labelled a 'slut'. Dancing is a large part of fey culture and the 'now' not 'when' like humans. Pure blood fey are immortals, so never worry over time. Time is a thing measured by man, a short lived creature. Gretel is curious like most humans. Gretel is brave to a point of dense. Honour, pride, courage and patience make up the beginning of who Gretel is.


Gretel is hiding from the high court of fearie because her mother Luciel is trying to kill her. She drives a motorcyle because most vehicles don't accomedate her height. She has two fake ID's, one of which is currently in use, a 'Gretel Black', the other is for emergency. She carries no gun, but she has a carry permit to go along with her Browning. She stopped carrying because the police tended to hassle more. She has a spine sheath for a 3 foot bouble edged short sword that is unnoticable with most shirts. In a bag are her necessities and miscilanious items. Has banked money for travelling.


Gretel grew up in the unseelie high courts, an outcast because of her mortality and lack of fey magic. When she was 12 she went to a school outside of fearie society, and then that her mother tried to assassinate Gretel. Needless to say Gretel learned to stay alive and travel, hiding, hoping her mother wouldn't find her. To make money she eventually became a vamp hunter but since they've become legal citizins jobs are harder [email protected] by so she has been looking for another occupation.

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Gretel Mallacht's Story