SulisNine Killer

A Jaguar Warrior

a character in “Barbarians!”, as played by 7achary

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Nine Killer is stocky, with long ropy arms. His skin is a dark ochre. Tawny, animal like, eyes peer out over a broad nose with multiple fractures. Usually garbed in a tanned loin cloth with a jaguar pelt over his shoulder. Long dark hair is tied into a single warrior's knot. He wears a red bead choker.


Some think Nine Killer cold and aloof, which he can be. He is confidant, and like most young men, thinks himself invincible.


An obsidian sword:


A spear:



Nine Killer was raised in a small fishing village in the southern jungles. He grew up climbing trees and mock stalking the other children through the forest. There were two moments which defined Nine Killer.

When he was a boy he was called Swift Monkey. Swift Monkey's father came to him one day and suggested a hunt. "What do you want to hunt for, Swift Monkey?" his father asked.

"What do you need?" replied Swift Monkey.

"I have no turtle shell to make a shield with." His father answered.

"I will bring you back a turtle shell."

Swift Monkey waited on a branch above the water where he knew big turtles sometimes came to rest on their way to the sea. After waiting for over an hour a great turtle finally appeared, clambering awkwardly onto a rock below Swift Monkey. Seeing his chance, the boy twisted his ankles and feet around the branch and dangled precariously over the turtle. After a few moments of waiting, Swift Monkey flipped the turtle onto it's back. The boy grabbed his sharpened stick and stabbed at the great turtles unprotected belly.

When he returned to his father with the shell he was gifted with a choker of red beads and the bones of a great beast his father had killed weeks before.

The other defining moment in Nine Killer's life was the day he became a man.

He spent every day hunting with the warriors of his village since his father had given him the choker and had learned much. The War Chief, his cousin, came and sat with him in the sweat lodge.

"Swift Monkey, do you know that tonight we raid the Ogre Tribe?"

"No, War Chief."

His cousin turned his gaze on him. Swift monkey looked away and said:

"I have heard the other warriors speak of it once or twice."

"You will come with us."

Before the battle Swift Monkey ate the Sacred Fungus and smoked strange intoxicating plants with his War Chief. They came upon the village in complete darkness. Swift Monkey used his hands to kill the first quietly. The second made a choking sound. The third he hit in the back of the head with his sword. The same with the fourth, fifth, sixth, and seventh. Eight raised the alarm, but was impaled on a spear. Nine died with a caved in chest. And so Swift Monkey became Nine Killer.

So begins...

Nine Killer's Story