Mckeiley High SchoolBueard Mathis

A British French Horn player

a character in “Band Geeks”, as played by TravlersTails

Factions, Families, Clans, and Empires


Apperance-(Will be supplied soon)
Name- Bueard Mathis
Nick Name- Bueard is perferable
Age- 17
Gender - male
Short Description-
race: Cocasian (white, British)
Religion: Anglican
Accents: British
Family: Host family
Relationships: Single
Love Interests: Unknown
What do they play in band - French Horn
Job: Unemployed at the time
Personality- Rather practicaly, takes everything very litarlly and has a nasty habit of being blunt. Not very likeable, but he has a few friends...
Likes- Tea (sorry for the sterotype there) cats, practicing, reading, writing, and sometimes drawing comics.
Dislikes- People in general really, annoying stand-mates, and optimism
Hobbies- French horn, drawing, and writing
talents- French horn and that's about it...
fears- Big dogs, masses of people
ways of coping- Being alone most of the time
crush- Unknown at this moment at time...
(note from creator: I don't know if everyone was waiting on me or not, since it wasn't made clear that there was a slot for me or not, feel free to not accept this character if indeed that it wasn't me that was being waited on, thank you :)

So begins...

Bueard Mathis's Story