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I'm sure you have heard stories about vampires, werewolves and other supernatural creatures. Fairy tales about elves and lullabies about mermaids. You have maybe even seen a bunch of movies and tv series about these creatures. I bet there's over a million books about them. We humans are fascinated by these fantasy characters and mysteries. Even making them a part of our religions, cultures and mythology. For some of us, these creatures are our biggest fears and nightmares. Fore some, they are our biggest idols. And i do think we all had a moment in our life, where we wondered if they exist.

What if i told you they are real? And they all exist in a parallel universe, not so different from our human world. A world with only supernatural creatures...

A world with advanced technology, modern buildings then add some magic and supernatural stuff. The main capital (big city) of Egra, is where it all happens. Here, you'll find bars offering "bloody mary" the real deal, shops selling pixie dust and hospitals with witches and healers. In the clubs, the sound of loud techno music makes the floor vibrate and high up in some luxury penthouse, a vampire is taking advantage of an "escort" succubus for her blood in exchange for sex. We have the upper class with the royalties, counsil members, original creatures and noble families. Then the middle class and lastly we have the underdogs "trash" lurking in the alleys of the streets.

For as long as one can remember (and for some original vampires, ghosts and spirits – that's a very long time). Through generation and generation, there has always been two sides. The light side and the dark side. The good and evil. Two sides so different, but they balance each other out, living in harmony. "too much darkness could kill, but too much light could blind".

Each side having a "royal family" with a king. And a shared counsel / government ruling the supernatural world - making sure there is peace between the two sides. They even go to school together. And they used to be good friends, even falling in love - marrying - someone from the other "side" was acceptable and very common. Often helping each other and complement what the other side lacks.

Well that was until now. Nobody recalls how it started. Some underground fights, upper class nobles threatening each other or maybe just rumors about an uprising. A war between light and dark is getting closer and closer.
Or has it already begun?

Dark side: vampires, warewolves, zombies, ghosts/poltergeist , vetalas, davea (shadow demons), ghouls, banshee, gorgon, succubus and incubus.
Light side: fae/fairies/elves of all sorts, skinwalkers (can turn into animals), shapeshifters, tinks, centaurs and fauns, witches and wizards, healers, shamans, pixies, kitsune, helpful spirits, merfolk (water people), nymphs and sirens.

The supernatural creature of which you are, determines what side you belong to. And ofc there are some "traitors" and maybe even those who claim to be indifferend. Refusing to choose a side.

Despite the war that is soon to come- the counsel still manage to keep the sides "on a leash" forcing them to follow the rules and behave. And they still send the young ones to the same school. But it's just a matter of time. The fights have already started. The upper class -royalties and noble families -are more interested in power tho, but even here they are starting to play unfair...

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Image"When the power of the sides diminish and the forces can't be controlled. The only hope to stop a war is an alliance with the 2 sacred humans. One with demon blood and one with angel blood. The light for the light and the dark for the dark, and the balance shall be restored"

Once upon a time, there was two princes, one of each side. One demon (of the dark side) and one angel (of the light side), both decided to travel from the supernatural world to the human world. There, they found peace- blended in with the humans – and started their own families.

Now, many centuries later, the story about the "sacred blood" of the demon and the angel prince is just a legend. But as a war is getting closer, the counsel is getting desperate. They are prepare to give their all, the last hope they got, to the old prophecy. Finding the decendants of the angel prince and the demon prince. Teleporting them from the human world to the supernatural world, Egra, and make alliances in marriage with the royalties of each side.

There just so happen to be two girls, living seperate lives (unaware of their family history), being the very last heirs with the blood of the angel and the demon. Two very normal human girls, living ordinary lives in the other parallel universe (the world of humans).

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