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A small town filled to the brim with secrets.

Sovereignty: DEEReye

Greenville, Illinois is a part of Bad Things.


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Smack in the middle of the Midwest is a town called Greenville. It is located in the great state of Illinois. It isn't known for anything at all. There's enough room in the town for people to keep to themselves. But with the possibility of vampires living among them, the good people of Greenville aren't exactly sure about the sanctity of their home anymore.

- Greenville Mall: The shopping paradise for the entire town. All the major retailers can be found here.
- The Lake: A very popular spot amongst the younger members of Greenville, there is always some kind of party going on along it's shores.
- The Strip: It's honestly the worst part of town. Cops don't even go there unless called and even then they are still reluctant as ever to go. Bloody Mary is located in the area.
- Downtown: It has all the important places a person can need; the bank, the hospital, and a recently built blood bank.

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