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Description: Shes about 5 foot 7 with black hair that reaches down to her mid back. Eyes are dark blood red (the reason was unknown from birth) There is a tattoo of a symbol on her inner thine. a bite mark on her underarm from the turning that happened when she was human. She wares Black and red outfits like a rave dress up. The clothing is black and the sides of the outfit and the threading is blood red. shoes are usually high hells with lacy black tops and gray bottoms to them. nails are usually done in a glossy finish and trimed to the tip of her fingers, not long but just enough to scratch if needed to.


Shes usually content to herself and when shes around other people. Easy going when fed but a little destructive when under-fed. She tends to go more for goths when the chance comes around but enjoys the bass and beat of a good techno song. Shes has a english accent from her turning back in England and still carry's that small part of her humanity where she goes.


Born, her parents always thought she was a demon, because of her dark blood red eyes. She was always a church person from the force her parents put on her, it make them think god would make the eyes of hers normal in so way. Sadly they never changed nor did she want them too. After high school she started collage at a local collage. On her first day she meets a male, very pale skin, light color hair, seemed like a sunny depressed person to her. After so much time she grew fond of him but sadly it all turned around. The night they where alone, he showed her something she never expected in her life. His fangs, his thirst, his need…

After she woke up, she found him over her, his wrist in her mouth feeding on his cold blood. He smiled at her and told her “You are now one of us” From there on, she was a vampire, a child of the night, something no one wanted. The date was April 15th, 1930. After that, she figured she get to know him a little better. Sadly after so much time, he grown away from her making her feel like another meal and another let down. After her confrontation with him she ends up leaving him behind after he leaves for the night to feed. Out on her own now, she travels to America on the first ship out.

November 8th 1982 she is in America in the Natural harbor of the Chesapeake Bay in search of a place to call home. Travailing to norfolk, then farther west, Mississippi then finally in Greenville Illinois where it seems exciting and interesting.

Now present day she has a home and travels around, she does feed on human blood but usually stays with trublood if needed.

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